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Buy Suitable Water Cooler For You

Having cold drinks when you are outdoors is something many people look forward to. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a cooler with you. There are plenty of different ones out there for you to choose from. The least expensive are those that you can bring wherever you are. You can pick them up for just a couple of dollars.

Buy Water Cooler – Comes in a different types that suits your needs

buy water cooler

There are coolers in all sizes so you won’t have any trouble getting one that works well for you. Some have an insulated lining inside of them instead of a plastic wall. This is type of material that looks like aluminum foil. It helps to keep the heat from penetrating the cooler. You can choose from one that holds a six pack of drinks and has a shoulder strap. They are great for hiking for the afternoon. You can also choose those that hold cases of beverages.

One of the problems with many coolers though is the weight of them. By the time you place your drinks and ice in them they are heavy. This can be a problem when you go on a picnic or you are hosting a gathering somewhere. Many of them feature wheels and handles though so you can easily pull them along with you instead of having to carry them.

benchtopp water purifier buy water cooler
Benchtop Water Purifier

This has been addressed with our benchtop water purifier which you can bring wherever you go. In addition, it has an 8 stage water filtration system that really converts your tap water to a pure, clean, drinking, filtered water.

When you buy water cooler like this, you’re in the right track. Not only they are portable, it makes it easy for you to store them. They pop up when you are ready to put them into place. This can be a good idea for going to the park. You can set up the cooler and place everything into it when you arrive.

Buy Water Cooler – Final Thoughts

A cooler is for more than just drinks too. If you are traveling with your family and they have access to clean water and cut out the price of paying for such items at convenient stores along the way.

buy water cooler
awesome water filter 8 stage

Water Filters: Facts You May Not Know

awesome water filter 8 stage
Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage

Water filters that are used in the home are mainly used to remove various metals or chemicals. Examples of substances that can be removed are chlorine or lead. Sometimes the water filters are used to get rid of harmful substances, and at other times they are used to improve the taste or odor of the water.

There are many types of filters that have many uses in home. These include microporous ceramic filters, carbon block resin, metallic alloy filters, granular activated carbon filters, ultra-filtration membranes, distillation systems, and reverse osmosis flters.

Microporous ceramic filters

Microporous ceramic filters use ceramic to pass the water through. The pores in the ceramic are so small that the unwanted substances are not able to pass through with the water. When this type of filter gets clog up, you just need to run water through it in the reverse direction to unclog the pores.

activated carbon water filters
Activated Carbon Filter

Granular activated carbon filters

Granular activated carbon filters work by passing the water through a type of carbon that filters out the impurities. Carbon filters need to be replace periodically. They cannot change the acidity of water.

Water distillers work by boiling the water and then catching and condensing the steam back into water. The result should be totally pure water. However, this process does remove the good minerals from the water too.

reverse osmosis with standard alklaine

Reverse osmosis filters

Reverse osmosis filters use pressure to drive the reverse osmosis process, and the result is very pure water, just like distilled water. It was originally invented in order to create drinking water from salt water, but it works for taking out other substances too. Like distilled water, there will be no minerals left in the water.

There are various points in your home where you can install a water filter. If you want to filter your whole home’s water at once, you can install a whole house water filtration system. A smaller solution would be to install a water filter under your kitchen sink to filter only the water in the kitchen.

Other water filters come into refrigerators and filter the water that creates ice as well as the water that is dispense in the refrigerator door.

You can get a water pitcher that will filter just a pitcher full of water at a time. You can even get water bottles with a built in filter. This is great for use at work, since you can just add tap water to the bottle and you will be drinking filtered water.

There are numerous health benefits to drinking filtered water. Water filters can remove harmful substances such as lead, chlorine, bacteria, harmful metals, and other toxins. Filtered water often tastes better too, so you drink more of it, which is good for your overall health. Even cooked food can taste better when prepared with filtered water.

Water Filters – Final Thoughts

Home water filters are cheaper in the long run than continually purchasing bottled water. It saves you the time and effort of carrying home all that water too. Overall, you don’t need to find a place to store the water bottles. Having filtered water always available is definitely very convenient.

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benchtop water purifier

Benchtop Water Purifier – Just How Safe is the Water You Consume?

Benchtop Water Purifier – How Crucial is it in your daily life?

benchtop water purifier
benchtop water purifer

Water is life’s mater and also matrix, tool as well as mommy. There is extinction without water, however water in its raw state is not ideal for drinking consumption. It includes many pollutants, which can be unsafe to human wellness.

The Latin expression ‘Aqua pura is Aqua vitae’ maybe finest shares the worth of distilled water. Converted right into English, it actually indicates ‘distilled water is the water of life’.

Many thanks goes to Scientific research that has actually developed gadgets to secure human being versus such aqua conditions. A water purifier is just one of such gadgets that cleanse our alcohol consumption water. A water cleanser is a remarkable gadget that transforms raw water to make sure that it tastes like nectar; consequently by this procedure it makes normal faucet water flawlessly ideal for alcohol consumption.

Benchtop Water Purifier – Wellness Advantages of a Water Cleanser:

A water cleanser is really useful for healthy and balanced living. Regular without treatment water can have various pollutants consisting of germs, algae, infections, fungis, minerals, and also synthetic chemical toxins that can not be seen with the nude eye. These impurities are really destructive for one’s health and wellness.

A water cleanser eliminates these microorganisms and also filtrates the impurities to make the water flawlessly suitable for alcohol consumption. When water comes to be infected, hence benchtop water purifier conserve us from various unsafe microbial as well as viral conditions that quickly spread out.

Water Filtration Methods:

Granular charcoal is not extremely reliable for eliminating pollutants such as mercury, unpredictable natural chemicals, asbestos, chemicals, sanitations result (trihalomethanes), mtbe, pcbs and so on. The sub-micron strong block carbon filter is the much better system that eliminates every one of the impurities.

Various benchtop water purifier utilize various strategies of filtration. The typical strategies utilized to cleanse water consist of steaming, carbon filtering system, distilling, turn around osmosis, ion exchange, electrode ionization, water conditioning as well as plumbo-solvency decrease.

benchtop water purifier

There is no life without water, however water in its raw state is not appropriate for alcohol consumption. A water cleanser is one of such tools that detoxify our alcohol consumption water. A water cleanser is a terrific tool that transforms raw water so that it tastes like nectar; as a result by this procedure it makes normal faucet water flawlessly appropriate for alcohol consumption.

Ion careful membrane layers permit the favorable ions to divide from the water towards the adverse electrode as well as the unfavorable ions towards the favorable electrode. Water conditioning: This is an approach of minimizing the results of difficult water.

Ion careful membrane layers enable the favorable ions to divide from the water towards the unfavorable electrode as well as the unfavorable ions towards the favorable electrode. The water is normally passed with a reverse osmosis system initially to eliminate nonionic natural pollutants.

Plumbo-solvency decrease: In locations with normally acidic waters of reduced conductivity (i.e. surface area rains in upland hills of igneous rocks), the water can liquifying lead from any type of lead pipelines that it is brought in. The enhancement of tiny amounts of phosphate ion as well as enhancing the pH somewhat both aid in considerably lowering plumbo-solvency by developing insoluble lead salts on the internal surface areas of the pipelines.

Reverse osmosis

reverse osmosis filter
reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis water supply is the method in which mechanical stress is related to an unclean remedy to compel distilled water with a semi-permeable membrane layer. The procedure is called reverse osmosis, as well as is in theory one of the most extensive technique of massive water filtration.

Carbon filtering system

benchtop water purifier
Carbon Filtering System

This method is generally made use of in residence water filters. The water is passed with turned on charcoal to get rid of such pollutants.

Ion exchange: Many typical ion exchange systems make use of a zeolite material bed as well as just change undesirable Ca2+ as well as Mg2+ ions with benign (soap pleasant) Na+ or K+ ions. This is the usual water conditioner. The outcome is basically deionized water.

House water filters consuming water often additionally consists of silver. These percentages of silver ions can have an antiseptic result.

Water conditioning

This is an approach of lowering the impacts of difficult water. Solidity salts are transferred in water systems subject to home heating since the decay of bicarbonate ions produces carbonate ions that take shape out of the saturated option of calcium or magnesium carbonate.

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awesom water filter 8 stage infographic

When To Replace Your Water Filter Cartridges

Water Filter Cartridges – When To Utilize Replacement?

awesom water filter 8 stage infographic

Numerous water purification systems have replacement water filter cartridges need every 600 to 1200 gallons; unless there is a gallon-o-meter connects to the average person’s faucet, the variety of gallons utilizes could be rather tough to determine.

When should be the right time to replace your water filter cartridges?

One basic method to choose if it is time to utilize a replacement water filter is if the filter obstructs with dirt or other sediments. Depending upon the microns, the filter has the ability to keep out of the water some systems may rinse and reuse overtime; typically if a filter stops less than 5 microns from getting away the filter, rinsing out the filter is ineffective.


water filter cartridge

A great general rule is that an average family will use about 600 gallons of water each month from their cooking area sink for drinking, cleansing, and cooking.

Using the replacement water filter prior to the water actually starts to taste or smell bad is an excellent concept, however waiting up until there are indications that the filter is loosing effectiveness is an excellent concept to prevent waste.


If a strange odor or taste returns to the water a replacement water filter cartridge also requires; the majority of water filter cartridges will last for three or 6 months in whole house water purification units.

Water Filter Cartridges – Affordability

Whenever you’re shopping for a new water filter cartridge, purchasing one from the original manufacturer (OEM) is a safe, easy option. OEM filters could cost $50 or more.

If you’re looking for a more affordable filter, then you may want to checkout what would be your preference of water cooler style.

Utilizing replacement filters for entire home units is extremely similar to using replacement water filters for counter top/ under the sink systems; the difference will usually lie in your daily consumption.

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filtered water cooler

Filtered Water Cooler: Holistic Approach

filtered water cooler

Filtered Water Cooler revolutionized the filtering industry by making the first 8 stage KDF water filter cartridges in Australia. Our first filter and every filter since, develop to eliminate contaminates that trigger undesirable taste, odour & staining in potable water from this simple concept of “better tasting water“.

Water Technology of The 21st Century!

filtered water cooler

Our 7-stage filter also make use of the same filtration process but had an additional activated alumina filter which specifically designed to remove fluoride and arsenic from water. This special purification process is to reduce fluoride in your drinking water.

How dangerous not to use Filter in your drinking water?

80% Of all diseases are caused due to hazardous drinking water is one of the leading health difficulties on the planet today.

Similarly, more than one billion individuals do not have access to safe drinking water and 80% of all diseases in establishing nations comes from drinking directly from tap water.

Importantly, within significant metros where water is safe and clean, water systems are unsafe and can not be intoxicated.

Getting safe drinking water can be a challenging option for travelers and while travelling, beverages requires lot of water. Hence, this is essential for staying fit, and readily available if water is not fit to drink.

The Single Solution For All Your Water Problems!

Secure your health from waterborne illness while travelling. Water quality can vary from city to city within a nation. Utilizing a water filter is an initial step in protecting yourself.

In addition to waterborne pathogens, micro-organism that cause illness or unhygienic conditions can likewise trigger gastrointestinal distress among people.

Call us now at 1800 789 781 or email us at and get your filtered water cooler today!

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water filter and cooler

Water Filter And Cooler Benefits Your Health

Water Filter and Cooler —

Great Health At your Finger Tips

water filter and cooler

Water Cooler with Filtration

Water filter and Cooler are an exceptional option for people or families that are looking for a method to integrate the health advantages of a water filter as well as the pleasure of cooled water.

Various water cooler worked hand in hand with an incorporated water filter, this sort method provide an assurance that it’ll be 100% effective in obtaining pure, clean drinking water on a daily basis.

Water filter and Cooler run in the expense from $100 to $700.00 depends on the combination you choose. Most of water filters and coolers can be connected to along side with each other. The filter will be installed inside the water cooler and can get rid of contaminants such as chlorine, rust, lime as well as dirt from tap water.

By eliminating these toxins, the filter significantly improves the protection of the water, in addition to making the taste as well as odor much more positive. The filter gets rid of pollutants, it does not get rid of minerals and also fluoride that are in fact advantageous to absorb.

Want to remove fluoride completely?

water filter and coolers

If you want to completely remove 99% of fluoride from your tap. Getting a awesome 97% fluoride reduction ceramic dome. It removes virtually all impurities including chlorine and 97% fluoride removal and lasts up to 12 months.

Water filters and coolers are an exceptional option for individuals or families that are seeking a method to incorporate the health and wellness while enjoy the benefits of a water filter and the pleasure of cooled water.

Water Filter and Cooler are

More Portable and Cost Efficient

As mentioned previously, among the significant benefits of water filters and coolers is the mix of a filtering system and also the capacity to dispense cold water.

The drawback of several water filters is that they need to be replaced every 6 months to ensure its effectiveness overtime in filtering your water.

But, if you’re going to compare with a refrigerator water filter with a longer life span, such as ten, twenty or thirty thousand gallons, you will certainly need to pay a much greater price than other fridge water filters.

The various other disadvantage to refrigerator water filters is that they do not offer any kind of movement, and can require a significant amount of time for configuration.

Final Thoughts

Numerous brand of water filters and coolers utilize a range of tools as well as methods to turn tap water right into water that appropriates for usage.

It’s up to your preference on what kind of water filter and cooler suitable to your needs.

Call us at 1800 789 781 or email us at sales@awesomewaterfilters and we can help you get the right combination of water filter and cooler for you.

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Water Purifier Cooler: Greatness In Every Drop

Making a Fresh Water From Water Purifier Cooler

Production water purifier cooler systems has actually become a big service in the industrialized nations of our world. Business making water purifier and filtering systems in Australia ship them to developing countries.

Lots of establishing and developing nations in Asia and also Africa do not have a safe and clean consumption of water. Water cleansing is a major concern for these countries to improve on.

Australian government standards require two various levels of water “cleansing” for water purifier cooler and filtration systems.

What This Means to You

If you bought your water purifier cooler from water treatment suppliers, this indicates your products all should be of high quality, and will require consistent testing to be sure they conform to government requirements. Your purification systems must get rid of the appropriate portion of impurities, as how a purifier should act.

What it suggests, however, is that a purifier must be one thousand times (1000x) as effective as a filtration system! To put it another way, you have an option regarding how your filtration process you desire for your drinking water. Are you content to get rid of just “a few harmful bacteria” from your water glass, and leave some in there? Or would you rather remove “99.9% contaminants” from your glass of water? Your water purifier cooler must offer you filtered water in even the most highly contaminated and hazardous scenarios.

Water Purifier Cooler

Cost Efficient

Cost is constantly a large problem, yet many of the systems are really set you back efficient just like our benchtop water purifier. It’s portable, very affordable and very effective in removing harmful bacteria directly from your tap and convert it to a clean, drinking water.

Mobile water purifier have the most affordable rate. Various other ranges are factor use of water purifier. The innovative filtration method of these systems deals with the majority of the harmful and also dangerous minerals. In addition to this are chemicals, , germs, and infection.

High quality purification system will certainly provide water that is pure throughout. It’s also natural with no opportunities that pollutes once more.

Setting up a water cleanser makes sure that we obtain distilled water right from the faucet. Water purifier cooler offers in several dimensions to deal with various requirements.

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Water Filters and Cleansers

Water Filters and Cleansers -Health Benefits

Water Filters and Cleansers– What are the health benefits?

Water Filters and Cleansers

Water filters and cleansers convert regular tap water into completely safe drinking water. It eliminates contaminants and pollutants by methods of being the last line of defense against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and metals like lead.

Health benefits of a water filter:

The working approach of water filters most of which use both physical and chemical filtration to remove particles and microscopic contaminants from our water.

Remove almost 99% of harmful bacteria

Also, a water filter can get rid of harmful particles through which the water passes.

A water filter removes all of these organisms and filters out the pollutants to make the water suitable for drinking.

Boost our immune system

In addition, water filters and cleansers protects us from lots of dangerous bacterial and viral illness that spread due to the contamination of water.

A water filter or water cleanser is very beneficial for healthy living. Our Tap water are known to pass minimal health standard, it still consists many impurities including germs, algae, infections, fungi, minerals, and man-made chemical contaminants that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Importantly, these impurities not simply activate the water to taste bad, nevertheless are also extremely dangerous to your health.

water filters and cleansers

Water filter and cleansers also produce alkaline water.

Moreover, the following are the health advantages of alkaline water:

– Reduce allergic conditions such as asthma, urticaria, rhinites and atopic dermatitis.
– Promotes perfect physical performance.
– Reduces blood sugar level levels in diabetic clients.
– Improve gastro duodenal ulcer and prevents reoccurrences.
– Reduce hypertension and hypotension.
– Betters liver function tests in hepatic disorders.
– Betters serum bilirubin levels in babies.
– Protects DNA from oxidative damage.
– Remarkably lowered the development of cancer cells transplanted into mice, revealing their anti-cancer outcomes.

Furthermore, the following are acid water health advantages:

– It reduces bacterial load of dealt with alfalfa sprouts between 91.1% and 99.8%.
– Electrolyzed oxidizing water suspends Escherichia coli and Listeria on plastic kitchen area cutting boards.
– It can decrease food borne pathogens.
– It is a beneficial disinfectant for hospital infections.

Final Thoughts

Having a water filter system is the only way to know that the water you’re drinking are cleared of as many potential harmful contaminants that may harm your health overtime.

At Awesome Water Filters, Installation is easy and we committed to maintain that all our water filter are safe to use as it’s crucial to the health and well – being of everyone.

Overall, the Benchtop Water Cooler and our Freestanding water cooler are the 2 of our popular brand.

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activated carbon water fiilters

How Activated Carbon Clean Your Water?

Water has actually been round with activated carbon for hundreds of years stretching back to old India. Most of us have seen activated carbon water filters available in the market to achieve a pure clean water.

Activated Carbon Water filters is the main distinctive picture that establishes the overall performance of water filtration process. Imagine a flow of water that is passing at a hundred miles per hour through a covering of activated carbon.

Activated Carbon Water Filters: What You Need To Know

In this situation not much is likely to take place since the water is not in contact with the activated carbon for an enough amount of time. For that reason, absorption is the key for both the physical and chemical process of accumulating a substance at the interface between liquid and solids phases.

This is why a piece of activated carbon water filter works wonderful in your home. It’s 100% proved that it can remove organic compounds and/or extracting free chlorine from water.

It’s not only a useful water treatment, but so much better as it’s efficiently cost-effective.

What’s more in it?

activated carbon water fiilters

As an enhance version of charcoal, activated carbon creates a very home heating organic material like timber or coconut shells. This super filtration process clears out any contamination. It also creates the surface area of the resulting material to come to be significant. It is this huge effect that allows this compound to be use to clean tap water.

For many years the process of cleansing water with activated carbon water filters refer as an absorption. This term refers to what a sponge does with water and it is very easy to imagine the triggered carbon acting like a sponge, removing all impurities. However, this is not in fact just how it functions. The molecules inside the turned on carbon are visible.

Activated Carbon Water Filters Effective Results

As a result, these revealed carbon particles are proactively seeking something to “hook to” or bond with. As pollutant in the water pass the activated carbon, these exposed particles bond with the impurities via a procedure of absorption.

When the whole surface area absorbs by carbon, it’ll be free with contamination and quits absorbing pollutants moving on to the next phase.

All activated carbon filters remove a significantly higher amount of air pollutants than regular carbon filters, however there are some distinctions.

Some filters contain more activated carbon than others, and this can affect the capacity for impurity removal. The more activated carbon in a filter, the more contaminants it will catch and the faster it will adsorb.

Additionally, high levels of activated carbon increase a filter’s lifetime. It will require fewer replacements and keep emitting fresh air longer. Another factor that influences filtering rate is the size of activated carbon particles.

Now we know that the triggered carbon absorbs rather than soaks up impurities. The contact time is the most crucial component on how effective it’ll be. These only shows that it is best to add a number of water filtration stages and also to alter the turned on carbon filters on a regular basis.

Filtration Process

Once the whole surface area of the activated carbon has contamination the water cleanser gives up functioning. At this moment it is feasible to “re-activate” the carbon by reheating it and hence repelling the impurities airborne. Nonetheless, given that this is a reasonably difficult procedure and might cause some pollutants being grabbed from the oven. It is most likely best to leave this to the specialists and also simply change the carbon in the water purifier.

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Five Purpose To Choose A Water Cooler For Your Office

Five Tips On How To Choose An Office Water Coolers in Sydney

Posted by Aaron December 10, 2019

Five Purpose To Choose A Water Cooler For Your Office

Office water coolers Sydney

Office water coolers Sydney give you an alkaline supply of clean filtered water to your employees is a mandatory requirement. An office water cooler in Sydney have a lot of benefits including being cost-effective, beneficial on your health, and being environmental friendly.

Having your team stay hydrated is the key to the success of your business or company.

How does a bottleless water dispenser compare to a bottled water cooler?

While an office water coolers Sydney appears to be an attractive option, there are several shortcomings of bottled water dispensers that may increase business inefficiencies instead of resolving concerns.

Extra Administration

Once installed, a bottleless supply requires near-zero administrative effort. A bottled supply requires someone in your office to arrange delivery, find storage space for lots of big, heavy bottles – a hidden cost that many managers often fail to recognize up front.

The benefits of an office water coolers in Sydney

Office water coolers help offices in Sydney to reduce monthly expenses and contribute to a business’ corporate social responsibility and sustainability, as demonstrated by the following five benefits.

1) Keep your water bacteria – free.

Awesome water filters 8 STAGE KDF filter cartridge are able to remove 99.9% of any harmful contaminants on your tap water. Carbon on the other hand gets rid of the chemicals and awful tastes while iodine coated screens can further remove viruses. Treated water can be consumed after the treatment and the water has no bad taste.

2) Safety and ease of use

Water coolers are a no-brainer. They only require you to know how to push down the lever in order to enjoy your favourite beverages:

  • This means that anyone can provide themselves their preferred beverages.
  • In addition to this, the hot water lever has a safety guidelines installed in many, if not all, dispensers so that any of your children visit the office, that use the dispenser do not get burnt.
  • This can be ideal to put in any place as it’s meant to be portable and easily move wherever around the office.
  • It also include child safety lock for precautions as well.

3) Help the environment

Awesome water filters helps offices reduce the amount of carbon by up to 72% thanks to products such as the 8 stage KDF and Alumina Filter that require no electricity consumption.

4) Keep your employees healthy

Awesome water filters water coolers in Sydney promotes healthy conversation while drinking your coffee or tea together with your colleagues.

5) Reduce business expenses

AWF also offers mains water coolers, no matter how much water your employees drink. Your business could save anywhere between 30 to 70% by switching to a bottleless environment ensuring maintenance free and cost effective business model.

Make the right choice for your business

The Australian population not only in Sydney but as a whole country, still uses over 130 kg of plastic per person each year. There is no quick-fix to plastic pollution as efforts must come from all angles. It is as much about self disciple as it is about behaviors and choosing an eco-friendly water dispenser is a positive first step.

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Office water coolers Sydney