Activated Charcoal Water Filter: 5 Tips Using It

Activated Charcoal Water Filter Provides an alternative way to get more healthy

Activated Charcoal Water Filter can help you identify the healthiest and most nutritious diet is a focus for many of us. But to some degree, making the best water decisions can be even more important. Always bear in mind potential contaminants included in your drinking water put risk to you and your family’s health.

What is an Activated Charcoal Water Filter?

It’s otherwise known as White Charcoal or Binchotan, is a 100% natural, recyclable and inexpensive way of mineralising and filtering your tap water. 

5 good reasons to add it in your water filter

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1. Purifies water – it adsorbs chlorine and other chemicals as well as heavy metals from tap water, amplifying the health benefits as well as rapidly improving the odour and taste of the water.
2. Mineralises your tap water – it releases naturally-occurring and beneficial minerals of its own back into your drinking water.
3. Balances pH – it has an alkaline effect, softening and improving the overall taste of your tap water.
4. Removes bacteria – tests have shown it removes E. Coli from contaminated water
5. 100% natural and biodegradable – you can enjoy the benefits of purified water, without the risk of damaging the environment.

Ancient proof over scientific proof

Although it has not been proven in recent scientific studies, over centuries of use, the Japanese claim that it  also:

Purifies bath water – you are recommended to add approximately 300 g of it  to hot bath water. The Binchotan emits ultra infra-red rays, which enhance blood circulation, keeping your body warm and relaxed for a long time after.

Helps as a great rice additive – Emits far infra-red rays when the temperature is raised in the rice pan/cooker. 

More Benefits of activated charcoal water filter

To benefit from the health giving properties of activated charcoal water filter why not get yourself a limited edition benchtop water cooler that holds 2 litres of water, or alternatively a larger family-sized dispenser for water on your kitchen counter after activating of course. You and your loved ones will have easily accessible, clean filtered water at your disposal 24/7.

We’re here to help

If you’re keen to read a bit more about the health benefits of this filtration method, head on over to the Awesome water filters website and read about the positive experiences of using it.

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