All You Need To Know Before Getting A Home Water Cooler



All you need to know before getting a home water cooler, Fresh, clean water: It’s essential to life. There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of water on a hot day, after a bout of hard work or any time you feel thirsty at home or at work. Most business owners understand that fresh, clean, filtered water is expected in any office or commercial space by employees, guests, clients and other visitors.

In the past, providing a supply of drinking water meant taking up space with an unwieldy dispenser and a supply of jugs or else palettes of environmentally-unfriendly plastic bottles. It also meant a significant ongoing expense, either for replacement jugs or bottles. Fortunately home water coolers offer a new space- and money-saving solution that is green to boot. These modern water coolers are a practical way to provide hydration and water for instant foods and more in any commercial setting. A water cooler contributes to a healthy workplace with minimal impact on the environment — a win-win situation.

Find out what makes home water coolers an attractive option for many business owners today, and what options are available.


There are so many reasons to opt for a water cooler home, whether you are buying your first cooler or are trying to get away from using a water dispenser with inconvenient, space-hogging jugs and expensive, annoying service contracts.

Environmentally friendly and significantly more affordable and offer a lot benefits:

  • Eliminates impurities and chemicals from drinking water
  • Provides water on demand to drink, as well as brew coffee, tea, flavor packets, instant food and more
  • Takes up drastically less space than cases of bottles or jugs
  • Keeps millions of pounds of plastic out of our landfills versus bottled water
  • Costs less than other water solutions, such as bottled water or a cooler with jugs


So, basically if you like fresh water, saving money and doing what’s right by the planet, a home water cooler makes sense.

You may or may not need to do some ongoing maintenance for your water cooler, such as changing filters. Coolers come with a variety of filtration types. Some options may include:

Water coolers with no filtration are ideal for homes or businesses that have point-of-entry filtration for their water supply.

If you live in an area with hard water or water containing a high level of contaminants, water filtration may be of particular concern. Talk to a reputable dealer about which filtration method makes sense for the composition of water in your area and your needs. Many units are already installed and enjoyed!

Home Water Cooler
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