7 Reasons to use Office Water Bubbler

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The office water bubbler enjoys a delightful place in history. The office water bubbler moment is defined as a discussion on a controversial, shocking or exciting segments from a TV show, radio or social media. It can also be a debate around life’s ups and downs, along with important and pressing issues at work. Encouraging gossip at the water cooler is not the top reason companies opt for this important piece of kit in their office. In fact, the top 7 reasons for installing an office water bubbler in any workspace is far different…

Encourages communication

On one hand, there is tittle-tattle but, on the other there is the important nuggets of information that can be shared between people, departments, faculties and so on. All good ideas were born somewhere and what gave these great ideas wings was the communication of the idea from one person to another. Who knows how many great ideas have been spawned at the water cooler? Don’t assume that all gatherings around the fountain are just useless gossiping sessions.

Happy, healthy workforce

Water is the elixir of life. Our bodies run on water, as well as the energy supplied by food. We can survive longer than you think without food but, start to dehydrate and problems arise far more quickly. One contributory factor to a happy, healthy workforce is hydration – but not from sugar-lade energy drinks.

Counteracts slumps and energy sags in the day

The first hour or so following the lunch break is possibly the most unproductive time within a business. Digesting a large amount of food makes the body sluggish and the mind even more so. But a hydrated, plump brain can be more focused on the task at hand.

There when employees need it most

There can be a lot of tension in the workplace. There can be tension around deadlines and what is needed is plenty of hydration. When people are experiencing the first flushes of mild dehydration, their mood can become low

Could save you money

Sickness and absence can cost a business more than money. You lost the skills of some of the most important people in your business. Promoting and maintaining a good standard of health amongst your people can be done in all kinds of ways – and yes, you’ve guessed it, the office water bubbler is one way of doing this. Hydrated employees are healthier. Healthier people mean healthier immune systems and can mean less time off sick.

Personal hygiene

You may wonder why your business is responsible for personal hygiene of employees? In effect, it isn’t but, drinking more water can lead to less bad breath and less ‘personal’ smells in the bathroom.

Maintains energy levels

Not all employees are stuck behind desks, frowning in concentration. Some employees spend their days in hard, physical graft and thus, you need and want these people to stay fit and healthy. office water bubbler provide them with a source of clean water that is essential to replace fluid lost through sweat, breathing and urination.

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