Great Health Benefits of Having An Office Cooler

Keeping your staff well hydrated throughout their working day can be the difference between tired, unmotivated staff and enthusiastic, creative employees with increased levels of concentration.

Health Benefits of a Water Cooler

Installing an office cooler into your office environment can have a multitude of advantages, which can benefit you and both your staff and visitors as you will be able to ensure that they are well hydrated.

Keep them focused and hydrated

This is important as many employees do not perform to their best ability at work because they are  lethargic and drained; all are symptoms of dehydration. So those who provide a water cooler in their offices for employees are investing in their health, which will ultimately lead to higher productivity and morale for your business.

Boost the performance of your employees

Most of us aware that health experts recommend drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day, which can be hard when having clean fresh water is not easily accessible. Without access to fresh water from a water cooler, employees are much more likely to fill up on drinks that are high in sugar content. Whilst in the short run it may make employees feel better, in the long run it could have a very negative effect on their health, resulting in an increase in absent days and a regression in performance.

Making a stress – free environment

Furthermore, having an office cooler in your office will allow for sufficient consumption of water, which will have numerous health benefits such as aiding digestion and improving metabolism. It will also result in skin texture becoming less dull and more vibrant, whilst being able to reduce joint aches and pains. Drinking more water will also help to flush away many toxins in the body.

More productive at work

Having clean fresh water consistently available means that employees are naturally going to drink more water, and any employer who cares about his employees should hope for this.


Ultimately, installing a water cooler will keep your employees healthy, demonstrating there is a clear domino effect throughout your business; a healthier employee leads to lower absences, which in turn means much higher productivity, motivation and a better financial bottom line for your company.

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