Bottleless Water Cooler For Office Benefits

The Modern Era Of Water Dispenser

Bottleless coolers represent a rapidly expanding market opportunity for dealers, wholesalers and distributors of water quality products for commercial businesses.

Today more than one million bottleless water coolers for office are in use—approximately 18% of total water coolers. This market segment is growing at a double-digit rate. It’s a good news for dealerships looking to fortify their recurring revenue stream and increase customer retention.

By the same token, more commercial organizations are going bottle-less. It’s because this option is more cost-effective, better for the environment, contributes to greater employee safety and wellness. A simply more convenient choice.

Why Bottleless?

Traditionally, commercial customers have used bottled water coolers in waiting rooms for patrons and in lounges for employees. But those proverbial in-office “water cooler conversations” usually come with a price.

Bottleless water coolers offer many advantages for your customers, such as:

Unlimited drinking water

Having a bottleless water cooler for office is like having a mini water plant inside your customer’s office with endless quality drinking water literally on tap. There is no worry that your clients will run out of their drinking water supply.

More economical

With bottleless coolers for office, there’s only a nominal one-time installation charge. No monthly bottle delivery fees or surcharges. Some companies claim they have saved between 20% to 50% monthly on drinking water expenses by switching to this system.

No deliveries or bottle clutter

Because the water comes directly from a building’s existing water source and is automatically filtered for drinking, there is no more heavy lifting. No more delivery or storage of 5-gal bottles.

Low maintenance

Deliveries of bottled water are eliminated. Therefore, companies have no inventory or delivery receipts to manage. Bottle-less coolers only require an annual maintenance check and filter replacement. That’s why they’re easier to maintain with minimal service calls.

Better for the environment

Reducing plastic bottle waste by not using large multigallon containers shrinks your customer’s environmental footprint. Without emissions from large diesel-burning trucks required to deliver bottled water, the benefits of “green” multiply.

Bottleless Water Cooler For Office Conclusion

Getting a bottleless water cooler for office helps business leaders reduce operating costs. Go green and contribute to employee safety and wellness.

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