Five Purpose To Choose A Water Cooler For Your Office

Five Tips On How To Choose An Office Water Coolers in Sydney

Posted by Aaron December 10, 2019

Five Purpose To Choose A Water Cooler For Your Office

Office water coolers Sydney

Office water coolers Sydney give you an alkaline supply of clean filtered water to your employees is a mandatory requirement. An office water cooler in Sydney have a lot of benefits including being cost-effective, beneficial on your health, and being environmental friendly.

Having your team stay hydrated is the key to the success of your business or company.

How does a bottleless water dispenser compare to a bottled water cooler?

While an office water coolers Sydney appears to be an attractive option, there are several shortcomings of bottled water dispensers that may increase business inefficiencies instead of resolving concerns.

Extra Administration

Once installed, a bottleless supply requires near-zero administrative effort. A bottled supply requires someone in your office to arrange delivery, find storage space for lots of big, heavy bottles – a hidden cost that many managers often fail to recognize up front.

The benefits of an office water coolers in Sydney

Office water coolers help offices in Sydney to reduce monthly expenses and contribute to a business’ corporate social responsibility and sustainability, as demonstrated by the following five benefits.

1) Keep your water bacteria – free.

Awesome water filters 8 STAGE KDF filter cartridge are able to remove 99.9% of any harmful contaminants on your tap water. Carbon on the other hand gets rid of the chemicals and awful tastes while iodine coated screens can further remove viruses. Treated water can be consumed after the treatment and the water has no bad taste.

2) Safety and ease of use

Water coolers are a no-brainer. They only require you to know how to push down the lever in order to enjoy your favourite beverages:

  • This means that anyone can provide themselves their preferred beverages.
  • In addition to this, the hot water lever has a safety guidelines installed in many, if not all, dispensers so that any of your children visit the office, that use the dispenser do not get burnt.
  • This can be ideal to put in any place as it’s meant to be portable and easily move wherever around the office.
  • It also include child safety lock for precautions as well.

3) Help the environment

Awesome water filters helps offices reduce the amount of carbon by up to 72% thanks to products such as the 8 stage KDF and Alumina Filter that require no electricity consumption.

4) Keep your employees healthy

Awesome water filters water coolers in Sydney promotes healthy conversation while drinking your coffee or tea together with your colleagues.

5) Reduce business expenses

AWF also offers mains water coolers, no matter how much water your employees drink. Your business could save anywhere between 30 to 70% by switching to a bottleless environment ensuring maintenance free and cost effective business model.

Make the right choice for your business

The Australian population not only in Sydney but as a whole country, still uses over 130 kg of plastic per person each year. There is no quick-fix to plastic pollution as efforts must come from all angles. It is as much about self disciple as it is about behaviors and choosing an eco-friendly water dispenser is a positive first step.

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Office water coolers Sydney

Top 5 Benefits Of Drinking Awesome Clean Water

There has never been an important time to be concerned about the health effects surrounding water. Australian Government attention on sorting out the drinking water crisis faced by society today shows how dangerous drinking water from the tap these days.

When it comes to drinking water, most people only focus on the beneficial side  has on their family and their home. The truth is, water plays a vital part of preserving the overall health of your family and as an investment

Using a filtered or bottled water  are great boost to an awesome water that can bring for every part of healthy living.

Wondering what awesome clean water can do for you? Here are 5 great benefits you need to know:

1. Take out The Chlorine

Chlorine has been used to disinfect water for consumption to eliminate waterborne disease for decades. Even though chlorine does kill bacteria and corrects other issues in water, it can have an impact on your health especially when consume overtime.

When combined with other matter chlorine can help create dangerous chemicals that are linked to cancer.

Why a Water Filtration System plays a vital part on your health.

Water filtration systems remove a lot of contaminants.

Read more about why a water filtration system is so important.

In addition, the chemical can be abrasive to skin and eyes and taste bad. Getting bottled water with an 8 stage KDF water filtration system generates clean water without the dangerous chlorine.

2. Detox Naturally

a woman drinking an awesome clean water

 It’s often recommended that we drink eight glasses of water per day. As a result, we detox naturally. It is said2 to help your body get rid of toxins, improve your energy levels and help you lose weight. 

3. The Best Minerals For Nutrition

We all hear about the importance of minerals to a healthy diet. Clean filtered water won’t just keep you free from pollutants it will also allow you to digest the right minerals in your diet.

4. Do you have a persistent health condition that seems there’s no cure? This might include migraine, or depression?

The truth is our bodies react to bad contaminants  even in trace amounts–in different ways. Making the switch to a clean water can ease lingering health issues.

5. Protection Against Diseases

When you think about all the bacteria and harmful substances that are lurking in a glass of water is scary. But those who focus on drinking filtered water are only getting a small piece of the benefit.

Why wouldn’t you protect the water you shower in, wash in, and drink with the same level of attention?

You can protect against water-borne diseases with distilled.

Get the Best From Distilled Water

For certain individuals having an eager focus to protect their investment or families hoping for just the best healthy living, awesome water is the best option. The good news is that there has never been a better time to improve the quality of your water.

Don’t wait to save money and get all the benefits of getting your water that have filter, clean to offer to your family and the value of your home.

Contact us now for suitable recommendations at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]

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awesome 8 stasge kdf water filter

Awesome Water Filters: The Consumer Friendly Water Specialists.

awesome 8 stasge kdf water filter

Water purification has become a trend nowadays. Thanks to the advanced filtration available to our community.

Anybody now know how to keep the water clean of any pollutants and noxious materials.

Awesome water filter provides 100% reliability. When they buy any water cooler / dispenser, they’re getting pure and clean crystal drinking clear water.

Awesome Water Filters offer the most advanced filtration available in Australia

awesome water filters australian map

Similarly, Awesome Water Filters are committed to bring not only clean filtered water but the over all satisfaction of every one of our customers.

We even notify you once you need to replace any of your filtration accessories.

We are the only one that offers 8 Stage KDF water in the entire country.

How our 8 Stage KDF filter standout among other filtration system?

It’s available in different granule forms such as the KDF 55 fine granule medium, which is best at reducing and removing chlorine and soluble heavy metals. Therefore, KDF-F fine mesh granules, which incorporates into carbon blocks to enhance their efficiency and prolong their service life.

KDF can be in conjunction with our filtration stages either as a water pre-treatment solution or as a primary filter. As a result, the most cost efficient, 100% effective filtration for you and your family.

KDF has a lot of benefits including:

  • Extends the life and enhances the performance of carbon filters;
  • It’s fully recyclable;
  • It’s available in multiple granular styles for a more targeted approach in filtration;
  • It has antibacterial properties and outperforms other antibacterial filters on the market;
  • It’s efficient at higher water temperatures too.

Superior Customer Service

Awesome water filters have a network of very knowledgeable distributors throughout Australia who know the Awesome Water Coolers range of Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers back to front.

Why throw out your old Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispenser when you could potentially spend less than $150 to fix most problems.

Simply call us toll free now on 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] to make it happen now

Awesome Water Filters

infographic 8 stage kdf water filter

Best Water Filter in Australia

Do You Need a Water Filter?

In order to access whether or not you need a filter, you need to be aware of your water source, facility and the harmful contaminants that comes with it.

To add, if you get a water from your municipality, you’ll get a report from your water bill and provide you with the information of contaminants your water may have.

What Kind of Filter Do You Need?

It all comes with your own preference why you want a water filter. Maybe, you just want it to prove the taste of your tap, or you want it to make sure your children get the most out of clean water from the tap.

In addition, no filter will remove all contaminants at the same time.

It’s important to select the correct type of filter for your water source.

Here at awesome water filters, we have all kinds of filters from 8 stage KDF water filter to RO osmosis filter.

infographic 8 stage kdf water filter

reverse osmosis filter

The price range will vary. Similarly, you should consider the best water filter at your household size, businesses, corporation and how easy it is to install and maintain it.

Recommended water filters to get

Mains Water Filtration System

The most expensive one and quite hard to maintain are the mains water supply that can be permanently installed to your specfic filtration process thus allowing you to remove more harmful contaminants.

It can filter large amount of water. In addition, they also emit water waste.

For instance, countertop filters can be a little bit pricey and require installation in your faucet. It’s suitable for larger households and it’s easy to switch from filtered to unfiltered water.

Faucet Filter

There’s also a cheaper version which is the faucet filter which can be mounted at the tip of your faucet.

The most affordable and easy to maintain are the water dispensers.

They’re very good if you wanted a less maintenance space saving filtered water. The only downside of it that it has limited in capacity and quite filter slowly.

In conclusion, before you buy any of these filters, please ensure what’s the best for you and your family.

Call us or email us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]

We’ll get back to you with the right recommendation on what suitable options for you.



Advantages Of Getting A Benchtop Water Filter

If you have a limited space, benchtop water filter are the perfect solution. We’re going to rundown some great benefits for these best space-saving system.

Lower Cost

Having a benchtop water filter regardless if it’s powered by electricity or just a purifier will save you a ton of bucks. It eliminates the need of a refrigerator, plumbing system.
With its only maintenance of a filter, it’ll surely provide best result on your well – being and over all health

Compact. Space Saving.

benchtop water filter

This doesn’t need a detailed explanation but in a nutshell, it’s very suitable if you have limited space. Similarly, It’s ideal for a small family, renting, small business.

More environmentally friendly

In addition, the elimination of bottled water, it not only save you a lot of money but you held the environment at the same time.

Easy installation and removal

Here at awesome water filters, we recommend to change the 8 stage water filter every 6 months and that’s very easy to do, just remove the existing water bottle cooler, insert the new filter and all set. That’s how easy it is to replace every parts of it.

The benchtop water filters produce purified hot, and cold water for the benchtop water cooler.

The benchtop water filter purifier doesn’t need any source of electricity and you have an access to pure, drinking clean water 24/7

No Mess. No fuss here at awesome water filters. Call us now for recommendation on what specific benchtop water filter that’s right for you.

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How 7 Stage Water Filter Works?

Water in your community is not safe as it sounds

Many people believe that water treatments in their community are applied to their society. When you receive the water from your tap, do you know how contaminated the plumbing system is?

To ensure the safety of your drinking water. We do recommend getting a 7 stage water filtration system for you. It’s suitable for mains water supply, water coolers, water dispensers.

Hence, with the installation of 7 stage water filter, it’ll surely makes your water clean as much as possible.

Removes life threatening bacteria

It eliminates contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. In spite the government’s effort to make an advanced water filtration system, it’s surely possible that your water still potentially harmful because of these contaminants. Using 7 stage water filter, it can remove health threatening contaminants, such as E. Coli Cryptosporidium.

Have a water anaylsis

Have your water analyzed especially if you are considering an entire home water treatment system. A water analysis will help identify bacteria, minerals, or other pollutants that are present.

Interpretation of the test results will help you determine whether the water needs to be treated and the type of treatment needed.

The intended use of the water (whether for drinking, laundry, or all household uses) will also help determine the extent of treatment required.

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Awesome Water: Benefits And Tips

awesome water in a glass
water splashing from glass isolated on white background

Awesome clean water available at all time?

Awesome Water: Benefits & Tips, Having an access on it at all times and should always be pure and clean.

It’s fundamental or basic rights of any human being.

Benefits of an awesome clean drinking water

Drinking contaminated water can affect an individual productive rate.

Reports estimated that almost 1.1 billion people drink unfiltered water. The UN states that “Water sustains life but safe, clean drinking water defines civilization”.

As the phrase indicated that quality of life for each household shows a benefit cost ratio impact on our social, economic, financial, and on our overall health.

Purification is a Necessity

As the knowledge of science continue to improve, more efficient filtration in purifying water are still in process. Laws play a major role in corporations who manage, manufacture and distribute water just to adhere to strict filtration standards. Hence,even local officers also follow strict standards in order to ensure that communities have clean water consistently. Awesome Water: Benefits & Tips.

Filtration is the key

infographic 8 stage kdf water filter

Awesome Water: Benefits & Tips

One popular type of filtration unit is an activated carbon filter that attaches to the water coolers. These filters treat general taste and odor problems, including chlorine residue. Similarly, when water flows through carbon filters, contaminants adsorb or stick to the surfaces of the carbon particles.

Great for children

Similarly, staying hydrated at school with clean water can lead to increased cognitive focus instead of sugar-sweetened beverages can lead to a lower risk of being overweight. 

No Calories at all

Did you know that water has zero calories? Hence, it is quick and easy, and you do not have any messy clean ups. Water does not stain your clothes, and it is refreshing any time.

Final tip for Awesome Water: Benefits & Tips

Lastly, Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water—you may already be slightly dehydrated. In addition, thirst is usually an indicator that body fluids are well below required levels for optimal function before you become thirsty or feel a dry mouth. Drink often and stay healthy!

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How “Awesome” Awesome Cooler is?

Awesome Water filters are a family owned business supplying awesome premium quality coolers.

In addition, we are very knowledgeable for all the workaround of our Awesome Coolers ranging from Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Dispensers back to front.

So How does it standout from the other water coolers?

We value our awesome cooler, we take care of them, we regularly keep in touch with our loyal clients have their awesome coolers that is 10 or more years old.

With regular servicing, maintenance of your awesome coolers, we’re very confident that it’ll last for a very very long time.

What different types of Awesome Coolers are suitable for me?

If your place have a little space or you’re looking for a large capacity system with refrigeration for an office, there is a perfect option for your space. First in your search, it is important to understand the difference between a benchtop awesome cooler and a freestanding awesome coolers.

While both options technically dispense water, one uses electricity to cool the water as the other simply dispenses from the bottle.

Awesome Benchtop Water Cooler

Awesome Water Coolers Benchtop Water Dispenser

Ideal for people who just wanted to have an access of a clean purified water right at their place. This is also great for people who doesn’t like cold water.

Regularly drinking not cold water helps with constipation and improve the quality of your health.

Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler

freestanding awesome water cooler
Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler

Above all, with more than 5,000 Freestanding Awesome cooler installed. It’s easy to see why this machine, which provides a range of options and benefits, is so popular.

Bottled water cooler has a timeless design, and a host of features that make it very easy to use.

These include a deep dip tray, LED display and an adjustable hot and cold dispenser for accurate temperature control. 

In conclusion, we hope this ease your awesome cooler shopping experience and find the perfect water cooler option suitable for you. If you have any water cooler questions, leave us a comment below.

If you have any water cooler questions, leave us a comment below.

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Hot And Cold Water Dispenser: The Basics

A water dispenser is, as its name implies, play a significant role in workplaces, public places, restaurants, at home for easy access on clean drinking water.

collaboration of eployees around awesome freestanding water cooler

Better image for your business

Hot and Cold Water dispensers have become part of our daily lives. It can be very useful in many situation. For example, some offices prefer to have a hot and cold water dispenser because it provides easy access for a hot coffee, tea instantly.

It’s also beneficial for clients and employees for engaging in small talks and most of all, convenient access to water.

It’s also great at home. For instance, having an ideal drinking water from the tap, or for people who simply do not like the taste of tap water especially with children.

Having an addition of 8 stage KDF water filter will surely secure the overall health of your family. You can get the filter here and we recommend to replace it every 6 months for a more efficient result for your physical state.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is Environmentally Friendly

It’s also environmentally friendly option, as personal bottled water leaves a lot of plastic waste.

People tend to enjoy water from a hot and cold water dispenser over water from a sink. For the reason that many water dispensers gives an option to have water instantly cooled or heated.

Its convenience has become a necessity in many businesses and residential homes. Want to check out more advantages of having one?

In addition, many water dispensers have the option to use filtered water, which many people enjoy more than hard water from a tap.

How Does a Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Produce?

After you select the hot water option from the dispenser, the water is siphoned off and pushed through the heating element.

Similarly, acting like a filament in the base of a domestic kettle, it heats the water to the perfect temperature for tea and coffee making.

Most water dispensers typically use the same simple concept: deliver water from a source through a tap or spigot, usually using a button or knob for users to dispense the water.

What type of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser suitable for you?

Choosing The Right Water Dispenser

benchtop hot and cold water dispenser placed at a countertop

All types of water dispensers come in different sizes and uses.

Some are suitable for small scale areas like countertops or tabletops in residential homes or offices; Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispensers are more suited for larger areas like building hallways, , hospitals and etc.

You can find a variety of water dispensers outside in parks or other public places as well.

Overall, Everybody needs water on a daily basis, and water dispensers fill that need. Choosing the right water dispenser depends on the necessity.

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Best Water Dispenser in 2019

It is truly a great feeling to open the refrigerator and have a refreshing drink of cold water. The problem arises when the children in the house invariably forget to refill the water bottles in the refrigerator. Thus, you have to face disappointment at times.

You need your share of cold water and it is just not there in the fridge. Maybe, a water dispenser could help you out. Yes, it can.

Table of Contents

What is a water dispenser?

To put it very simply, it’s is an appliance that dispenses water. You must have seen these in offices, malls, shops, hospitals, etc.

Today, it has become commonplace for households to purchase these so that you need not have to worry about refilling the water bottles in the fridge. You can as well have your glass of refreshing cold water directly from the tap.

What are the plausible reasons for deciding to purchase?


Is it not simpler to have your glass of cold water directly from the tap rather than opening the refrigerator and hoping to find a bottle waiting for you? Your kids will also be able to get their glass of cold water without having to open the fridge. In a way, you need not have to leave your other work just to ensure that you refill the empty bottles in the refrigerator.

You have something that’s attached with additional water filters. Hence, you get access to clean and pure water every time. This is not the case with tap water.

Instant Cold Water

Your refrigerators will take some time to produce cold water. In contrast, you can get you cold water almost instantly.

Storage Facilities

Some have come with special storage facilities. This obviates the need for filling up bottles of water for storage.


There is less risk of contamination of water.

Best water dispensers in Australia:

We shall now review around 5 best different water dispensers for your convenience.

1. Freestanding Water Dispenser with Fridge

This is a standard dispenser with a 20-litre fridge at the bottom. You find such  in offices, malls, and showrooms. In addition, it provides 2 types of water, hot and cold.

This is a hygienic appliance in many ways because of its BPA FREE Plastic and its Food grade stainless steel tank. Placing the bottle over the top is not an issue because you need not open the bottle. Just invert the water bottle with its cap and the bottle piercer ensures that there is no spillage of water anywhere.

This appliance comes with a 1-year guarantee. The child lock facility is an additional advantage.

2. Bottleless 

The Bottleless Water Cooler is a great way to ensure that your family and employees are consuming clean and safe water. This Bottleless Water Cooler equipped with a carbon block filter, this water cooler removes chlorine taste, odour, and particulate / sediment.

Connects directly to mains water eliminating the need for bottled water so no more countless bottles to refill!

3. Freestanding Water Cooler


This stylish FREESTANDING WATER COOLER is the perfect solution for your home or office hot and cold filtered water requirements.

It has a smart hot water safety lock feature as well as the easy to use a digital display that enables you to have total control over both the hot and cold water temperature at all times.

4. Benchtop Water Cooler

The Benchtop water cooler features 8 Stages genuine advanced water filter that work to instantly filter out nasty chemicals that our bodies are better off without. Plus, the bottle is BPA free, and the dispenser is able to pour both hot and cold water at the flick of a nozzle.

5. Benchtop Water Purifier

It restores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalized state, using the power of gravity alone – no chemicals, artificial materials, water pressure or electricity.

Final Thoughts

The water dispenser is a new entrant to the household with people now warming up to it. The fact that these  discussed above do not do any special purification of water can dissuade people from opting for it.

Nevertheless, it saves them a lot of labour and electricity as they need not use the refrigerator for cooling their drinking water. A flick of the tap allows them to get hot, cold or normal water within no time. No wonder, it is increasing in popularity in recent times.

Awesome Water Filters