Why you should not drink directly from tap water


Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water
Is it safe to drink tap water? No one would really know the substances which come out of your faucet unless you bring pure water samples to a laboratory. The contents of your tap water may be different from time to time across Australian regions. It may contain many harmful chemicals which gradually put your health at risk. The harmful effects of drinking tap water may not be seen right away, but it can slowly damage your body and it would only be noticed once someone is already ill.

Heavy metals from plumbing may mix with your water.
Incidents of lead poisoning are always likely to happen because of our aging plumbing system. From prestige brass fittings to copper pipes, real risks of tap water lead contamination increases. This can c­­ause severe damage to several body organs including the kidneys, respiratory organs, and most especially the brain. High levels of lead in the body may lead to headache, confusion, and irritability among other medical complaints. Learning and behavioural disorders may occur in infants and children since their brains are still developing.

lead in drinking water

Chlorine and fluoride is added to the water.
Chlorine is basically added to tap water in order to kill nasty microorganisms. Though fluoride is beneficial, flouride affects the taste and smell of your tap water which can make it unpleasant to drink. Small amounts of fluoride are also in your tap water for its health and dental benefits, but excessive amounts of fluoride in your body can cause damage to the pineal gland. Other compounds of fluoride such as sodium fluoride are also toxic for the body this is Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Anything that goes through the drain may also be in your water
Australia’s water filtration systems are carefully managed to ensure that our water is safe. However, there are certain complex substances people flush down their drains which may, at some point, not be filtered. These include medications, fertilizers and other chemicals which are dangerous for your health, this is Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Water filters are now used for more safe and effective filtering
Many people feel safer in drinking pure filtered drinking water. There are different kinds of prestige water purifiers and hot and cold water dispensers, all of them providing a lot of health benefits. Premium quality Awesome 8 Stage KDF Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridges from Awesome Water Filters removes all the rubbish which you would not like to have in your premium quality hot and cold filtered drinking water. All particles, toxic materials, microorganisms as well as bad smells and taste will be filtered, making the pure filtered water more pleasant and safer to drink. It also becomes healthier since these premium quality 8 stage kdf charcoal mineral water filter cartridges also add valuable minerals & trace elements required by the body to function at its optimum level.

Tap water straight from your faucet makes drinking water at the perfect temperature a tedious & unpleasant task.

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You may know a lot of people who drink water straight from their faucet. Even if we consider it as something perfectly fine to do, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Many benchtop or free standing Drinking Water Filters can now be found everywhere from homes to offices, and it does more than just filtering your drinking water they give you peace of mind.

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Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water