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Aquapulse Series Freestanding Water Cooler

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B19C - White



Product Overview

  • Elegant Design: Features a high gloss white and stainless-look cabinet, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of any home or office.
  • Customizable Temperature: Available in both hot/cold and cool/cold models to suit your specific hydration needs.
  • Versatile Bottle Compatibility: Designed to accommodate the Waterworks™ Self-fill bottle as well as standard water bottles.
  • Large Cold Tank: Equipped with a 3.3L stainless steel cold tank for a consistent supply of chilled water.
  • User-Friendly Taps: Easy-to-use, hygienic push taps for convenient water dispensing.
  • Safety First: Includes a hot water safety tap for added security.
  • Solid Warranty: Backed by a 3-year comprehensive warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.


  • Premium Cold Tank: Boasts a 3.3-liter Type 304 stainless steel tank, offering excellent cooling and easy cleaning.
  • Efficient Hot Tank: Features a 1.8-liter Type 304 stainless steel tank with a 500-watt heater for precise hot water control.
  • Stylish Cabinet: A combination of glossy white front and brushed steel silver sides, constructed from durable ABS plastic and high polymer polyester-coated steel.
  • Certified Taps: NSF approved, self-closing push taps made from robust polypropylene, with a standard hot safety feature on hot/cold models.
  • Additional Options: Includes a Self-Fill Bottle for easy refills and a Non-Splash Valve for hassle-free bottle changes.


  • Eco-Friendly Refrigeration: Utilizes R134A gas, controlled by a capillary tube system without moving parts.
  • Electrical Standards: Certified (Certificate No. 160793), 220v 50hz, 1.5-meter power cord, 1.2 amps full load current.
  • Performance Details: Cool tap temperature ranges between 4-10°C, Room temperature tap, Hot tap maintains 84-89°C.
  • Capacity: Capable of delivering up to 15 x 170ml cups of hot water per hour, ideal for intermittent use.
  • Please note: Bottles and Filters are optional add ons and are sold separately.

Warranty and Maintenance

  • Offers a 3-year comprehensive warranty covering parts and labor from the original purchase date. Warranty terms apply as per usage guidelines and maintenance. Consult a water filter specialist for optimal filtration solutions to avoid voiding the warranty.

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