Water Machine: A Water Purifier with Digital Display of Purity

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Desktop Water Machine: A modern water purfier

If you want the set costs of a desktop water cooler but are restricted by space, the state-of-the-art Awesome water filters Water Machine is the ideal solution. Providing an unrestricted supply of cool, pure, filtered alkaline water using the environmentally friendly Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter system developed with the world’s leading provider to remove any chlorine or unwanted tastes and odours. It’s one of our top of the line desktop and benchtop water cooler model and will look stylish in even the most fashionable office.

Environmentally friendly Filter system for great tasting water

If the taste of your water is important to you, you need a desktop water machine. H2O flows through our 8 stage kdf carbon mineral water filtration technology allows you have pure healthy alkaline filtered water at an affordable price twenty four seven with minimum savings of 80% compared to bottled water. This purified, filtered, alkaline water tastes better than bottled water that sits stagnant and tastes stale.

You’ll never taste water that’s cleaner and more pure than this. With our water machine, you get perfect water every time!

Multifunctional with hot and cold water to choose from our digital display and easy to use

The water machine has a smart hot water safety lock feature for the safety of your children at home as well as the easy to use digital display that enables you to have total control over both the hot and cold water temperature at all times.

Environmentally responsible with recyclable technology

Just how much does a bottled water cost? A water machine only costs $0.02 per gallon. That’s a 97% savings! Just switching one unit to a machine without a bottle could save you hundreds per year! Just think of what your office could do with those savings.

Why buy from Awesome water filter?

Our point of use water coolers feature attractive modern designs and intuitive controls. With a variety of modern styles, you’ll find a device that compliments your office or home decor. All of our units are high quality and top of the line Australian standard tested and certified along with our industry best two year warranty on the compressor that will allow you to purchase this DEKSTOP WATER MACHINE with utmost confidence.

Whether you want to buy a bottleless countertop water cooler for your kitchen or a standalone water dispenser for the office, Awesome water filter has the best desktop water machines.  To find out more about our Desktop Water Machines you can call us directly on 1800 789 781 or email us at sales@asesomewaterfilters.com.au


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