Charcoal Water Filters

Charcoal Water Filters

charcoal water filters

How Drinking Water is Purified Using Charcoal in Water Filters

The use of charcoal has once been as simple as making fire and coals to cook over. With advancements in research and technology, humans found new ways to use charcoal in water filtration. One of which is activated charcoal which is used in most water filters and water purifiers worldwide.

activated carbon block charcoal water filtersWhat is activated charcoal?
The charcoal you see in water filters are activated charcoal or also called as activated carbon. Activated carbon is treated with oxygen, containing carbon atoms in its porous surfaces. It is made by heating wood to 1000 degrees Celsius.

What does activated charcoal do to your water?
Activated charcoal can remove unwanted substances in your drinking water. One of which is chloride, usually added in tap & faucet water to kill microorganisms. Sediments, other volatile organic compounds or carbon-based impurities, as well as bad taste and smell are also filtered with just a piece of activated charcoal. Try one of our activated carbon water filters.

How does it purify water?
The chemical process of adsorption takes place as activated charcoal reacts with water. Activated charcoal is able to remove chloride in water as its ions become attracted and eventually bonds with the carbon atoms in the charcoal. Try one of our activated carbon water filter.

What is in a water filter?
The process of water system filtration becomes more advanced as more and more substances are used to purify water. Most water purifiers are likely to have activated charcoal, but additional filtration substances may vary. Layers of these filters are used to ensure that water is well-purified and safe for drinking. The premium quality water filtration system supplied from Awesome Water Filters has 8 stages with different purifiers in each level, providing premium quality pure filtered water.

Activated carbon water filters

www-awesomewaterfilters-com-au-primary-felt-padsPrimary Filter felt pads – Stage 1
Large particles and sediments are trapped in these filter pads that sit in the white dome in the top of our bottle set. It also removes rust and prevents propagation of bacteria that might be present in the water.


KDF, high purity copper zinc formulation – Stage 2
Chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, heavy metals, iron, lead, nickel, mercury and arsenic are removed through a process called redox where their oxidation states are changed in order to be effectively filtered.


Activated Carbon – Stage 3
One of the main purifiers found in most water filters.


Mineralised Balls – Stage 4
Mineral Ceramic Balls – Stage 5
These add healthy minerals to your filtered water, such as iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium and iodine which are all needed by the body to stay healthy and strong.

activated carbon charcoal water filters

Activated Carbon, extra layer – Stage 6

awesome mineralised balls
Mineralised Balls, extra layer – Stage 7

ceramic plate charcoal water filter

Ceramic Plate – Stage 8
The antibacterial coating in this ceramic plate eliminates bacteria and parasites such as intestinal parasites & Giardia.
Water filtration is an art and science of bringing safe drinking water to homes and offices. Installing water filters are easy, and water filters are only needed to be replaced after every 6 months.  Imagine all the hard work that takes place in each filter as these awesome water filters do the work for you in keeping you worry-free as you enjoy pure healthy premium quality filtered drinking water at an affordable price. If you would like more information about our premium quality water filtration systems, our experts are happy to discuss our premium quality products with you.

Contact us at Awesome Water Filters today on 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]

Try one of our activated carbon water filter.


Guidelines to Water Filter Maintenance

Guidelines to Water Filter Maintenance

Our body needs clean and safe drinking water to survive. With all the drinking bottle options, filtered drinking water is the safest, cleanest, most economical and the most environment-friendly option available for our home or office. Drinking water filtration systems are devoid of chemicals and bacteria but still have the important minerals that our body needs like magnesium, zinc, and calcium which our water filters provide.


An Awesome Water Filters premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter is designed to remove impurities, bacteria, and chemicals from water to produce healthy pure clean and safe drinking water for your home, office or workplace. Hence, it is a good investment to have a water filter or water dispenser in your home or office to ensure that you get safe and clean drinking water anytime at an affordable price. However, owning a water filter or water purifier is only the beginning. You have to maintain and take care of your water filter or water purifier as well. Having a poorly maintained water filter or water dispenser is just as bad as drinking contaminated water.


How to keep your water filter at its optimal performance level
Here are a few things to consider to properly maintain your water filter, water purifier or water dispenser.

1.      Utilise only the cleanest water possible.
The function of a water filter, water purifier or water dispenser is to filter water of impurities. However, using water that is too murky and dirty may actually cut short the life of your premium quality 8 stage kdf water filter cartridges. Do not use water that is too dirty. Too many impurities and large sediments will clog and reduce the life span of your water filter too quickly. Try to use the cleanest water by letting the impurities and sediments settle at the bottom of a container then separating the water before you put it into your water dispenser or water purifier.

2.      Create a six-month schedule to inspect and clean your 8 stage KDF water filter.
You have to inspect and replace your water filter cartridge every six months ensuring best possible performance. Clean the inside of the bottle set where the 8 stage KDF water filter screws into with vinegar & water or water and bicarb soda.  Never use harsh chemicals.  If you simply can’t be bothered doing it yourself, we have an established professional dealer network Australia wide that can do this for you, simply call 1800 789 781 to book a time that suits you.

3.      Replace water filter cartridge properly and regularly every six months.
Your premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter cartridge is where dirt and impurities get accumulated. When your water filter cartridge is already saturated with dirt, it may not be able to filter impurities effectively. This may also reduce water flow from your water filter affecting your water dispenser or water purifiers performance. You may also run the risk of drinking contaminated water when the capacity of your water cartridge to filter water diminishes. Know the lifespan of your cartridge (6 months) so you can replace them when needed.  You can also ask Awesome Water Filters to keep a record of your last filter change and they will contact you when your water filter is due for replacement.  Awesome Water Filters sell replacement parts like replacement bottles and premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter cartridges. Make sure to follow instructions on how to install them properly or call 1800 789 781 to be put in touch with one of our professional dealers.

Contact us for expert advice for water filter maintenance.

Taking care of your water filter, water purifier or water dispenser is one of the surest ways to get pure healthy premium quality drinking water 24/7. A water filter that is utilized in a water dispenser can also function as a hot and cold water dispenser which is a good healthy investment for your home or office. Keep your home or office water filters, water purifier or water dispenser working all-day, every day, through regular check-up and maintenance. And if you want a reliable, safe and efficient water filter, water purifier or hot and cold water dispenser place your orders today at Awesome Water Filters, we are waiting for your call 1800 789 781.


Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Best Water cooler dispenser conversations are the informal conversations or small talk that employees have around the Awesome Water Cooler at the office or workplace. Water cooler conversations are usually light and casual in the workplace. It is a great way to know your co-workers and mingle with them in a non-formal office environment. It eases tension among workmates and encourages healthy and friendly relationships among colleagues and workmates. It is also a way to relax and unwind, even for just a few valuable minutes, after hours and hours of work at your office or workplace.

Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Water cooler conversations, even if they have nothing to do with your job or current projects, can actually be beneficial in the workplace.  Some of the stories you hear you will not believe while other stories will make your laugh.  Office water coolers with a high volume of traffic are more suited to our Point of Use Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers.

Best Water Cooler Dispenser

The gossip stimulates employees’ creativity, which makes them more innovative and productive in the office & workplace environment. It also encourages a social and friendly environment which can lead to healthier collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation by all. By talking to your co-workers, you get out of your shell and hear other people’s perspectives, worldviews, and aspirations. This is helpful in brainstorming and idea when in a team environment.


Small talks come a long way during water cooler conversations

Here are some of the best water cooler conversations that you can engage in while in the office.

1. Positive experiences

Talk about the great weekend you had or the movie you watched that had a great impact on you. Talk about your positive experiences and how these affected your life. The few minutes you spend on the Instant Hot and Cold Point of Use Water Dispenser, away from your work, must be filled with hope.  No one wants to spend their precious break listening to rants or negative experiences from bummed out co-workers who don’t have a life.

2. Hobbies

It is a good idea to share your experiences if you recently started trail running or kickboxing, or if you just started a crochet project or a new, stimulating book you will have much to talk about. You may end up encouraging other people to start a new hobby as well to promote health and well being. It has been proven that certain extra-curricular activities actually complement your work. Hobbies, even if they are unrelated to your work, can actually develop skills that you can carry on to your workplace. By inspiring your workmates to take on a hobby, you are helping your company develop more efficient and productive employees.

3. Interests

You can also talk about the type of music you listen to or the kinds of movies that you love watching. You can talk about healthy sports, baking, or anything under the sun that you find interesting. This is a great way to know more about your co-workers. You may even share some of your interests which is a great starter for a meaningful discussion.

4. News

One way to know more about your co-workers is by bringing up the news. You get a glimpse of who they are by their point of view and opinions. However, avoid heated discussions and arguments and respect the opinions of other people.

The water cooler area is a simple place where great conversations can begin and legends are made. Aside from drinking clean healthy filtered drinking water, you are also fostering a great workplace environment by engaging in small talk with your co-workers.

Best Water Cooler Conversations


Awesome Coolers have a superior range of Point of Use Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers to suit all applications.  One other option could be our Free Standing Instant Hot and Cold Drinking Water Dispenser.  Be it a large workshop or a small waiting area in a doctors surgery, Awesome Coolers have the right filtered water solution for you.



Your employees, co-workers & colleagues will appreciate your workplace promoting healthy workplace through supplying pure filtered drinking water at an affordable price.

Your office should own great water cooler that also functions as a hot and cold water dispenser just like the water dispensers we provide. Contact Awesome Water Filters to order your healthy office water cooler today by calling 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] 

Best Water Cooler Conversations


Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water

Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water

Water is essential in our busy lives. Aside from quenching our thirst, it boosts our immune system, aids in bodily functions, and cleanses our body of toxins promoting better health and wellness at home or in the office or workplace. Drinking pure and clean drinking water is essential in our everyday lives at work or at home. However, you might have encountered different kinds of water-tap water, bottled water, distilled water and filtered water. Is filtered water the best option for you?

Filtered water is water purified by going through a fine barrier or through stages of biological or chemical processes. Impurities such as chemicals and bacteria are removed from the water through the filtering process. Awesome Water Filters offer a premium quality 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Filtration System. This class leading technology removes many harmful chemicals and replaces much needed minerals to improve your health and well being.

Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water



Here are some of the benefits from drinking filtered water.

·        Cost-efficient water filter

Buying a water filter or water machine for your home means shelling out a significant amount of money at the onset. However, owning a drinking water filter will be cheaper in the long run rather than buying bottles of water which average at about $12 each. You only need a water filter and water from the tap to have an unlimited amount of clean and filtered water. If you choose to buy bottled water for your daily filtered water consumption, imagine how much you will be spending for water in a year.  With our smart premium quality Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water filtration system, you can save 80% when compared to bottled water.

·        Clean and safe filtered water

Filtered water reduces the risk of drinking water contaminated by bacteria, chlorine and chemicals. You can be sure that through our premium 8 stage water filtration system, you can effectively clean and filter your tap water and economically drink clean and disease-free water 24/7.

·        Healthy and purified water

Even if water filtration systems purify water and remove impurities, they do not remove the important minerals that our body needs like zinc, iodine, calcium and magnesium. Drinking filtered water has a lot of proven health benefits. It enables our body to absorb more nutrients, speeds up our metabolism, is anti-aging and neutralises the acidity of our body.

·        Eco-friendly processes and systems

Something as simple as drinking a few bottles of water a day has a huge impact on the environment. Millions of water bottles are consumed in the world every day and this contributes waste to our already polluted environment. Not to mention the amount of energy needed to manufacture all those bottles, the entire water bottle industry is harming the environment. By drinking bottled water, you contribute to the damage in your own way. Drinking filtered water is eco-friendly because you do not need to use bottles. All you need is a water filter and your tap water to produce clean, unlimited and healthy water saving the environment and your hard earned money.

How to have safe and healthy filtered water at home or office

The good news is, you can own and install your own Awesome Coolers premium quality water filtration system in your home or office. Water coolers for home and office water coolers are convenient economical and easy to use. The amazing thing about a water filter is it can also function as a hot and cold water dispenser. For all your water filter requirements, contact Awesome Water Filters. You and your family deserve clean, healthy and premium quality filtered water right in your own home at an affordable price.

Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water


Benefits From Drinking Filtered Water

Water Filter Quality Measure – 5 Microns

“The average size of the openings between pieces of the filter media are represented in microns. For example, a 20-micron filter has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. Consequently, the 20-micron filter element will let larger particles pass through the filter than the 5-micron media would.” (Source – )

As a basic rule, the smaller the Micron rating the better!

Our Genuine Awesome Cooler branded 8 stage KDF Water Filter have a 5 Micron rating. This provides adequate water flow whilst effectively filtering out contaminants including rust, organic sediment, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria as well as any bad small or taste.

8 stage water filter replacement Awesome Water

All Awesome Water Coolers come with a Genuine Awesome Cooler 8 Stage KDF Water Filter included in your purchase. AND, delivery is free Australia Wide!

Filtered Water = Healthier Mind & Body

Filtered Water = Healthier Mind & Body

Maintain body health as your awesome water cooler not only removes harmful substances from your water but adds crucial trace elements back into your water.

  • Awesome water coolers are an environmentally friendly solution and lowers your households carbon footprint.
  • All materials are BPA free and food grade standard.
  • Hi-Efficiency compressor cooling.
  • The energy efficient system uses less power than alternative water heating and cooling units.
  • Reduce environmental waste by significantly reducing plastic waste from the use of bottled water.
  • Awesome water filters are available via an Australia wide network and online.
  • Awesome water filters use the most up-to-date 8 stage filters.
  • Our awesome water coolers allow you to adjust temperatures simply and easily for both hot and cold water from the digital control panel on the front of the machines. (Cold will go from 4 degrees Celsius to room temperature and hot ranges from 52 to 92 degrees Celsius. Note: the perfect cup of coffee is made at 85 degrees).
  • Save up to 80% on bottled water costs.
  • Awesome water coolers can be purchased from as little as $10 per week. Your local dealer will provide further information on pricing and payment options.
  • An average user will require a filter change every 6 months.

Filtered Water = Healthier Mind & Body

Say “Goodbye Water Bottles”

Just Say “NO” Bottled Water

“Australians spend around half a billion dollars each year on bottled water. Nutritionists have long questioned the health benefits of this product. Just where does the water you buy in a bottle come from? Is it worth the higher price? Or should you just be sticking with tap water?”

Now THAT is a lot of bottled water AND a lot of money spent on everything from Spring Water, Purified Water, Artesian Water (usually found to have no-more or less mineral content as spring water) and Organic Water (It is impossible for water to be chemically organic so this is also misleading).

The Average Bottled Water Consumer spends approximately $1500- $2200+ per year — just on bottled water.

Our SOLUTION and RECOMMENDATION is investing in an Awesome Water Filter PLUS a BPA Free Water Bottle. This way, you are taking care of your health as well as your back pocket.

Another benefit is that you will be doing your bit for the environment by recycling the same bottle/s each week.

Say “Goodbye Water Bottles”

Replace Your 8 Stage Water Filter Every 6 Months

Getting a new Water Filter is really beneficial!

Replacing your awesome 8 stage kdf water filter every 6 Months for optimum performance in your water cooler.  If you have a benchtop water cooler or a freestanding water cooler and you want it to provide crystal clear healthy alkaline filtered water you must change the water filter cartridge on time.


It does not matter if your hot and cold filtered water dispenser is at home your office or workplace.  To always have the best possible filtered drinking water we recommend changing your Awesome Water Filters Activated Charcoal Mineral 8 Stage KDF Water Filter Cartridge every six months without fail.

STAGE 1 – Primary Filter felt pads – Effectively removes rust and sediment particles and stops propagation of bacteria.

STAGE 2 – KDF – Removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, heavy metals, iron, lead, nickel, mercury and arsenic.

STAGE 3 – Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment and bad smell & taste.

STAGE 4 – Mineralised Balls – Restore natural trace minerals required by the body, such as iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.

STAGE 5 – Mineral Ceramic Balls – insoluble, gradually releases mineral substances

STAGE 6 – Activated Carbon – An extra layer of activated carbon

STAGE 7 – Mineralised Balls – An extra layer of mineral balls

STAGE 8 – Ceramic Plate – Removes bacteria and parasites e.g. Giardia

KDF is a high purity copper zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. KDF is also known to kill algae and fungi and control bacteria growth. Its use is optimized when used in conjunction with another filter media – especially any form of activated carbon. It helps to prolong filter media – especially any form of activated carbon. It helps to prolong the life and increase the effectiveness of carbon filters by reducing the chlorine build up and also supplements the activated carbon filters by removing heavy metals.