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  • Unleash Pure Bliss with 8 Stage Water Filter

    November 26, 2023 5 min read

    Water, the essence of life, is a fundamental part of our daily routine, making hydration an essential component of our well-being. In a world where purity is prized, the quality of your drinking water becomes paramount. Enter the 8 Stage Water Filter—a revolutionary system that transforms regular tap water into a delightful sip of pure bliss. So, how does this magnificent machine work, and why should it become your new best friend? Let’s dive in!

    The Magic of the 8 Stage Water Filter

    awesome water filters

    The 8 Stage Water Filter is not just another addition to the long list of water filters available in the market. It's a complete hydration solution, a system that doesn’t just purify your water, but enhances it to provide you with a refreshing drink that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

    As the name suggests, this advanced filter works through eight distinct stages, each contributing to the purification, detoxification, and enhancement of your drinking water.

    1. Ceramic Filter:

    This is the first line of defense. The ceramic filter works to filter out all the larger contaminants, including rust, sediments, and even bacteria, from your water.

    2. Activated Carbon:

    In the second stage, activated carbon comes into play, targeting chlorine, harmful chemicals, and unpleasant odors and tastes, ensuring that every sip you take is crisp and clean.

    3. Mineral Zeolite Granules:

    Stage three is where zeolite granules remove heavy metals from your water while stabilizing the pH level, helping to keep your body’s natural balance in check.

    4. Silica Sand:

    In the fourth stage, silica sand aids in neutralizing acidic elements, further enhancing the balance of your water.

    5. Mineral Sand Infusion:

    During the fifth stage, your water gets an infusion of mineral sand, adding essential minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium back into your drinking water.

    6. Mineral Stone Immersion:

    This stage immerses your water in mineral stones, which are heat treated to sterilize them and then slowly release beneficial minerals back into your water.

    7. Magnetic Field Application:

    This penultimate stage aligns water molecules using a magnetic field, optimizing the hydration process and making the water easier for your body to absorb.

    8. Far Infrared Energy:

    In the final stage, far infrared energy is used to oxygenate your water and increase its energy, leaving you with a rejuvenating and refreshing drink every time you turn your tap on.

    Why Choose the 8 Stage Water Filter?

    By the time your water has passed through these eight transformative stages, it’s not just cleaner—it’s healthier, too. The 8 Stage Water Filter system gives you the best of both worlds: crystal clear water that’s free from harmful substances, and an infusion of essential minerals that contribute to your overall health.

    Moreover, with each glass of water, you are promoting a more sustainable way of living by reducing the reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, contributing positively to the environment.

    Our Top Recommendation: Awesome Water Filters

    awesome water filters

    When it comes to reliable and efficient 8 Stage Water Filters, Awesome Water Filters tops the chart. Their filters are designed not just to deliver you the best quality water, but also to add a touch of convenience and style to your kitchen or office space.

    The products by Awesome Water Filters boast high-quality materials and precision engineering, ensuring that every stage of the filtration process is carried out to perfection. But what really sets these filters apart is their long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacement and providing you with exceptional value for money.

    The convenience extends beyond the product design. Installing and maintaining these filters is a breeze, with easy-to-follow instructions and customer service just a call away.

    In addition, these 8 Stage Water Filters are designed to complement the aesthetics of your space. With sleek lines and modern design elements, they will undoubtedly add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or office.

    The Added Perks of an 8 Stage Water Filter

    8 stage water filter

    Beyond the purification process, there are additional benefits you may not be aware of when investing in an 8 Stage Water Filter:


    Purchasing bottled water might seem like a quick and convenient solution. However, it quickly becomes a costly habit. On the other hand, investing in an 8 Stage Water Filter is a one-time cost that pays for itself over time. Plus, it significantly reduces your environmental footprint—truly a win-win!

    Health Benefits:

    The infused minerals in the water from an 8 Stage Water Filter offer a wealth of health benefits. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium help build strong bones and teeth, iron supports proper body function, and the pH balancing act contributes to maintaining your body's natural equilibrium.


    Forget the days of hauling heavy water bottles from the store or the water delivery service. With an 8 Stage Water Filter, you have a constant supply of clean, mineral-infused water at the turn of a tap.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How often should I replace the parts of my 8 Stage Water Filter?

    Answer: The frequency of replacement depends on the part and the frequency of use. Generally, the ceramic filter should be replaced every 12-24 months, while the main filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal performance and longevity.

    Q2: Is it hard to install an 8 Stage Water Filter?

    Answer: No, not at all. Most 8 Stage Water Filters are designed for easy installation. They come with detailed instructions, and you can always reach out to the manufacturer's customer service if you need assistance. However, if you're unsure, it's always best to hire a professional.

    Q3: Will an 8 Stage Water Filter affect the taste of my water?

    Answer: Absolutely, and for the better! The filter removes unpleasant tastes and odors from your tap water and infuses it with beneficial minerals. The result is crisp, refreshing water that tastes even better than bottled water.

    Q4: Can an 8 Stage Water Filter remove harmful bacteria from my water?

    Answer: Yes, the first stage of filtration in an 8 Stage Water Filter is a ceramic filter designed to filter out bacteria and larger contaminants. However, remember that water filters are not a guaranteed solution for treating water that's contaminated with harmful bacteria. Always ensure your source water is potable.

    Q5: Can I filter hot water?

    Answer: Most water filters, including the 8 Stage Water Filter, are designed to filter cold water. Running hot water through the system may damage the filter elements. Always check the manufacturer's instructions regarding this.

    Q6: Is the 8 Stage Water Filter environmentally friendly?

    Answer: Yes! By using a water filter, you are drastically reducing the need for single-use plastic water bottles, which is a significant step towards a more sustainable environment.


    In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, don't overlook the water you consume daily. An 8 Stage Water Filter transforms ordinary tap water into a source of hydration that's pure, healthy, and loaded with essential minerals. So why wait? Quench your thirst with a glass of pure bliss, straight from your tap, and elevate your hydration routine to a whole new level.

    With a system like the 8 Stage Water Filter from Awesome Water Filters, you're not just buying a product—you're making an investment. An investment in your health, in your convenience, and in a more sustainable future. Take the plunge today and experience the incredible benefits this technological marvel has to offer.

    Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of a professional for installation and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance of any water filter system.

    In a world where health and wellness have taken center stage, it's high time we reconsidered not just what we eat, but also what we drink. The 8 Stage Water Filter is an incredible stride in that direction. Are you ready to take the first step towards better hydration, better health, and a better world? Choose an 8 Stage Water Filter today!