Benefits of  an Office Water Coolers

Why do you need an Office Water Coolers in your workplace?

workers conversing with each other while holding a cup of water

A happy and healthy workforce means higher productivity and lower absences due to sickness. And one of the easiest ways to ensure good health among employees is by providing them with fresh water from office water coolers. Really, it is that simple.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons you might want to consider having a water cooler installed at the office and many of them have nothing to do with health. Awesome Water Filters, your source for water coolers in Australia, offers the benefits of having a water cooler in your office.

Reasons why Office Water Coolers are Amazing!

Time Out

Workplaces is a place of deadlines, presentations, and sales. All of which present a certain amount of pressure. A water cooler can provide an oasis of calm and serenity for the staff. Everybody needs to get up and walk away from their workstation to get recharged. An office water cooler provides the ideal setting to chill out, catch up with co-workers and prepare yourself for the next big project.

Come Together

workers conversing with each other on break time

You could work for a company with 100 employees and only know about half of them. It’s because different departments are in different areas, even different floors. A water cooler is a common denominator that brings employees together. It is the place where you will meet Bob from accounting and Karen from sales, co-workers who you may never have met if it wasn’t for the water cooler.

Casual Facetime

The typical office has two types of employees, those who are managers and those who are not. Often, communication between managers and employees is strictly work-related. For many, it seems somewhat awkward having small talk with a manager.

But at the water cooler, the atmosphere is more casual and relaxed. It is the perfect place to discuss life outside work, even if the person you are conversing with is a manager. This may seem like a small thing, but it leads to stronger relationships between staff and management.

Company Culture

You cannot measure company culture, but you can certainly see it. In addition to the health benefits of a water cooler, it also brings employees together in a social environment as opposed to a working one. A water cooler promotes one of the greatest intangibles in an office setting. It serves as the place where co-workers catch up on each other’s private lives.

Better Moods

Dehydrated employees are employees who are irritable and possibly aggressive. But by ensuring employees have access to refreshing water, everybody keeps their cool.

Better Image

You should be very concerned about what customers and clients see when they are in your office. Without a doubt, they will be impressed by a water cooler that is eco-friendly, efficient, clean and without plastic bottles. It makes the company look very smart indeed.

Attractive Look

When most of you picture a water cooler, an image of a white plastic unit that doesn’t look very nice comes to mind. Fortunately, this stereotype is no longer the case. Modern water coolers are quite attractive and give any office a distinguished look.

If you need a water cooler for your office, contact our awesome water filter support team today.

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