Buying Guide For An Alkaline Water Machine

How to Choose an Alkaline Water Machine?

If you live in an area where the tap water is acidic, it is smart to purchase an alkaline water machine which can restore a proper pH balance to the fluids you’re drinking.

If you do this, you neutralize acid buildup in your body. This has a restorative effect on your general health and overall well-being and can result in a reduction of fatigue, acid reflux, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

Shopping for an alkaline water machine is no easy task, however, as there is a lot of misinformation out there, and sad to say, a lot of scams as well. To keep from getting pulled in by the hucksters, you need to know what features are important in an alkaline water machine.

To evaluate water ionizers, it is helpful first to understand how they work. Every water ionizer has four main components that help it do its job:

  • Filters
  • Warranty/Company Reputation
  • BPA – Free

Let’s talk about each in turn.

Reviewing the Key Features

fresh clean water

A good water filter is essential to clean drinking water.


You will find machines with single or dual filter systems. Filters are important to remove the impurities from your water. Awesome water filter systems are superior to accommodate all this filtration. The single filter systems  is already relatively pure.

The life & cost of replacement filters is another consideration since this will impact the time & money it takes to maintain your unit. Overa all, the good thing that Awesome water filter can last up until 6 months and the replacement cost are absolutely in price value.

Warranty/Company Reputation

It goes without saying that we want to buy from a company we trust. A few things that can help verify a reputable company are:

  • Factory compliance testing (i.e. – is the company 5 micron rating?)
  • Warranty on both defects & repairs (minimum of 12 months warranty is suggested)
  • Company Associations (BBB, Water Quality Association, etc.)
  • Customer Service Ratings

BPA – Free

Now with ALL of this in mind PLUS the plethora of information and evidence you can find from just conducting a handful of Google searches, it is clear that disposable water bottles are that great. We suggest purchasing a reusable, BPA Free water bottle and refilling it with healthy, filtered water. This will ensure you are not contributing to avoidable environmental damage & you are also saving yourself potentially thousands of $ each and every year.

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