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Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

big close up little blonde girl holding a glass of water


People often say – “it comes out of my tap clear and it tastes ok so why do I need a filter?

Water from Sydney came from natural sources. It’s filter to the high standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

This ensures it’s safe to drink straight from the tap.

But most contaminants can still be found in our drinking water have no taste and do not add any color to the water so how do you really know it is safe for your family to drink?

By installing a water cooler in Newcastle, you’re already making a difference in today’s challenge to reduce waste. The water cooler system is reducing CO2 emissions associate with transporting bottled water and waste of used bottles.

The reality is we are using so many chemicals in our manufacturing, processing, farming and everyday lives today, way more than in any other period. Where do all these chemicals go after their use? Do they mysteriously disappear somewhere?

Most Chemicals End Up in Our Water Supply

Whatever chemicals we use in today’s world end up as a waste product and typically end up in the ground and then get wash into our rivers, lakes, groundwater, and oceans. When we burn fossil fuels sulphur dioxide (S02) and nitrogen oxide(N0x) are released into the atmosphere.

These chemicals gases react with water, oxygen, and other substances and to form mild solutions of sulfuric and nitric acid.

Winds can spread these acidic solutions across the atmosphere and for many hundreds of miles resulting in acid rain entering our streams, lakes and oceans. When lakes become acidic the plant life dies first followed by the fish, neither can live in acidic water.

What about Pharmaceuticals in the Water?

What about all the pharmaceuticals we are now consuming? Many of the compounds in the drugs we consume excretes from our bodies and end up flush down the drain and ultimately end up in our drinking water and groundwater.

When chemicals get mix up, they create a chemical change (or chemicalreaction) when two substances are mixed they transform into a third substance.  We are not able to test for these new substances in our drinking water and in many cases we have not developed tests for existing substances.

So do you want to take the chance your tap water that looks clear and has no taste other than the chlorine taste does not have any extra un-wanted mixture of ingredients in it? Are any of these substances good for our health? Do you really want to serve this unknown beverage to your family?

Protect your Families Drinking Water!

The obvious answer is every household should have a water cooler in Newcaslte to protect their families health by installing a good quality water filter for drinking and cooking. We cannot keep our head in the sand and continue saying our water is clear and the city gives it to me so is “good enough” Nor can we expect our water provider to eliminate these unwanted substances from the water. They could not even test for these contaminants nor could they afford to treat it to remove all the unwanted substances, nor do we need all water treated to that level for things like flushing the toilet, dishes, washing the car, etc.

It is up to all of us as individuals to ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

General Results of Filtered Water

Filtered water can be installed in any place at your home, which makes filtered water available all the time, or from point sources like sink and showerhead filters. This filtered water is good for general uses like drinking water and showering, but also for uses like cooking and health purposes, especially removing toxins from the water. Some of the general results of filtered water are:


Filter water from the tap is frequently better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water. Many people don’t drink enough water because they just don’t like the taste and/or smell of it.

Chlorine and chlorine by-products

Filters remove chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water, both of which proves to be harmful to human health over long periods of time.


Having a water filter on sources like a few taps or using whole house filters can be a last line of defense against over 2,100 toxins that can get into your water after it is filtered by your water provider.


Water filters also remove lead in the water right before you receive it, reducing the risk that it will regain any of that lead before you drink it.


Having filtered water come directly from the tap is much cheaper over time than buying bottle after bottle of water, where you’re paying for the plastic as well as the water inside.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a water cooler in Newcastle, ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

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woman drinking water at the office

Water Cooler for Office: Benefits for Employees

woman drinking water at the office

Paying attention to employee wellness is an important part of running a successful business. After all, when your employees are healthy and happy, your most crucial assets are protected: your employees! Numerous studies have shown that workers perform the best when they feel good mentally and physically.

While your business may already be utilizing a variety of wellness program initiatives such as health fairs, gym memberships, and flu shots, you may also want to think about installing a water cooler for office. But why? Here’s how drinking high-quality, filtered water from an office water dispenser can benefit your employees.

Boosts Productivity

It has long been suggested that there is a link between dehydration and decreased cognition. According to a 2014 study by Weill Cornell Medical College’s Brain and Mind Research Institute, even mild dehydration can cause employees to fall into the dreaded afternoon slump. The study claims that water loss of less than 5 percent can suppress blood flow to the brain, which reduces cognitive performance, reaction time, and attention. You can combat dehydration by installing a water dispenser for your office that offers employees delicious, fresh, and clean water on demand, all throughout the day. The abundance of healthy, great-tasting water will keep your workers’ minds on their work, and their bodies ready to tackle every task.

Less Sick Days

Did you know that 35 percent of all gastrointestinal illness is water-related? When employees call off work for stomach bugs, productivity certainly suffers. Additionally, workers can often feel more stressed when they return to work with a larger workload from taking time off for illnesses that can be prevented in the first place. Eliminate your office’s risk of gastrointestinal illnesses and business liability by purchasing the right office water filtration system. Installing a filtered water cooler for office with technology that provides total irradiation can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, and ensure that your employees stay healthy and working.

Builds Workplace Culture, Engages Employees

Studies show that employees can actually benefit from “office water cooler” chat. Everyone needs time to decompress during the workday, and when your employees take a break to gather around an office water dispenser, it allows them to engage with one another, thus boosting morale and productivity. These gatherings also often improve workplace culture by providing casual “facetime” with supervisors and upper management, while also allowing for the opportunity to collaborate with workers from other departments. These water breaks give employees ample opportunity to also discover shared interests and hobbies which can improve camaraderie and inclusiveness within your organization.

Employee wellness is worth the investment as it is directly related to employee longevity and happiness. If you need a simple way to improve the wellbeing of your workers, installing a water cooler for office can be a great start to ensuring employees stay productive, healthy, and engaged for years to come.

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age comparison of drinking pure filtered water


age comparison of drinking pure filtered water

Everybody wants to wake up looking good naturally. We take extra steps to take care of our skin, hair, and body. While we see the results of our efforts externally, everything we eat and drink also affects our physique. Here’s how  a water cooler for home plays a part in this “science of beauty”.

Look young longer
Drinking  water cooler from home delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is because of the large number of antioxidants present in our benchtop water cooler for home as compared to tap water. It is not just a wrinkle-fighter, Awesome water filters are able to get rid of dark spots and other skin blemishes as well.

Perfect skin moisturizer
One of the best things about water cooler for home is its small molecules. This makes the water easier to absorb by the human body which results in better hydration. It also prevents bloatedness and allows you to drink more as your body is able to absorb the water more efficiently.

Since hydration is key to moisturized skin, here are some quick tips to keep yourself hydrated:
1. Don’t wait till your lips are dry. Dry lips is a sign that you are already dehydrated. Try to drink a glass of water every 2 hours. Increase the frequency if you are doing a lot of physical activities.
2. Dark yellow urine? Drink up! Never let your urine get dark yellow. Urine should be light yellow. Never strive for a clear white urine. That is a symptom of over hydration and it has negative effects on the body too.
3. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. You are in a state of absolute fasting when you are asleep. Start the day hydrated with a glass of water. It is also a good way of waking up those nerves!

Achieve that bouncy beautiful hair

No matter what you do, your hair would sometimes get greasy or dry. Your hair’s condition actually reveals whether your body’s internal pH level is imbalanced or not. To avoid these problems, drink water cooler for home. Balancing the pH levels in your body, Awesome water filters promotes a better internal environment that reflects on your hair.

Aside from these beauty benefits, drinking water from a water cooler for home also has a ton of health benefits. You can even use it for cooking soup!

showcase approval for awesome water filter drinking water

If you want a continuous supply of alkaline water without the trouble of making your own the DIY way, get yourself  a water cooler for home that turns tap water into natural water through our 8 stages of water filtration and advance technology!

Stay healthy, Choose Awesome water filters.

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collaboration of eployees around awesome freestanding water cooler

10 Smart Reasons To Install An Office Water Coolers

10 smart reasons to install an office water coolers

collaboration of eployees around awesome freestanding water cooler

Do you wonder why office water coolers talk is important in today’s digital-centric world? Start here, and remember there are many more reasons, too.

1. It builds the company culture.

A strong company culture often gets overlooked, regardless of whether your staff is working out of a physical office or a virtual office. A company is essentially a group of people who are working towards a greater good, and the more you can drive this home, the greater the potential for the company.

No business can grow without having a strong base of employee engagement and internal culture. Employees need to feel comfortable and confident for a positive company culture to develop. Culture is often born from shared interests, many of which have nothing to do with work. No matter how you cut it, water cooler chat helps enhance company culture by bringing people together on a more personal level.

2. It brings people out of their shells.

Social anxiety is a real thing in the workplace. People who suffer from social anxiety often have difficulty conversing with others. This leads to communication breakdown … which can then lead to missed appointments and a lack of focus. Even though you can’t fix social anxiety over night, water cooler talk helps to bring people out of their shells. Let them mingle. This can be a major step in the right direction for those who choose to operate in their own corners.

Along with that, people often leave their jobs because they don’t feel comfortable where they work, and water cooler talk is just one small thing that can help ensure this doesn’t become an issue for your organization.

Turnover can be one of the most difficult things for CEOs and managers to deal with, especially when they’ve spent a great deal of time onboarding new employees. The more you can do to reduce turnover, the less headaches you’re likely to encounter.

3. It provides casual facetime with management.

If employees are afraid or hesitant to talk with their managers, your business will suffer. Unfortunately, this is rather common in the business world. There are ways to rise above, and more often than not, casual conversation is the answer. People are more likely to open up when the conversation is about personal interests and not about work-related details. Water cooler chat is ideal for people to get more comfortable with managers.

4. Water cooler chat leads to improved collaboration.

In order for employees to work together on a project, there has to be trust and respect between them. One of the best ways to streamline collaboration is to have employees interact with each other on a more personal level. Allowing them to take breaks and discuss non-work-related topics can help enhance this relationship, ensuring they are comfortable with each other to collaborate and do amazing work.

Some people find it easy to work and collaborate with people they don’t know. Others need a degree of shared personal interests for collaboration to be at its best. Getting to know someone before diving into complex tasks together can make a huge difference. Instead of structured “meet and greets,” encourage employees to get to know each other during their downtime. As they build personal relationships, project collaboration becomes much easier.

5. Office Water cooler talk improves productivity.

Unsurprisingly, today’s business leaders are looking for ways to improve workplace productivity. Some people feel that workplace chatter goes against productivity, but they’re wrong. People need to chat with each other to de-stress and step away from their work now and then. When they return, they’ll have a fresh mindset and be more productive.

6. It promotes a healthier staff.

Modern professionals are no strangers to workplace tension and stress, and it seems as if the potential for tension is greater as businesses become more successful. Tension is something that should never get in the way of a productive workday.

When staff members have an opportunity to relax and talk about their hobbies and interests (instead of crunching numbers and working against a deadline), stress starts to melt away.

A lot of managers and CEOs overlook the importance of keeping staff members healthy. A healthy employee shows up to work on time, maintains a positive mindset, and works to grow the company. Stress can have a huge impact on health, and taking time to forget about the workday is important. In a physical office environment, water cooler chat also promotes getting up and moving around, which is never a bad thing.

7. It creates great ideas and solutions.

Coming up with great ideas can take a lot of work, and providing a platform for discussion can help speed up the process. Just because people don’t constantly talk about work around the water cooler doesn’t mean great ideas and solutions can’t come as a result.

You might think your employees are discussing sports statistics (and they probably are), but the next thing you know, regular conversation can lead to the spark of a light bulb. Some ideas that come from water cooler conversation may even influence new products and services. It’s a casual way to brainstorm and problem solve. This means your staff members are actually working when chatting around the office water coolers.

8. It brings remote employees together.

There are many reasons why businesses embrace remote employees. Working remote creates possibilities that don’t exist when people work in a physical office. But, remote workers are sometimes faced with certain challenges, too. For one, it can be difficult to get to know your colleagues when you don’t get to interact with them face to face. office water coolers chat in a social community is the logical and most effective solution to this problem.

9. Office Water cooler talk improves employee engagement.

Employee engagement levels can make or break performance within a business, regardless of industry. Improving employee engagement should be a top priority for anyone in a leadership position.

Give staff members time to decompress in the company of their peers. This type of camaraderie will help build friendship and trust between employees, which will ultimately improve morale and engagement levels in the workplace.

Employees that just show up and go through the motions are often described as disengaged employees. Everything falls apart when engagement levels suffer, yet it’s a common problem for many businesses. Working against disengagement is a challenge. Fortunately, engagement rates will improve if you let employees relax and converse around the water cooler.

10. Relaxed office water coolers chat policies lead to increased respect for management.

Managing employees isn’t easy. The best way to get people to do good work is to gain their respect and show that you trust them. Most people are looking for a work environment that doesn’t stress them out, so providing that will get you a lot of extra points. Respect levels will increase if you make it clear that you aren’t going to police anyone. Let people take some time out if you want them to enjoy working for you.

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sydney reservoir

Tips In Getting A Water Coolers in Melbourne

Is it essential to get a Water Coolers in Melbourne?

sydney reservoir

Yes, water in Melbourne is drinkable. But how can you be sure that your pipes are actually clean? Do you know that millions of bacteria may actually be living in your tap water? Yes, millions of them. You need not fret though, cause we have water dispensers here in Australia that zeroes in on solving this dilemma.

But aside from having clean water, what other advantages does it give you when you get a home water coolers in Melbourne?

  1. Health Safety

The first benefit that we would like to reiterate is the health safety that a water dispenser brings to the consumer. Some dispensers, like our 8 stage water filter, works on reducing viruses and bacteria that goes into your tap water. This ensures that everybody who is drinking your water at home is always in the pink of health.

Ease of Use

Water dispensers are created for your convenience. You don’t have to fill in your water pitcher anymore or make ice cubes to have an ice cold water. Just a simple lift, push, or press enables you to get instant water.

Encourages You to Drink More Water

Because water dispensers are so convenient for users, it actually helps on maintaining a good diet. Remember those times when you just feel like going to the refrigerator is so much of a hassle? With a water cooler, it’s so easy to fill your glass and stick to your 8-glasses-of-water-a-day diet. Some even say that regularly meeting their liquid quota helped them ditch colored drinks for good.

Refrigerator Space Saver

Getting a water cooler saves you a significant amount of space in your fridge. You don’t have to constantly fill your water jugs anymore or keep a multiple of them in. Water dispensers, like our benchtop water cooler, holds enough amount of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Instant Hot Water

Imagine if you don’t have to boil your water in the morning to get a cup of coffee anymore. Think about how hassle-free it can be when you don’t have to wait for the kettle to do that squeaking sound before your can serve your visitors with tea anymore.

Time Saving

Like what was mentioned earlier, having a water cooler can save you from the effort of doing minimal tasks like cooling or boiling your water. Your time is essential — you can use these saved time for the more important tasks that you need to work on.

Regular Maintenance

Some water dispenser suppliers in Singapore, like us here in Purikool, offer all-year-round maintenance support with quarterly visits and filter replacement for our clients. From checking to cleaning, overall convenience is covered. You can totally rest your worries about your device’s wellness!


One of the most important benefit that doesn’t gain much credit that it deserves is water dispenser’s contribution to the wellness of the environment. Instead of using a gas to boil a kettle, why not purchase a water dispenser that uses an energy-efficient electric coil to heat you water? Not only are you looking after your health, you are doing so for the environment tool.

Having a water coolers in Melbourne gives you a lot of benefits more than one. It is safe to say that having one in your home will easily give you another favorite feature that everybody in your family will surely love. If this post actually convinced you, feel free to check out the best home water purifiers in Australia only here at Awesome water filters. Alternatively, you can also check out our collection of office water coolers in Melbourne. We offer 1 year of FREE maintenance for every purchase of one! Check out our ongoing promotions today at

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Cleaning An Office Water Cooler

Step By Step guide in maintaining your office water cooler

If you have an office water cooler, it is important to clean it regularly. How often it should be done varies with recommendations from yearly, to every 6 months every time you change the bottle.

How do you clean your cooler? These are the steps that we use:

Unplug cord and allow the unit to come to room temperature

For Hot and Cold coolers, run some water out of the hot tap after unplugging to cool the water.

Remove the bottle

Empty the reservoir through the faucets. For Hot and Cold coolers, also remove the drain plug at the back of the cooler.  Replace after the hot tank is empty.

Remove the lid of your dispenser

No-Spill tops require a little extra effort to pull off and push on. Some have a locking pin. Some require a partial counter-clockwise turn before removing.

Mix a cleaning solution by adding 1 tablespoon of household bleach to 1 gallon of fresh water

Thoroughly wipe inside of reservoir with cleaning solution and a clean cloth or paper towel.

Fill reservoir with cleaning solution

For Hot and Cold coolers, open the hot faucet until water comes out and top up the reservoir with solution.

Spray a diluted solution of bleach and water inside the faucet spouts

Let stand for 5 minutes, and then drain through the faucets. For Hot and Cold coolers, also remove the drain plug at the back of the cooler.  Replace after the hot tank is empty.

Fill the reservoir with fresh water

For Hot and Cold coolers, open the hot faucet until water comes out and top up the reservoir with fresh water.

Drain through the faucets

For Hot and Cold coolers, also remove the drain plug at the back of the cooler.  Replace after the hot tank is empty.

Remove the air filter from the top.

Clean the top in a clean sink filled with fresh water and a mild bleach solution.

Rinse the top with fresh water, and dry with clean paper towel

Replace air filter, cooler top, and bottle

Open faucets one at a time until water runs from each

Plug unit back in

Water should be chilled and hot, if so equipped in about 1/2 hour.

If you still need further assistance in maintaning your office water cooler, you can always call us at 1 800 789 781 or email us at

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Water Dispenser For Home – Is It Worth To Get One?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our website – for the coolest, funkiest home water coolers this planet ever did see! Especially if you are in Australia and looking for a water dispenser for home.

So lets read your mind…you saw our name somewhere, got home, had a cuppa while checking your inbox and thought …mmm, what was that name again?…Let’s check them out.

And here you are – Congratulations! – Now lets keep this mind reading game going – you are maybe thinking??…


“The kids will love a water dispenser and it will finally get them off cola”

kids drinking awesome water

Yes, you’re right. We promise you that once the three year old learns to master the taps (and they will!), you will wonder how you ever did without a water dispenser.

“Maybe a dispenser will look good in the home”

For sure it will, either in the kitchen, dining room or home office – It’s the latest in trendy home appliances.

“Chilled quality drinking water on tap – sounds good”

Sounds very good and you will be making a healthy statement to yourself, your family and visitors to your home.

Up to now, plain white water dispensers for home have grown by the zillion in offices and waiting rooms and have become an everyday part of modern life all over this fine country. Then its quite understandable that you are beginning to wonder why your family shouldn’t also have cool, fresh Natural Mineral water on tap at home, ideally from a dispenser that looks great too!

So at long last there’s an easy alternative to lugging bottles back from the supermarket and cramming them in the fridge: as much bottled water as you want delivered straight to your home and chilled in your very own stylish water dispenser!

So, where do you go from here? Point that mouse of yours to the sections at the top for more info about our service and products – What we do seems a good place to start. Hope you enjoy the surf and end up being one of our great customers. We love you as much as we Love Water!

Take a look at what our home customer have to say, please click here.

PS – We also do a HUGE range of water coolers and filter taps. Give us a call to find out more!

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woman with bad water glass

Tips In Getting A Water Cooler Dispenser

Think Twice About Tap Water

Does your office provide drinking water through a water cooler dispenser or do you drink water from the tap at your home? Keep reading to uncover differences in the quality of water from the tap, a bottled water cooler dispenser!


woman with bad water glass

If you’re still drinking tap water at the office, think twice before turning on the tap the next time. While tap water is potable, there are options for better tasting water.

First, you may be wondering what qualifies as drinking water? Water flowing through indoor taps must pass minimum health regulations from the Australian Water Association (AWA) to qualify as drinkable. Regulations test water safety by looking for contaminants such as lead and bacteria that, if present in tap water, could cause serious illness. The purpose of a public or private water treatment facility is to make water potable, safe to drink, and good tasting.

Unfortunately, water can become impure after it leaves a treatment facility. It can even pick up some additives from the facility itself. Most municipalities add chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, or chloramines to treated water, to help protect your teeth and to keep the water free of harmful germs on its way to your tap.

Beyond that, silt, sediment, and other minerals can build up inside water mains and household plumbing. When a water main breaks or is repaired or replaced, it’s possible for silt, sediment, and microorganisms to enter the system.

Even if your tap water is safe, does it taste good? When offices install water filtration systems like a reverse osmosis filter or a water cooler, employees reap the benefits of better quality and better tasting water.

Are Water Cooler Dispenser Better?

talking while drinking water infront of a water dispenser
A water cooler dispenser is one of the best ways to deliver fresh, cool water at your home but have you ever considered the quality of the water from your water cooler? When was the last time your cooler was cleaned? Are there sanitary procedures in place for replacing the bottles? Your homemay have a cooler and you never gave thought to the quality of the water dispensed.

Our home often use bottled water coolers to provide drinking water. While the water probably tastes better than your average tap water, there are health risks that come with maintaining a bottled cooler. The bottle, by design, will need to be changed often. This leaves room for bacteria to enter the “cooler” during bottle changes. This most often results from the person who handles the bottle and from airborne contaminants. Many bottled coolers are not cleaned regularly, leaving opportunity for additional contamination.

Another important benefit to using bottleless water cooler is their environmental impact. Bottleless coolers are more eco-friendly than bottled coolers and bottled water.

Eco friendly

When you stop using bottles, the cost of transporting, storing and disposing of bottles is eliminated. This adds up to a 72% carbon footprint reduction.* Additionally, the more environmentally friendly water you use, the lower your carbon footprint will be by comparison.

You’ll stop contributing to plastic bottles piling into landfill and reduce dependence on oil-derived plastics. When it comes to eco-friendly water, everyone can play a part with it.

A Final Review 

To sum up, here are the top four reasons to switch to water cooler dispenser:

  1. Seals within the cooler reduce the risk of contamination from airborne contaminants and the bottleneck area that is handled during changes.
  2. It’s Convenient = Low Maintenance
  3. It Saves Money = Less Overhead for Your Business

awesome water cooler freestanding water cooler with fridge

Benefits Of Having a Water Cooler With Fridge

A water cooler with fridge is right for you if:

awesome water cooler freestanding water cooler with fridge

Convenience trumps all by using a water cooler with fridge

It’s so easy to get clean, cold, filtered water with the push of a button. It’ll help you and your family stay hydrated throughout the day.

Plus, you often get a choice between cubed and crushed ice. No more filling up those annoying ice cube trays!

You’re willing to give up some storage space.

The housing for the water and ice dispenser has to go somewhere. It’s often located in the freezer door or top shelf, so that means a bit less space for your frozen foods.

Great-tasting water is a priority.

Your water and ice will taste great because the water is filtered. Many models feature brands of filters that are easily replaceable, and oftentimes there’s a sensor in the door that lets you know when it’s time to do that. You hardly have to think about it — the water cooler with fridge does all the work for you. Replace it at least two times a year, and you’re good to go.

You’re sure you’ll remember to change the filter.

Sure, you’re supposed to swap out a clean filter a couple of times a year. But when was the last time you did so? That’s what we thought. If your filter’s no longer doing its job, you’re losing all of the benefits. Set a calendar reminder to swap out your filter and make it a priority to commit to cleaner water.

You’re eager to help the environment and use less plastic bottles.

bpa free logo

There are so many plastic bottles in Australia landfills that they’d stretch to the moon and back 10 times if laid end to end. Plus, there’s even evidence now that drinking water (or soda for that matter) from plastic bottles isn’t great for your health. Chemicals in the plastic can leach out into the water, and down the hatch they go when you take a sip. Why expose yourself (and the Earth) to that when you’ve got fresh, filtered water at the ready?

The cost is worth it.

value for money cost and effective illustration

A model with a dispenser feature typically costs more than models without, including the additional price to install, and there’s a small added cost in the energy it takes to run the dispenser. Additionally, the more features in any given appliance, the greater the chance there is for a snafu.

Bottom line: A water cooler with fridge is a great feature to have, especially if clean and good-tasting water isn’t available in your area.

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beach brisbane water

Tips And Guide Before Buying A Water Bottle with Filter

Tips and Guide on purchasing a water bottle with filter

beach brisbane water

Water bottle with filter are available in numerous shapes and sizes. There are many factors that need to be considered before you opt for a water dispenser like:

The type of water bottle with filter

  • A number of types of water coolers are available in the market today. You need to pick the one that best matches your requirement. It is important to figure out if you need a water dispenser with refrigerator or a water cooler or simply a hot and cold water dispenser. You can opt for the water cooler that has a number of variants in its range.


  • Another important consideration is the amount of space you have in your room. Whether you need a wall mounted unit or you require a freestanding dispenser is important. If space is a constraint, you can even opt for a table top water dispenser. Bottle-less hot and cold water dispensers are also quite compact because they do not require bottles and are usually are more sorted. Awesome water cooler is the best among its range and is available in all the varieties.

Water cooler features 

  • The main question here would be what do you ultimately want out of your machine? Do you want only cold water? Do you want hot as well as cold water on tap? You must be familiar with the limitations of each type of water bottle with filter. Most free-standing water dispensers have the hot / cold functionality.


  • How would you like the unit to look like? There are many different finishes and styles that you can choose from which might appeal to you. Where do you need to place it? Placing it in a specific place, such as your kitchen might require buying a fancy one that blends in well.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing Hospitality and Food Service products like purifiers, dishwashers and water dispensers; considering some essential factors becomes important. Keeping in mind the above parameters for water bottle with filter, you can brace yourself up for an informed purchase.

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