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A Chemical Free Future Using A Water Purifier

A Chemical Free Future Using A Water Purifier

Industrial water filtration and treatment systems are the most at fault for release of toxic waste from chemical treatments. As a result, industrial water treatment companies are looking for ways to purify water without the use of chemicals. It’s not as easy as initially imagined. Chemicals, though they cause environmental damage, are highly potent at killing microorganisms. There are less potent methods to filter water, like UV rays, but no one wants to risk a potential outbreak by using an alternative treatment method.

Here in Awesome water filters we are pushing forward new innovations that filter water without causing serious environmental harm. These technologies, are using new methods to filter water. Rather than depending on chemicals, filtration methods like this use careful calculations and the natural properties of water to purify it.

How our Water Purifier Works

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Our Water Purifiers are unique. It’s fitted with our technologically advanced awesome 8 stage kdf activated charcoal mineral water filters.  Also, it promotes water purification by restoring the natural pureness of water. Traditional water treatment methods inhibit minerals present in water to purify it.

Known Benefits of Water Purifier Methods

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Water purifier has other benefits that people don’t necessarily notice right away. water bottle for example, is very cost efficient. A business can save up to 24 percent in costs by using our benchtop water cooler. It also water conserving. This filtration method can save up nearly 70 percent of water. The system itself is low maintenance and thus eliminates unnecessary servicing costs.

Thanks to methods like this, the water filtration methods in the future look poised to cause less environmental damage.

On balance

You can see that different types of filtration remove different pollutants—but there’s no single technique that removes all the contaminants from water. That’s why many home water-filter systems use two or more of these processes together. If you’re looking for a home water filter, tread carefully. Bear in mind that you won’t necessarily remove all the nasties. Remember, too, that most water filters require some kind of ongoing cost and, without regular maintenance to keep them working properly, can leave your water in worse shape than it was to begin with!

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5 Great Reasons To Own A Benchtop Water Filter

What are the advantages of having a Benchtop Water Filter?

Benchtop water filter can provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants.

Great investment to your overall health

Point-of-use benchtop water filters remove lead from drinking water immediately prior to consumption, thus preventing this harmful substance from entering the body.

Benchtop Water Filter is Cost Efficient

The purchase of this kind of water filter results in a source of clean, healthy water that costs much less than expensive bottled water and reduce toxic waste in the environment.

Prevention is the key

Water filters greatly reduce the risk of certain cancers including: rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts such as Trihalomethanes (THMs) from drinking water.

Carbon Water Ionizer is present

A carbon water filter can selectively remove dangerous contaminants from drinking water while retaining healthy mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water.

Boost your immune system

Drinking clean, filtered water protects the body from disease and leads to overall greater health and energy.

You can have an access to great healthy food on a daily basis

A benchtop water filter provides clean, healthy water for cooking, as well as drinking, at the convenience of tap water.

It has a great impact to the well being of young children

Drinking pure water is especially important for children. Water filters provide the healthiest water for children’s developing immune systems.

Water, The Spice Of Life!

Life on Earth began in water and evolved from it. You have personal experience with this dependence each time you seek to quench your thirst and replenish your body’s water content. The cells inside your body are surrounded by a fluid that is mostly water and your cells themselves range from 70% to 80% in water content.

Water circulates through our body without rest and causes the macromolecules (proteins, enzymes, and genes) and cells in the body to function properly. Equally, water is the vital generator of life and its supporting force.

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Every day you make an assumption about the safety of the water you drink. Whether that trust is well-placed, is the real question.

Our natural water resources are under a great deal of stress, as we battle with an ever changing climate, pollution and the needs of a rapidly growing population. Demand for quality drinking water has never been greater!

Our government has a duty to provide us with water that is safe to drink, however the water quality at the point of consumption may not always be complimentary for our short or long-term health. Contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, fluoride, organic & in-organic compounds all can be present in our drinking water.

Bottled water is having a catastrophic effect on our environment and is simply not a sustainable or affordable option, with prices often exceeding the cost of petrol. Additionally Bottled water in general is not subject to quality regulations meaning it could often be inferior to tap water. Recent research has found the presence of micro-plastics in bottled water across the majority of brands tested leading to concerns around the impact on long term health.

Final thoughts

Given the importance of water to our well-being & every bodily function, we owe it to ourselves to ensure that the water we drink is as pure & fresh as possible!

We don’t all have a natural spring water source in our back yard & purchasing pre-bottled water can be both inconvenient and is prohibitively expensive, both financially and environmentally.

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Water Filter System: 10 Great Reasons To Have One

10 Awesome Benefits of a Water Filter System

If you are concerned about your home’s drinking water, you are not alone. Many people are interested in pursuing water filter system because of concerns about the taste or health of their drinking water. In fact, there are ten unique benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in a water filter system.

These benefits include:

1. Water tastes and smells better when it is clean and pure.

The filter models to remove contaminates such as chlorine, bacteria and more that can make water taste and smell unusual.

If you are concerned about how your water tastes or smells, there is most likely a good reason for it.

You can get a water test to learn more about the particulates that may be found in your drinking water, and you can pick out the right treatment system to remove the particulates so that your water tastes and smells better.

2. Some filters are effective at removing lead from the water that you drink.

Lead can cause significant health effects that include birth defects and more. This is a substance that has been in the news considerably lately because of how detrimental it is to health.

3. You can save money when you invest in a water treatment system.

You may think that buying bottled water is more cost effective than purchasing and installing a full water filtration system, but this is not the case. With the one time cost to install the water and the on-going low cost of filter replacements, you can avoid having to purchase expensive bottle water while enjoying the taste and health benefits associated with fresh, clean drinking water.

4. Chlorine and chlorine byproducts found in tap water cause a variety of health issues.

Among these are rectal cancer, bladder cancer and colon cancer. Some water filtration systems will remove chlorine and its byproducts from the tap water. This can have a truly positive impact on your health and well-being over the years.

5. Some tap water may be more acidic or more basic than what your body requires.

While water can have particulates in it, some tap water may be more acidic or more basic than what your body requires for optimal health and well-being.

You may not realize it, but adding a simple block carbon water filter to your filtration system can remove particulates that cause health problems and can restore the pH balance to your water for superior health. This also improves the taste and smell of the water. To know more about carbon water filter just click here.


6. Drinking cleaner water helps you fight illnesses and diseases.

While removing particulates from water can prevent some types of diseases from developing, the reality is that drinking cleaner water also gives your body the extra boost it needs to fight other illnesses and diseases.

It improves your level of health and well-being, and this boosts your immune system.

7. While tap water is commonly used for drinking, it also can be used for cooking.

When you use a water filtration system for cooking, you can improve the health of the foods that you eat. This can have a tremendous benefit on your health because it can further prevent you from consuming everything from bacteria to chlorine, lead and other risky toxins in the foods that you eat.

8. There are bacteria in home drinking water supplies.

You may not realize it, but there are a number of bacteria in many home drinking water supplies that can cause gastrointestinal illness.

For example, giardia and cryptosporidium are both found in home drinking water in many areas of the country, and these can cause gastrointestinal upset. A bacterial water filter can remove these and can reduce your likelihood of developing illnesses by up to 33 percent.

9. You should teach your children the importance of having fresh drinking water.

If you have children in your home, it is important that you understand how critical it is for your Arlington home to have a supply of fresh, clean drinking water.

Their developing bodies are particularly sensitive to substances like chlorine and lead, and their immune systems may not be as developed and able to fight off gastrointestinal illness-causing bacteria as adults are.

By using a water treatment system in your home, you can help your children stay healthy and safe.

10. Many different toxins are commonly found in drinking water.

There are more than 2100 different toxins that floating in our drinking water. Find a way to protect yourself from exposure to these toxins.

Water filter installation service is a convenient and effective way to add a last line of defense.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using a water filtration system in your home, and you may be wondering which type of system you need to install.

We can help you to select the right system for your home, and we can install it for you.

For water filter installations in your Australian home, call our hotline at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] today!

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Buying Guide For An Alkaline Water Machine

How to Choose an Alkaline Water Machine?

If you live in an area where the tap water is acidic, it is smart to purchase an alkaline water machine which can restore a proper pH balance to the fluids you’re drinking.

If you do this, you neutralize acid buildup in your body. This has a restorative effect on your general health and overall well-being and can result in a reduction of fatigue, acid reflux, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

Shopping for an alkaline water machine is no easy task, however, as there is a lot of misinformation out there, and sad to say, a lot of scams as well. To keep from getting pulled in by the hucksters, you need to know what features are important in an alkaline water machine.

To evaluate water ionizers, it is helpful first to understand how they work. Every water ionizer has four main components that help it do its job:

  • Filters
  • Warranty/Company Reputation
  • BPA – Free

Let’s talk about each in turn.

Reviewing the Key Features

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A good water filter is essential to clean drinking water.


You will find machines with single or dual filter systems. Filters are important to remove the impurities from your water. Awesome water filter systems are superior to accommodate all this filtration. The single filter systems  is already relatively pure.

The life & cost of replacement filters is another consideration since this will impact the time & money it takes to maintain your unit. Overa all, the good thing that Awesome water filter can last up until 6 months and the replacement cost are absolutely in price value.

Warranty/Company Reputation

It goes without saying that we want to buy from a company we trust. A few things that can help verify a reputable company are:

  • Factory compliance testing (i.e. – is the company 5 micron rating?)
  • Warranty on both defects & repairs (minimum of 12 months warranty is suggested)
  • Company Associations (BBB, Water Quality Association, etc.)
  • Customer Service Ratings

BPA – Free

Now with ALL of this in mind PLUS the plethora of information and evidence you can find from just conducting a handful of Google searches, it is clear that disposable water bottles are that great. We suggest purchasing a reusable, BPA Free water bottle and refilling it with healthy, filtered water. This will ensure you are not contributing to avoidable environmental damage & you are also saving yourself potentially thousands of $ each and every year.

Talk to us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] so we can help you select your awesome alkaline water machine.

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Great Impact Of Drinking Alkaline Water To Your Overall Health

Drinking Alkaline water restores the balance of PH in human body

Drinking alkaline water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our body. Most of us tend to be over acidic in our body. The food that we eat burns with oxygen in our cells to produce energy (metabolism). After burning, the food becomes acid wastes and the cells dump them into the bloodstream. Our body tries its best to get rid of these wastes through urination, respiration and perspiration. Unfortunately, most of our bodies cannot get rid of all the wastes as quickly as we wish. The major hindrances include our lifestyle (lack of rest and exercise), our diet (too much meats, processed foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol), and our polluted environment (with huge amounts of free radicals in the air and water) that destroys much of our healthy cells daily.

Increased fats production can be a result of increased acid waste demands for storage. So less acid wastes less fats needed! You are about to find out that it is not fats that make you fat, it is the acid! Drinking alkaline ionized water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our body. We are meant to be alkaline on the inside of our bodies and that is the reason why our nutritionists and dietitians are nagging us to have ‘vegetables and fruits daily!’

Alkaline water helps in weight management

The nature of alkaline ionized water with much smaller water cluster size penetrates effectively and very quickly into these acid blocks. As explained earlier, when our body becomes over-acidic, fats become a friend not a foe! Acid waste travels throughout the body in the blood and due to the high amount of acidic food and drinks we consume daily, the acid waste is being parked in fatty deposits instead of being eliminated via the kidney and liver as it should be.

These fatty deposits are stored as far away from our vital organs as possible; hence the weight gain that typically occurs on the chest, buttocks, thighs and belly. To look at it one way: this fat is saving our lives by protecting our body’s vital organs from damaging acid waste. The more acid waste we have the more parking spaces (fats) we need to store them away in order for our blood to remain slightly alkaline.

Research has also shown that overweight individuals have a lower percentage of total water content than individuals who maintain a healthy weight. So make sure you drink to hydrate your body and drinking alkaline water is the best choice for health and for beauty! promote alkalinity in our bodies.

Alkaline water enhances detoxification

Alkaline water has the high energy capacity and the ability to easily dissolve and get rid of harmful acidic waste that accumulates in tissues and organs. As our body works to keep us alive, it’s process within produces waste that can cause severe acidification of our tissues and organs if not eliminated. With enhanced negative ions produced by ionization through electrolysis, coupled with the property of smaller water cluster for penetration, we have found that the alkaline water has the high energy capacity and the ability to easily dissolve and get rid of harmful acidic waste that accumulates in tissues and organs.

Our digestive tract is extremely important to our body, and by cleansing our colons by consuming alkaline ionized water, we are helping to improve the general functionality of our bodies.

Drinking alkaline water super-hydrates our skin

Less wrinkles, no more scaling and a much younger you! When our wrinkles show or see scaling on our arms or legs, we immediately think of applying moisturizer on our skin. But the root of the problem is under the skin.

We have received several testimonies of ladies who suffer from dry skin and even scaling on their legs. After consuming alkaline water for a month, they experience the difference of a younger looking skin.

Alkaline water helps to energize human body

  • Has a much higher content of oxygen and alkaline minerals due to the ionization process.
  • When we consume the ionize water, the cellular water environment improves within the human body.

when we consume it, the cellular water environment improves within the human body in the same way. This leads to better health and overall well-being. Drinking alkaline water rejuvenates us daily.

Alkaline water slows down aging

  • Alkaline ionized water made using electrolysis produces the much smaller cluster of water molecules.
  • It penetrates faster, bringing along the nutrients and oxygen needed by the cells.
  • It also helps to bring out the toxins and the wastes out of our cells with greater effectiveness.

If you want better health, and like to save money, an alkaline water is a smart investment. Think about it: You will be drinking water for the rest of your life; you will save thousands of money over your lifetime.

Call our team at 1800789781 or email us at [email protected] and we’re very happy to accommodate your enquiries in regards on how we can transform your tap water into a very clean, pure drinking alkaline water.

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Water Ionizers & Water Alkalizers : What’s the difference?

Are both of them beneficial?

On the face of it, water alkalizers and water ionizers do the same job in the same way, right? Both filter out your tap water, removing contaminants, and both produce clean, pure, filtered, clean drinking alkaline water.

Created Equally?

Ionizers are powered by electricity. One great benefit of a water ionizer is that you can adjust the pH level of the water to suit young children or pets, for example. With non-electric machines, there usually isn’t the option to choose the exact level of alkalinity that you want. And if the machine isn’t suitable for the whole family, then is it really what you need?

Pure Power of water ionizers

Secondly, while drinking purer, cleaner water is definitely a good thing, the chances are that people purchasing a water alkalizer are hoping for the amazing health benefits that they’ve heard so much about. With non-electric alkalizers, the powerful antioxidant properties that are produce by electrolysis, are by and large, absent. Although there will be mineral benefits from drinking alkalized water, a non-electric product cannot really compete with an ionizer unit.

Re-Mineralizing Or The Real Thing?

Finally, it can be hard – particularly with a more simplistic version of a sophisticated product – to ensure that the filtration is everything you want it to be. With water alkalizers, once the water has been filtered; without the benefits of electrolysis, some of the good stuff needs putting back in. This is where chemicals in the form of treated filters can be added to raise the pH of the water. Check out great benefits in using water alkalizers.

So there we go; some important differences between non-electric alkalizers and water ionizers. For more information about non – electric ionizer and water ionizer units, take a look at our products or call us at  1800 789 781.

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5 Great Reasons To Have A Mineral Water Cooler In Office

Nearly all offices have a mineral water cooler and you’re probably wondering why is it essential for a workplace to have this kind of necessity.

Is this a good idea? How is it going to benefit your business?

Well, for starters – a mineral water cooler will give you access to convenience, cost-efficiency and various other important benefits.

Here are 5 good reasons it’s a must-have for any busy office!

Perfect, Cool, Delicious

  • A mineral water coolerr will give all of your staff access to perfectly chilled, delicious water. The cooler will be there for refills throughout the workday.
  • In addition, a mineral water cooler will serve as an important reminder of the importance of hydration. Employees that drink enough water find it easier to concentrate and to do their job. If you’re concerned about performance, the purchase of a water cooler is the way to go.


  • A mineral water cooler is a really cost-efficient piece for every office. There are two main varieties – bottle-fed and mains-fed. Both of these will help you save a lot of money on the purchase of water.

Boost the performance of your employees

  • Do you want to be seen as an innovator and do you want to create the image of a sustainable business? A water dispenser will help you accomplish such goals.
  • Both The bottle and mains-fed variety generate little to no waste. The bottles used in the units are also collected by suppliers and refilled whereas the mains-fed type is plumbed into your main water supply (so zero need for bottle refills). It’s easy to see how these coolers can be tremendously green.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Mineral water coolers are incredibly easy to maintain in top condition.
  • Awesome water filters staff will usually provide the necessary bottles and perform the occasional cooler sanitising. In both of these instances, you’ll have professionals doing the work for you and giving you a lot of convenience.

Many Options to Choose Among


A bottleless water cooler is great for offices that may require unlimited amounts of water, typically those with a large number of staff.

water-cooler-freestanding-home-office-brisbane-sydney-melbourneawesome-coolers-freestanding-water-cooler BENCHTOP-WATER-COOLER-home-office

Benchtop water coolers are also suitable for offices with conference rooms and waiting rooms as they can be positioned and moved with ease. Such coolers can also be easily be customised to enhance the office’s interior design and to re-enforce the company’s brand image.

Whether your company is a start-up or a more established organisation you will experience significant benefits from the purchase of a mineral water cooler. There are so many designs and possibilities to pick among that you’ll certainly find at least one piece that’s going to be perfect for your office…and even have fun doing it!

Contact us for some friendly advice:

t: 1800 789 781

e:[email protected]

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Why Is It Important To Get A Drinking Water Fountain This Summer?

To ensure that your long-term hydration needs are taken care of, Awesome water filters provide wide range of drinking water fountain that are suitable for a number of environments.

These water dispensers are a great way to provide refreshing and clean drinking water. They are popular in high traffic areas that occupies large amounts of people and are usually in leisure industries, public and health sectors.

Why? Most importantly, it’s easier to loos fluids than you might think during summer? Particularly when you are sweating more than usual. If you’re feeling light-headed, or you have a headache, you probably haven’t drink enough. The amount of daily water we need differs from person to person and is dependent on climatic conditions, clothing worn and exercise intensity.

TOP TIPS for staying hydrated during hot weather:

  1. Drinking water before you go out into the sun is an important first step to avoid dehydration.
  2. Always keep a glass or bottle of water handy so you can take frequent sips of water throughout the day. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight!
  3. Schedule regular beverage breaks. It’s easy to forget to hydrate when you’re busy so make sure to remind yourself in the form of sticky notes at your desk, whatever helps you!
  4. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in water like berries, watermelon, peaches, and cucumber
  5. One way to gauge your hydration level is to check the colour of your urine. It should be pale if you’re have enough fluids.
  6. If you’re planning on exercising in hot weather, make sure to drink enough fluids. Also drink plenty of water afterwards to replenish electrolytes lost through sweating.

If you are interested in our drinking water fountains or any of our other water products, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 789 781 . Alternatively, you can keep in touch with is at [email protected] and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Small Water Cooler for Office: Reasons To Buy One

Image result for small water cooler office

small water cooler for office benefits:

Importantly, does your office have limited space and at the same time you have a lot of employees that needs to have an access to water on a daily basis?

We’ve got your back  as awesome water filters provides the most efficient reason to have a it.

Today, we’re going to enlighten you 5 reasons to buy it:

Save that space!

If you are looking for a space-saving water displenser our bottleless water cooler is the best choice for you. In addition to this, it’s made of high grade-quality material which can provide you with a clean and odor-free water.  Similarly, this is a compact model which is perfect for small spaces.

Also, check out additional info on how beneficial having a water cooler at your office.

Convenience & Efficiency

Conveniently serving water from a cooler means your staff will have access to refreshingly cool water all day long which can help them perform their duties efficiently.

Providing drinking water within easy reach is a convenience for both you and your staff. Some very simple changes like the purchase of a water cooler can contribute to workplace productivity.

Energy & Focus

It’s highly recommended that people should drink at least 8 glasses of fluid per day. Studies have shown that lack of proper hydration causes the body and the brain to function less ably. Water is a good option as it is calorie free and tooth friendly.

Safe for visitors and child-proof

It has a safe hot water child lock that allows you to lock the hot water side off as to avoid any injury.  We use the finest compressor cooling technology that is economical to run.  BPA utilizes food grade plastics throughout the manufacturing process.

It includes a great warranty package for your purchase

We offer a two year warranty on our compressor and a 12 month warranty on all other parts Australia wide.

Call us now at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] so we can give you the insights of how efficient and important to have a small water cooler for your workplace.

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Office Water Cooler Service: Essential For Your Staff

office water cooler service infographics

Office Water Cooler Service are AWF number one priority for your employees

Office staff are the core of our company so it’s important for them to get the right nutrients. Most importantly, access to drinking water throughout the day.

The question is, are they getting the 8 glasses of water a day to make sure that they’re productive enough on their tasks? An Office water cooler service is a must in every workplace to ensure the safety and well-being of the employees.

Getting an office water cooler service has many benefits for you and your entire employees:

Our bottled water delivery service drops off water refills and picks up the empty bottles. The empty water bottles are back to our office where they undergo a thorough cleaning process before it gets to reuses.

If the bottle cannot be use anymore, it will enter the recycling phase of life in order to protect the environment. So you can rest assure that you are participating to a company that cares for the environment.

First impression lasts

Put yourself in this situation – a client comes over for a meeting on a proper Summer day and asks for a glass of water.

  • You get nervous because, what if the water is not chilled enough, what if it tastes funny, what if….
  • What if you had a bottled water cooler perched in the meeting room, serving perfectly chilled, fresh tasting water all day long.

We’ll take care of your employees needs

If your business is located anywhere on Australia! Count on us as we do provide delivery nationwide so you can test our office water cooler service and 100% guarantee that it’ll be as efficient 24/7 use to all of your employees, guests, and clients that will visit your workplace.

We also offer water cooler rental starting at just $11 per week. You can browse all of our rental options right here.

If you require any assistance in making a decision on the best office water cooler service for your business, do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 789 781.

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