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Guide In Selecting The Best Water Coolers

How To Choose The Best Water Coolers (And 5 Great Options In 2019)

Water is an important part of life. We all need water to live, and we all prefer it to be easy to get. While many refrigerators have water filter functions, some people prefer to have a water dispenser in their home or office for easier accessibility.

When choosing the best water dispenser, there are many important factors to consider…and many options to choose from!

Let’s narrow down the most important parts of the best water cooler, what to look for in water coolers, and the top choices available on the market today.

How To Choose The Best Water Coolers

A water dispenser has one simple task: to dispense water. But you don’t want to just buy any water dispenser.

When you are making an investment in any larger item like a water cooler, you want to be confident that you are making the right choice. For a water cooler, you want to ensure that it gives you clean water and a clean look that fits your need.

There are only a few basic things that water coolers must have, but consider ensuring that your water coolers feature the best of all of the following to get the best experience.

Keep The Design In Mind

There are a few different types of water dispensers and which one you like best will be up to your design preferences. Whether you want something more modern or more traditional, there is a water dispenser for you.

The first type of water dispenser sits on top of a counter. While this can seem convenient because it won’t be in the way, it will constantly be taking up counter space and can be more difficult to position in your kitchen or office. Because of this, I don’t recommend getting a countertop water dispenser.

The second type of water cooler is a benchtop water cooler. These water coolers are very portable unit. This means that you can position them in any room – kitchen or otherwise – without having to worry about counter space. Benchtop water coolers have a more common, more functional design.

You will also want to consider the design aesthetic of a water dispenser fits your home. Are you okay with seeing a water jug, or would you prefer a more sleek profile? This should also be considered when choosing a water dispenser.

Refilling Should Be Convenient

The convenience of having a water dispenser is being able to get water easily, and that goes for refilling it as well.

Some water dispensers are very difficult to refill. Using water jugs is common, but sometimes the water dispenser itself is difficult to maneuver and balance when replacing these jugs. Additionally, water jugs are very heavy, so some people are not able to lift them at all.

The Point Is To Dispense!

After you’ve considered the design and how reasonable it is to refill your cooler with what, you’ll want to look at how the dispensing function works.

Is it a push function? Do you have to hold down a button to dispense? Or is it confusing? Is the spigot always leaking, or does it have a tight seal that keeps the water inside? All of these questions are important to consider.

You will want the design to be clear and easy-to-use. After all, you’re purchasing a water cooler to dispense water. If it can’t do that well without leaking, you don’t want to buy it.

Get Water From The Best Water Dispenser

Though there are quite a few good water dispensers on the market, the freestanding water cooler with fridge simply stands above the rest regarding quality, value, and functionality.

Not only does it have a great design, but it also is convenient to refill and gives you better functionality than the other dispensers today. It is an expensive water cooler, but it is very durable and can stand up to years of use without any noticeable difference in performance.

No matter what water cooler you believe is right for you, remember to consider its design, its functionality, and whether or not it will last for a long time. You don’t want to put a lot of money into something that will break too quickly.

Awesome Water Filters

Awesome Water Filters

Alkaline Water In Australia With Its Benefits

What is the “good stuff” that can be found in an Alkaline water filter in Australia?

Alkaline water filters in Australia has become a trend as well as tendency currently. Thanks to the various sorts of water purifier technologies, anybody could now keep the water clean of any noxious contaminants and pollutants, giving the consumers the confidence that they are getting pure and crystal clear water than that regularly come from the tap. With ever-increasing health issues among the individuals, many companies are now introducing operative and serviceable technologies of water purification which make the life of the consumers healthy.

Gone are the days, was any water purifier technology in so much demand; the reason being that water-borne diseases are spreading very briskly now.

An account of the different techniques of alkaline water filter in Australia is as follows:

Filtration of water converts to alkaline water

In this well-received technique, handy and manageable filters can remove many destructive and detrimental microorganisms. Certain chemicals e.g. iodine adds up to the filter to snatch many residual viruses, bacteria and fungi that creep into the water; however, iodine not only gives an unfavorable taste to the water but is not appropriate for health in case it is given for longer periods of time. This water purifier technology is the one most suitable for home use.


This is the most straight forward manner to purify water. Simply boiling the water for three minutes, in a utensil makes the water thoroughly free of disease-producing organisms; however, some pollutants and impurities like heavy metals cannot be eliminated by this technique

Chemical Purifiers

Iodine use is to purify water by adding the former in the form of liquid or a tablet. Since iodine leaves an undesirable taste in water hence the second tablet of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) would subdue the unpleasant taste of iodine.

Activated carbon filtration

You can see this in an is also refer to as carbon adsorption technique. In this method, energized carbon is used for percolation of water. The former is a highly absorbent material and effectively attracts and traps many common impurities in water. Many toxic organic compounds like pesticides, chlorine solvents and microorganisms absorbs by these filters. By this water purifier technology, the undesirable taste and odor of the water including chlorine could be eliminated,


Ultra-Filtration is a type of membrane filtration, in which the water is coerce against the membrane with several negligible pores. The pore size of ultra-filtration membranes vary between 0.01 to 0.1 micrometers. This water purification technology erases filth, dangled solids, bacteria, viruses, germs and their eggs etc without utilization of much energy.

Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse Osmosis is also a type of membrane filtration but the pore structure of Reverse osmosis membrane is many miniatures and stretch than those of ultrafiltration membranes. As a result, almost ninety to ninety-nine percent of filthiness in water eliminates making it one of the greatest components of alkaline water filters in Australia. This water purifier technology not only rubs out, all the dissolves salts, metals and chemicals from the water but also transforms hard water into soft water.

Alkaline Water Filter in Australia is awesome for any people’s well-being.

Getting a healthier lifestyle is achievable by using an alkaline water filter in Australia to your water coolers. With the outline of filtration process we discuss you can ensure that awesomewaterfilters only provide what’s the best for you and your family, colleagues and any organisation. Call us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

Awesome Water Filters

infographic of drinking water

What Do You Get In Drinking An Awesome Alkaline Water?

What are the benefits of awesome alkaline water and why drink it?

The reason it so important is because when you drink alcohol and water you put yourself and alkaline state.

Today, we’re going to enumerate the 3 most crucial benefits of drinking awesome alkaline water:

Only “Good Stuff” in your body when you’re in an Alkaline State

infographic of drinking water

You want to be in an alkaline state because when you’re body is in this condition, you don’t tend to get sick as often. Sounds so simple but the truth is that our bodies are like two sides of the spectrum.

If there is acidity present, and alkaline water at the same time, the differences as you want that ph to be in a certain range normally it’s right in between neutral.

Drinking an awesome alkaline water balance your Lifestyle and Diet

When people are more acidic and normally it’s not just the water that they drink it’s also about the foods that are consumed into the body because of the foods and a half all these preservatives and chemicals and is junk food or what not, that brings the body more into an acidic state.

But if you drink alkaline water, which tends to have more of a cleaner diet. It doesn’t have to be strict but it is generally a little bit more. You will feel like you have a lot more energy because your body isn’t working so hard to transmute all of the stuff

It greatly boosts your immune system

awesome alkaline water

In an alkaline environment, we’re less likely to get sick because the way the flu the viruses, diseases even cancer can only spread and more of an acidic environment that’s the way that it works. If it cultivates with that type of environment, it’ll start to bring the body in the more of the homeostasis and when the bodies and homeostasis you don’t get sick often.

Final Thoughts

As a result, the idea is that alkaline water can change the way you feel. The benefits that you feel better and have more energy means that your body absorbs the water easier and you’re not getting sick and you’re able to go about your day and enjoy your way.

Awesome Water Filters

Water Filter Adelaide: Why You Need One?

Why is it beneficial to have a water filter installed in your water cooler?

Having a water cooler in every household is a great way to provide a healthier lifestyle for every member of your family.  Especially in Adelaide, even the government classified their water safe to drink. Similarly, we need to ensure that what we only consume what is beneficial to our overall health.

In this blog, we’ll enlighten you as a reader why a water filter is mandatory to install in a water cooler in Adelaide.

It provides just clean, pure drinking water

An effective water filter eliminates contaminants, harmful bacterias and just leave what needs to be in what we call drinking water. With a lot of varieties, it’s hard to tell what really works.

water filter adelaide

Awesome water filter’s 8 stages KDF Charcoal Mineral Water Filter are one of the very effective filters in the market today. With its primary works is to convert your tap water to alkaline, drinking water.

They provide better smelling and better tasting drinking water by reducing bacterial contaminants and chlorine.

Water filter protect your overall well being

Drinking filtered, clean water protects the body from disease and can lead to greater health. In addition, water filters provide healthy and clean water for cooking as well.

Saves money

It costs way less than you think. First off, let’s tackle bottled water. The cost of bottled water goes way beyond what you pay to buy it.

It also takes an estimated 17 million barrels of oil per year to make the plastic bottles (according to and takes even more energy to have it transported throughout the world. Take into account that 80% of bottled water ends up in landfills and you see the problem.

We are eager to help!

Water filters on the other hand (when you buy from awesomewaterfilters) are as low as $50.00 for water filters in Adelaide (and even lower for other types of water filters), can be delivered automatically to your door at the frequency of your choosing, and can even be recycled.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits of water filters. Even more, a lot of options to choose from to get water filter in Adelaide.

Awesome Water Filters

pouring water in a glass

Filtered Water Dispenser For Home: Why Do We Need It?

What Are the Advantages of a filtered Water?

There is no doubt that water plays an important role in your life. With it you cook, drink, laundry, bathe and do so much more. It’s a fact that you would want to make use of water that doesn’t include unnecessary contaminants like fluorine compounds, chlorine, pesticides and even small amounts of prescription drugs. That’s why the need for a whole house water filter comes into the rise.

There are so many health advantages of installing a Filtered Water Dispenser For Your Home that list could go on and on but here we have covered ten top most benefits:

There are a lot of pros for choosing the filtered alternative.

Here are some of them:

1. filtered water dispenser for your home eliminate out chlorine for a healthier drink

pouring water in a glass 

Chlorinated water is fine for swimming pools since it’s a great way to treat the liquid. But swimming pool water isn’t made for drinking since chlorine is harmful to humans. Nonetheless, tap water does contain some chlorine, so it’s best to filter out your drink before tipping your glass.

2. Lead is eliminated

Exposure to lead is greatly reduced because filters instantly remove them. Thus, you will be able to avoid diseases brought by this toxic substance. Experts even indicate that lead is one of the primary causes of learning disorder among children, so it’s best you filter your drinking water if you have kids.

3. Save on water expenses

dollar draining in the lavatory 

You get to save big bucks too since you wouldn’t have to buy expensive bottled water anymore. Imagine the amount of money you can save in just a year! Buying a filtered water dispenser for your home can cost around $100 and can be used for a year, depending on how much water you consume.

4. You reduce your carbon footprint and your strain on the environment

Drinking bottled water means you have it delivered regularly. You also throw away the bottles. Even if you have these things recycled, the cost of having to process the material into something reusable still has a strain on the environment. When you use a filtered water dispenser to your home, you reduce your trash and the cost of transporting the water.

5. Reduce risks of cancer

graph of reduced risk of cancer

Since chlorine and, by extension, other chlorine byproducts are already removed, you and your family will be protected from different types of cancer such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and more.

6. Preserves water quality

Since you’re removing contaminants in the water, this means that there is less in the liquid to decay. Water becomes foul over time because of the things in it, not because of the water itself. Filtering water takes away the substances that can rot or decay over time.

7. Decrease medical-related expenses

Since your water is safer and your family is healthier, you will spend less on medicines prescribed for waterborne diseases. Eliminating one way to contract diseases can help you keep your family out of the sickbed.

8. No off-days due to sickness

You can live a more productive life. Kids can go to school, adults can go to work plus you won’t have to skip on scheduled family vacations because of water-related sickness.

9. No gastrointestinal problems

girl making a circle shape in the tummy

Enjoying your meals with a tall glass of water is essential for your body to digest your food properly and it can also protect you from getting sick. You have greater protection against gastrointestinal diseases since drinking water filters eliminate cryptosporidium and giardia from your drinking water. Some diseases like amoebiasis can be prevented and thus maintain the quality of life.

10. Stronger immune system for your children

Your children, in particular, need access to the best drinking water. It will boost their immune system and make them stronger. This means that they get sick less often and can enjoy childhood even more when they aren’t down with the flu.

Ask us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] for more details of Water Filtration.

Awesome Water Filters

girl thinking

Reasons Why You Need To Have An Awesome Water Dispenser

Which factors to consider when choosing your Awesome Water Dispenser at your office?

girl thinking

By considering a few key factors, you should find it easier to determine which awesome water dispenser is going to be best suited to your needs.

The temperature of water that you need

It is important to consider which water temperature best suits your office’s needs: if you will need hot, cold or both. Hot and cold water dispensers save time and money. You will no longer need to wait for the kettle to boil water from the tap. Awesome water dispenser will transform your daily brew into the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

The space you have available for your awesome water dispenser

a girl explaining to a man

It is important to decide where you plan to put it, as this will determine how much space you have available. In addition, it needs to be easily accessible so don’t select a tiny space where people won’t actually be able to use it without causing disruption to others.

The number of employees you have

Another thing to look at is how many employees you have who will be using it. If you run a large office you should consider a freestanding water cooler.

How much do you need to spend

Even if you use only several a few litres of water a day, you could save money with our products. Choose wisely and you may well be surprise at the time you save from simply not waiting for the kettle to boil or those trips to the shop for bottled water or soft drinks.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a single dispenser, or multiple units, whether you on a freestanding or benchtop water dispenser, insisting on Awesome Water Dispenser is the best way of ensuring your drinking water is enriched. Over all, our water dispensers offer you cooled or heated water at the press of a button.

Awesome water dispensers are ideal for events, companies, canteens and schools. There are many different models and types on the market these days with something to suit most needs and budgets.

You can definitely call us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] to help you out!

Awesome Water Filters

Hot Water Dispenser: Why Is It On Demand?

Instant hot water dispenser on demand. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

You’d be surprised how useful near-boiling water can be. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning or preparing hot beverages, how water dispenser makes it happen instantly.

The perfect complement to your main kitchen, a water dispenser sits on the edge of your kitchen sink ready to dispense filtered near-boiling water exactly when you need it.

All of our water coolers creates a safety, elegance and functionality in mind, instant hot water dispensers help you save time, space and energy in the kitchen, so you can get on with more important things in life.

Benefits Of Getting A Hot Water Dispenser

Useful in any aspect

Make hot beverages, kickstart boiling, quickly clean dishes, thaw frozen food, serve hot cereals, and clean without harsh chemicals. There are countless ways to use a water dispenser, but we anticipate that you’ll discover many more.


One of the issues with using a kettle is that it has a limited capacity. Most kettles have less than a two-litre capacity, meaning if the majority of you decide to have a hot drink then it won’t be able to supply that sort of demand.

This will result in everyone taking longer to get their drinks meaning work productivity will decrease. Whereas it comes in a much larger capacity allowing it to supply your place with their hot drinks instantly, which will save time.

Final Thoughts

Evidently you can see that having a instant hot water dispenser has numerous benefits for a business. It can save you money and time resulting in improved business productivity. At Awesome waters we are offering a 12 months warranty on our dispensers, allowing you to find out whether a hot or cold water dispenser will be right for you.

Awesome Water Filters

5 Tips Of Having An Awesome Water Filters


Chances are that you don’t think too much about the water you drink. You get thirsty, you fill the cup, you take a sip. Nice and simple, right?

A little too simple. There is a strong chance that your water contains chlorine, chemicals, lead, or other contaminants that can do anything from making you sick to taking your life!

Fortunately, there’s a way to protect yourself. All you have to do is invest in an awesome water filters


We’ve put together an awesome guide that’s all about the importance of having an awesome water filters. First, though, we need to define exactly what “water filtration” is.

Simply put, “water filtration” refers to any methods that are used to filter your water before you drink it. The primary goal of this is to remove various contaminants from your water before you ingest them into your body.

However, many people drink water every day without using a water filtration device. That’s why it’s important to understand why clean drinking water is crucial to your body.


As we mentioned above, plenty of people drink water without using a filtration device. This may cause you to think that you don’t need a filtration device because you haven’t seen anything happen to these people.

Regularly drinking contaminated water can lead to short-term and long-term damage to your body. This can lead to anything from temporary sickness to long-term damage to your body and organs!

Fortunately, our awesome water filters can protect you from all of this. Keep reading to discover the five primary reasons that underscore the importance of water filtration.


Believe it or not, your tap water likely has chlorine in it. Don’t freak out right away, though: chlorine is really useful at killing harmful bacteria that live in water. That’s why it’s used in many private and public swimming pools.

Of course, just as you don’t want to drink chlorine-filled pool water, you don’t want to drink chlorine-filled tap water. Drinking such water has been linked to a number of adverse effects, including birth defects in pregnant women and a heightened risk for things like urinary tract infections.

With awesome water filters, though, you can have it both ways. Specifically, you can enjoy the benefits of the chlorine killing toxins, but then you can filter out the chlorine before you take a sip. In this way, you’ve protected your body twice over!


When you think about where viruses come from, “water” may not be the first thing you think about. Unfortunately, water is one of the most popular vectors for many viruses. This ranges from things like the norovirus all the way to Hepatitis A!

The risk for this is heightened if you live in rural areas, as your water supply is less regulated and protected by the city. That means it’s important to take your protection into your own hands.

With a water filtration device, you can help to filter out many of these harmful viruses before they enter your body. And between this and other protective measures (such as boiling your water), you’ll know that every sip is safer than ever!


Fluoride is another one of those things in your water that is good in small doses. Cities often make sure the water supply has fluoride in order to promote things like overall dental health and the prevention of tooth decay.

However, too much of anything can be bad, and that’s very true of fluoride. Too much of this in your body can do everything from weakening your skeleton to causing arthritis. And some recent research suggests it may even be linked to cancer!

Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry: a good water filtration device can remove excess fluoride from your water before you drink it. This way, you and your skeleton will remain safe!


Nitrates fit the pattern of what we’ve been discussing so far. Specifically, this substance (which is just what happens when oxygen and nitrogen mix together) is healthy in normal doses. Too much, though, and it becomes really bad, really quickly!

High levels of nitrate can threaten the health of pregnant women as well as their unborn children. And speaking of children, high levels of nitrate are dangerous for their developing bodies, as they cannot easily process adult levels of nitrates.

With awesome water filters, you can reduce the amount of nitrates you ingest. This makes sure everyone in your home is as safe as they can be!


When you imagine ingesting lead, you might think this is a thing of the past. Things like lead-based paint are now outlawed, so you’d imagine you’re safe. Right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, many of us live in older homes that still have old lead pipes. And because water flows through these pipes, you’ve got a potential emergency situation waiting to happen!

As lead comes off of these old pipes, it gets into your water. And once you drink that water, your body is filled with lead, and this lead ingestion can very quickly threaten everyone in your entire house.

Preventing the accidental ingestion of lead highlights the true importance of water filtration. We can’t spell it out any plainer than this: water filtration can save your life and the lives of the ones you love!


Now you know how important a water filtration device is. But do you know where to find one?

Here at Awesome water filters, we can help you bring the right water filtration at your home, office,  and we’re more than happy to help install it. When lives are on the line, you deserve the best. You deserve it!

Awesome Water Dispenser is A Must Enjoy Alkaline Water

5 Reason Why You Should Have An Awesome Water Hot And Cold Dispenser

Since water dispensers are common in offices and public buildings, offering visitors a refreshing drink and providing staff a meeting point to chat about things at work, it may be difficult for you to imagine getting a water dispenser for home use. But there are actually many compelling reasons to consider adding a water dispenser (or water cooler) to your house or apartment. A home water dispenser brings with it convenience, safety, easy maintenance, and eco-friendliness, and with all the choices available, can even become a customized interior design feature. Read on to learn more about these benefits.

5 Merits of  an Awesome Water Hot And Cold Dispensers


Whether or not you play sports, 8 or more glasses of water per day are re commended to keep you healthy and hydrated. While it’s very easy to fall short of this goal, having a home water dispenser around makes it a much easier one to reach. Just step over to your kitchen or tea nook and pour a glass of refreshing cold water without worrying about ice cubes, water purifiers, pitchers and storage in your overfull fridge.

Home water dispensers are also perfect for those times when you need hot as well as cold water, making it very easy to enjoy coffee or tea as well without secondary appliances needed to boil it. While you may think that having these conveniences would take up quite a bit of space, modern water dispensers such as those sold by Premium Water are not large devices—the compact size of some models can actually save you space and eliminate the hassle of finding a place to store water.

Of course, storing water is especially important in emergencies. Having an awesome water hot and cold water dispenser for home means having a stock of pure, drinking water on hand in case of earthquakes or other natural calamities. You will never need to rush out and try to stockpile water bottles to feel safely prepared for possible disasters.

Maintenance and Installation

cleaning Awesome Water Dispenser is A Must Enjoy Alkaline Water

Though water dispensers these days look sleek and high tech, installing and maintaining them is simple and hassle free. When you order your awesome water hot and cold water dispenser, most companies will bring it and install it for you—but even if you need to do it yourself, these days water servers are basically plug and play. Plug them in and within minutes you can access your new water supply with minimal installation.

What’s more, you do not need to install any plumbing fixtures or any type of water feed. The water bottles themselves are super easy to put on the dispenser stand and most companies will offer regular water delivery.

Cleanup is simple too. For example, cleaning Premium Water dispensers requires only items such as a clean cloth, a neutral detergent, and disinfectant, which are already available in the home.

Modern water servers need very little attention. Filters and some parts may need to periodically be updated on a recommended schedule usually provided by the water company.

Safety Awesome Water Dispenser is A Must Enjoy Alkaline Water

One of the most compelling benefits of an in-home water dispenser is 24 hour a day access to clean, safe, healthy water. In addition to purified water, most dispensers include an additional filter making the water even more clean and sterile. When you use a dispenser every drop of water is clean, tastes great and is of the highest quality.

Of course it is not just the water inside, but the dispenser itself, which is crucial to safety. Premium Water dispensers are extremely hygienic, due both to an easy cleaning process and a dispenser bottle that shrinks along with water use, preventing outside air from getting in. Systems like this provide sterile water free of contaminants and germs that can help prevent passing on colds and flu, especially during the winter season.

Perhaps the best part about having a water dispenser for home use is that everyone in the family can safely drink from it. The dispensers are easily accessible even for children, with a safety catch on the hot-water server side to keep them safe. If you’re worried about the children running the water out of the tap when not supervise, the servers are designed to stand securely, are not easily knocked down. They will not be a hazard in a home with children and pets.

Environmental Friendliness

In addition to providing clean, safe water for your family, home water dispensers actually help the whole planet. Using a water server is eco-friendly. One large bottle is much better for the environment than dozens of small ones.

When you consider the cost of manufacturing smaller PET bottles a dispenser saves you and the planet money by cutting down on manufacturing, waste, transportation fees and other hidden costs. The water bottles we drink each year require a huge amount of oil in the manufacturing of the plastics, and not enough of them are recycle each year. Landfills are literally overflowing with discarded plastic water bottles.Awesome Water Dispenser is A Must Enjoy Alkaline Water.

Premium Water is one provider who pays close attention to these issues and takes extra care to minimize environmental impact. Their larger dispenser bottles are collapsible and made with thin plastic, which creates minimal waste. The bottles can be recycled with rest of your normal recyclable plastics so you need not make any extra effort to be kind to the environment.

Design & Customization

Gone are the big clunky old fashion water coolers that take up room and look too much like something that you would see in a doctor’s office!

Dozens of companies provide an almost limitless selection from sleek standing units to tabletop-style smaller servers. You can easily find a perfect match for your style, needs, and budget.

Awesome Water Dispensers for Home Bring Great Benefits

These five benefits are just a few of the many reasons that an awesome water hot and cold water dispenser should be high on your list of necessary appliances. Safe drinking water for your whole family in a sleek and environmentally friendly dispenser is just common sense. Pick a model that suits your design desires and rest easy knowing you have the highest quality, temperature-controlled pure drinking water available at any time.

Awesome Water Filters

Awesome Water Dispenser is A Must Enjoy Alkaline Water
big close up little blonde girl holding a glass of water

Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

Water Cooler Newcastle: Do I need a Water Filter?

big close up little blonde girl holding a glass of water


People often say – “it comes out of my tap clear and it tastes ok so why do I need a filter?

Water from Sydney came from natural sources. It’s filter to the high standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

This ensures it’s safe to drink straight from the tap.

But most contaminants can still be found in our drinking water have no taste and do not add any color to the water so how do you really know it is safe for your family to drink?

By installing a water cooler in Newcastle, you’re already making a difference in today’s challenge to reduce waste. The water cooler system is reducing CO2 emissions associate with transporting bottled water and waste of used bottles.

The reality is we are using so many chemicals in our manufacturing, processing, farming and everyday lives today, way more than in any other period. Where do all these chemicals go after their use? Do they mysteriously disappear somewhere?

Most Chemicals End Up in Our Water Supply

Whatever chemicals we use in today’s world end up as a waste product and typically end up in the ground and then get wash into our rivers, lakes, groundwater, and oceans. When we burn fossil fuels sulphur dioxide (S02) and nitrogen oxide(N0x) are released into the atmosphere.

These chemicals gases react with water, oxygen, and other substances and to form mild solutions of sulfuric and nitric acid.

Winds can spread these acidic solutions across the atmosphere and for many hundreds of miles resulting in acid rain entering our streams, lakes and oceans. When lakes become acidic the plant life dies first followed by the fish, neither can live in acidic water.

What about Pharmaceuticals in the Water?

What about all the pharmaceuticals we are now consuming? Many of the compounds in the drugs we consume excretes from our bodies and end up flush down the drain and ultimately end up in our drinking water and groundwater.

When chemicals get mix up, they create a chemical change (or chemicalreaction) when two substances are mixed they transform into a third substance.  We are not able to test for these new substances in our drinking water and in many cases we have not developed tests for existing substances.

So do you want to take the chance your tap water that looks clear and has no taste other than the chlorine taste does not have any extra un-wanted mixture of ingredients in it? Are any of these substances good for our health? Do you really want to serve this unknown beverage to your family?

Protect your Families Drinking Water!

The obvious answer is every household should have a water cooler in Newcaslte to protect their families health by installing a good quality water filter for drinking and cooking. We cannot keep our head in the sand and continue saying our water is clear and the city gives it to me so is “good enough” Nor can we expect our water provider to eliminate these unwanted substances from the water. They could not even test for these contaminants nor could they afford to treat it to remove all the unwanted substances, nor do we need all water treated to that level for things like flushing the toilet, dishes, washing the car, etc.

It is up to all of us as individuals to ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

General Results of Filtered Water

Filtered water can be installed in any place at your home, which makes filtered water available all the time, or from point sources like sink and showerhead filters. This filtered water is good for general uses like drinking water and showering, but also for uses like cooking and health purposes, especially removing toxins from the water. Some of the general results of filtered water are:


Filter water from the tap is frequently better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water. Many people don’t drink enough water because they just don’t like the taste and/or smell of it.

Chlorine and chlorine by-products

Filters remove chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water, both of which proves to be harmful to human health over long periods of time.


Having a water filter on sources like a few taps or using whole house filters can be a last line of defense against over 2,100 toxins that can get into your water after it is filtered by your water provider.


Water filters also remove lead in the water right before you receive it, reducing the risk that it will regain any of that lead before you drink it.


Having filtered water come directly from the tap is much cheaper over time than buying bottle after bottle of water, where you’re paying for the plastic as well as the water inside.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a water cooler in Newcastle, ensure our drinking and cooking water is safe to drink and protect our families health.

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