Best Water Dispenser in 2019

It is truly a great feeling to open the refrigerator and have a refreshing drink of cold water. The problem arises when the children in the house invariably forget to refill the water bottles in the refrigerator. Thus, you have to face disappointment at times.

You need your share of cold water and it is just not there in the fridge. Maybe, a water dispenser could help you out. Yes, it can. We shall now look at the simple buying guide for water dispensers.

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What is a water dispenser?

To put it very simply, a water dispenser is an appliance that dispenses water. You must have seen these water dispensers in offices, malls, shops, hospitals, etc.

Today, it has become commonplace for households to purchase these water dispensers so that you need not have to worry about refilling the water bottles in the fridge. You can as well have your glass of refreshing cold water directly from the tap.

What are the plausible reasons for deciding to purchase a water dispenser? We shall list out five simple reasons for investing in the best water dispenser.


Is it not simpler to have your glass of cold water directly from the tap rather than opening the refrigerator and hoping to find a bottle waiting for you? Your kids will also be able to get their glass of cold water without having to open the fridge. In a way, you need not have to leave your other work just to ensure that you refill the empty bottles in the refrigerator.

You have water dispensers that come attached with additional water filters. Hence, you get access to clean and pure water every time. This is not the case with tap water.

Instant Cold Water

Your refrigerators will take some time to produce cold water. In contrast, the water dispensers can get you cold water almost instantly.

Storage Facilities

There are water dispensers that come with special storage facilities. This obviates the need for filling up bottles of water for storage.


There is less risk of contamination of water when you use a water dispenser.

Best water dispensers in Australia:

We shall now review around 5 best different water dispensers for your convenience.

1. Freestanding Water Dispenser with Fridge

This is a standard water dispenser with a 20-litre fridge at the bottom. You find such water dispensers in offices, malls, and showrooms. This water dispenser provides 2 types of water, hot and cold.

This is a hygienic appliance in many ways because of its BPA FREE Plastic and its Food grade stainless steel tank. Placing the bottle over the top is not an issue because you need not open the bottle. Just invert the water bottle with its cap and the bottle piercer ensures that there is no spillage of water anywhere.

This appliance comes with a 1-year guarantee. The child lock facility is an additional advantage.

2. Bottleless Water Dispenser

The Bottleless Water Cooler is a great way to ensure that your family and employees are consuming clean and safe water. This Bottleless Water Cooler equipped with a carbon block filter, this water cooler removes chlorine taste, odour, and particulate / sediment.

Connects directly to mains water eliminating the need for bottled water so no more countless bottles to refill!

3. Freestanding Water Cooler


This stylish FREESTANDING WATER COOLER is the perfect solution for your home or office hot and cold filtered water requirements.

It has a smart hot water safety lock feature as well as the easy to use a digital display that enables you to have total control over both the hot and cold water temperature at all times.

4. Benchtop Water Cooler

The Benchtop water cooler features 8 Stages genuine advanced water filter that work to instantly filter out nasty chemicals that our bodies are better off without. Plus, the bottle is BPA free, and the dispenser is able to pour both hot and cold water at the flick of a nozzle.

5. Benchtop Water Purifier

It restores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalized state, using the power of gravity alone – no chemicals, artificial materials, water pressure or electricity.

Best Water Dispenser – Final Thoughts

The water dispenser is a new entrant to the household with people now warming up to it. The fact that these water dispensers discussed above do not do any special purification of water can dissuade people from opting for it.

Nevertheless, it saves them a lot of labour and electricity as they need not use the refrigerator for cooling their drinking water. A flick of the tap allows them to get hot, cold or normal water within no time. No wonder, it is increasing in popularity in recent times.

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