Water Cooler Bottle

Water Cooler Bottle



Check out our premium quality water cooler bottle self filled straight from the tap.  This solution will send you into filtered water heaven saving you lots of $$$$.

Our class leading 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridges are legendary for providing cost effective great tasting water.

Stage 1 Primary Filter Felt Pads – acts like a silt pad removing rust and sediment particles suspended in the taps
Stage 2: KDF – Assists the next stage (activated carbon) to remove chlorine, organic matter & heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic.
Stage 3: Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment as well as the bad smells & taste associated with chlorine used in town water.
Stage 4: Mineralised Balls – These natural minerals derived from natural clay’s add back valuable minerals to the body. Examples of these minerals are iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.
Stage 5: Mineral Coralite Balls – Slow realease minerals mostly calcium is released into the water over time.
Stage 6: Activated Carbon – An additional but finer granular layer of activated carbon.
Stage 7: Mineralised Balls – Finer grade of stage 4 above
Stage 8: Ceramic Plate – Final stage of filtration that has the potential to remove some forms of bacteria

Our premium quality water cooler bottle fitted with our class leading 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridge technology provides you with cost effective filtered water where a filtered system is preferred to buying heavy bottles of water.


8 stage water filter replacement Awesome Water

Call the team now to see how we can assist in replacing your water cooler bottle with our class leading technology today.

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Our water cooler bottle fits most water cooler and water dispensers such as Waterworks Water Coolers Compatible, Awesome Water Water Coolers Compatible, Amazing Water Water Coolers Compatible, Healthy Water 4U Water Coolers Compatible, Awesome Coolers Water Coolers Compatible, Aussie Water Coolers Water Coolers Compatible, Neverfail Water Coolers Compatible, Aquacooler Water Coolers Compatible, Office Works Water Coolers Compatible, Aquawise Water Coolers Compatible, Water Works Water Coolers Compatible



bottled water cooler


A Bottled Water Cooler is an excellent choice for your total health and well being.  Awesome Water Filters are your local bottled water cooler company.  We are proudly family owned and operated and we provide our valued customers with bottled water coolers at unbeatable prices.  Our Bottled Water Cooler is easy to use and a favorite bottled water cooler in the home or office.  Awesome Water Filters are known for there premium quality bottled water cooler backed by an iron clad national warranty.  We believe that our Bottled Water Cooler is the best on the market with the best tasting filtered water.  We all need water on a daily basis and why not drink the best possible water available today?  Awesome Water Filters have a full range of bottled water cooler and all associated accessories available.  Check us out or the shop for bottled water cooler










Water Cooler Bottle


  • This product takes silver with large-capacity high-quality activated carbon purification, sterilization, it can effectively remove the residual chlorine in water, bleach, pesticides and other harmful substances. The silver ion Slowly separate out from the filter have which has long term bactericidal function to prevent the breeding of bacteria in the water.
  • Silver ions also are effective in preventing microbial contamination of activated carbon itself.
  • This product takes easily removable soft core, carbon core structure which can be easily washed, hereby extending filter useful time.
  • Float valve with 100% food grade PP and high temperature resistant silicone rubber material which can avoid the leak risk due to the float valve deformed in the high temperature water dispenser.
  • Easier for cleaning
  • Suitable to most of existing water cooler
  • Support available for installation


  1. Too much iron rust, dust and mineral will shorten the useful time of the filter and slow down the purifying process.
  2. The Product should be placed in the absence of direct sunlight.
  3. Please do not over fill the water when the level in bottom bowl climbs to the warning line.
  4. Please empty the bottle when it has been not in use for a week.
  5. Please do not allow the children to touch the water purifier to avoid the purifier falling from the water dispenser.
  6. Please organised for one of our distributors to service and replace the water filter every 6 months.
  7. When bottom bowl water level is high and top bowl’s level is low, filtration process will be slow down or stop. This is very common and normal condition so no need to worry.
  8. Float valve should be cleaned every month to avoid water leakage.




Filtration rate:                                    0.3 L/M

Bottle Volume:                                   20L

Working Pressure:                              Normal

Optimum Temperature Range:          5°C-35°C


If you need a bottled water cooler check out our full range of bottled water coolers



Desktop Water Cooler


Desktop Water Cooler

Awesome Water Filters offer a smart Desktop Water Cooler packed with great features.  The Awesome Desktop Water Cooler is suited for area’s where floor space is at a premium.  The Desktop Water Cooler fits nicely in any corner of a bench or even in the middle of the bench.  The Desktop Water Cooler has instant hot and cold filtered water.  The class leading 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridge provides extra trace elements along with filtering out all the bad parts of the water.



Desktop Water Cooler


When using the Desktop Water Cooler you can have chilled filtered water which is perfect on those hot days.  The hot water tap is great for cups of coffee or soup or where instant hot water is required on demand.  Awesome Coolers Desktop Water Cooler comes with a two year warranty as standard on their reliable compressor.  There is 12 months warranty on all other parts.


• Stage 1 Primary Filter Felt Pads – acts like a silt pad removing rust and sediment particles suspended in the taps.
• Stage 2: KDF – Assists the next stage (activated carbon) to remove chlorine, organic matter & heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic.
• Stage 3: Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment as well as the bad smells & taste associated with chlorine used in town water.
• Stage 4: Mineralised Balls – These natural minerals derived from natural clay’s add back valuable minerals to the body. Examples of these minerals are iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.
• Stage 5: Mineral Coralite Balls – Slow realease minerals mostly calcium is released into the water over time.
• Stage 6: Activated Carbon – An additional but finer granular layer of activated carbon.
• Stage 7: Mineralised Balls – Finer grade of stage 4 above.
• Stage 8: Ceramic Plate – Final stage of filtration that has the potential to remove some forms of bacteria.

HOW IT WORKS — Just pour tap water into our awesome water cooler filtration system to remove chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic impurities. The result is pure, fresh drinking water that tastes awesome.  In addition to this, our awesome water coolers also add much needed trace elements to your water including Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium and Iron.

We have an experienced team allowing us to provide ridiculously fast


within 1 – 5 days via Australia Post or Fastway courier

for our Awesome Desktop Water Cooler




1800 789 781.



Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work?



Water Dispenser

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? Hot and cold filtered water dispensers are considered to be one of the most useful appliances at home, school, the office or workplace. Safe and clean filtered drinking water is now more accessible, thanks to benchtop water coolers. It has also become more convenient because you have access to both hot and cold water at any time you want without needing to wait for a long time or consuming a huge amount of water. How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? A lot of people are quite baffled as to how freestanding hot and cold water dispensers are able to give such convenience to many. Read on below as we explain one by one how it is possible for you to enjoy filtered hot or cold drinking water without experiencing any hassle.

Filtration Methods of a benchtop water dispenser

Ever wondered what keeps the filtered water you get from your office water cooler safe to drink? It is because of the water filtration systems installed within the office water cooler. There are three methods of water filtration commonly employed: reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and activated charcoal.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a technique wherein a semi-permeable membrane eliminates large particles, molecules, and ions from your drinking water. Pressure is applied to counteract osmotic pressure in order to remove unwanted impurities in the drinking water. This technique can remove various kinds of dissolved and suspended substances such as bacteria.

Ion Exchange

Water coolers that employ ion exchange as water filtration system purifies, separates, and decontaminates your drinking water with mineral or polymeric ion ex changers. The materials commonly used as ion ex changers are zeolites, montmorillonite, clay, or a mixture of different materials.

Activated Charcoal

An activated charcoal water filter has activated charcoal in its water filtration system. Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that has been processed in order to have tiny and low-volume pores. This will make the surface area that is available for adsorption to become bigger. Because of the extent of micro-porosity achieved from the activation process, a small amount of activated charcoal can already perform adsorption quite well.

Cooling Methods of a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home or Office

Hot and cold water dispensers have a refrigeration system in order to make the filtered drinking water cold. Two methods are usually employed: Thermoelectric cooling and Vapour Compression Refrigeration.

Vapour Compression Refrigeration

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? Water cooler dispensers that utilise this method has a refrigerant that circulates around the system to remove heat and expel it out of the system. This method has four components: compressor, thermal expansion valve, condenser and evaporator.

The refrigerant goes to the compressor in the form of a saturated vapour in order to have higher pressure and consequently, a higher temperature. The resulting compressed and hot vapour will then be condensed using water or air that flows along the system. The flowing air or water will expel the heat that it gets from the compressed vapour.

Thermoelectric cooling

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? A water cooler dispenser that uses thermoelectric cooling work by applying the Peltier effect. A device installed in the system has two sides wherein an electric current flows to distribute heat from one side to another. One side gets colder as the other side gets hotter. The hot side is connected to a heat sink so that it will be maintained at an ambient temperature. On the other hand, the cold side is maintained at levels below room temperature.

Heating Methods of a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? Hot and cold water dispensers commonly heat water with the use of a heating element. The hot water is then directed to a hot tank where it is stored and kept hot.

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? The heating system is directly connected to a cold water source underneath the sink. As the water’s temperature is increased by an electric coil, it expands to fill a chamber at the upper portion of the hot tank. When the water dispenser is turned on, additional cold water is sent underneath the storage tank which will displace the hot water towards the opening of the water dispenser. The hot water produced by this method has a higher temperature as compared to a regular hot water tap.

Water Dispenser




Get the Best Hot and Cold Water Dispensers at Awesome Water Filters

How Do Water Dispensers at Home or Office Work? Indeed having a high quality filtered drinking water dispenser makes life way easier. Should you decide to get a water cooler with awesome water filters for the home, office or school, make sure to buy only from reliable companies like Awesome Water Filters. With a hot and cold water dispenser for home or office, you can be guaranteed that the filtered drinking water you will drink is clean and safe without exerting too much effort.  Call us toll free on 1800 789 781 to find out how Awesome Water Filters can provide a filtered drinking water solution for your home, office or workplace.

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History of Water Coolers Home Office

History of Water Coolers Home Office


History of Water Coolers Home Office

Water has always been an integral part of everyday life. From the growth of plants and animals, to the health of the human body, water is an essential need.  The history of water coolers, how did water purifiers become so important at home and in the office?

When it comes to our drinking water, raw water is not enough. Water needs to be purified so that harmful contaminants from the environment such as soil particulates or bacteria are removed.

History of Water Coolers Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, contaminants, solids, gases, and metals from contaminated water taken from a source or reservoir. Through different processes, a water filtration system can transform tap water into clean filtered drinking water.

These processes include filtration, sedimentation, distillation, as well as the use of biologically active carbon and chlorination. Water purification is used for a variety of purposes like medical, industrial or chemical applications. But it’s especially important for drinking water.

Filtered water has reduced concentration of particulate matter, which includes disease-causing particles, parasites, bacteria, algae and more. A water filter can ensure that the pure water follows the national and international drinking water standards.

History of Water Coolers Today, water purification is an assumed part of everyday life. It’s integrated in bottleless water coolers and it’s a standard in every bottled water. You can be sure that your office water cooler or water coolers for home already dispense cool purified and filtered water.

However, this level of emphasis on and convenience in water purification has not always been the case. In the history of water coolers and water filtration systems, water purification had a long way to go.


The History of Water Purification

Quite early on, human civilisations have realised how essential water is, and we’ve been entirely dependent upon water throughout human history.

In fact, early societies clustered around water sources, which were the source of livelihood and transport. Water, whether it was fresh, underground, or by the sea, determined the food source, social activity, and even cross-cultural interactions.

Throughout the development of history, we have achieved gradual control of the water, through initiatives like irrigation and sanitation products. All this time, clean drinking water has been a priority, even though the science behind it was poorly understood.

By the time Anton van Leeuwenhoek pioneered the use of the microscope, the scientific world confirmed descriptions of tiny, living organisms existing in the water. These organisms were suggested to be harmful for human consumption.

Later, scientist John Snow’s experiments linking cholera deaths to a contaminated water pump proved this idea. Poor drinking water quality was linked to diseases. Now, we know of many waterborne diseases, such as diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, botulism, cholera, typhoid, cryptosporidiosis, polio; these are caused by harmful bacteria, like E. coli, or by waterborne intestinal parasites.

Linking diseases to drinking water quality made people realise how important water purification was. However, even with this idea, it was difficult for inventors, scientists and engineers to integrate water purification with the drinking water supply. But there were many attempts at purifying water supply and strengthening sanitation.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, for example, a trend of municipal sanitation programs began in the Western world. However, the results were still inconveniently large and difficult to maintain. The sand water filters designed by Thom and Simpson, for example, were large and required extensive cleaning. They weren’t feasible options for the everyday household drinking water needs.

Later on, however, advancements in the design of water coolers and dispensers would also come with the modern water purification systems. Filtered water would become easier to access.

The History of the Water Cooler – Water Dispenser

The water cooler came at a time when municipal sanitation efforts, such as the sand water filters, have been established. Before, the early drinking fountains dispensed only room temperature water, which meant that bacteria can survive. They didn’t kill microorganisms.

The first ever water cooler was invented in 1906 by Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws, while the first drinking faucet was patented by Haws in 1911. Given the link between disease and clean water, it was said that the water cooler was designed to provide safer drinking water and avoid water contamination leading to typhoid fever. The colder temperature reduced the activity and growth of many bacteria.

However, water purification was still crude at that time. Large blocks of ice were used to chill the water in Taylor and Haws’ invention. This made for a large and incredibly inconvenient unit, exposed to different factors that can lead to contamination.

Later, the first self-contained electric water cooler began appearing in the late 1930s. Self-contained units meant less exposure to contaminants and to harmful bacteria.

Now, decades later, there are a plethora of models and types of water coolers and water purification systems that are sealed off from the environment. They are designed to be compact, light, and also more energy efficient. These include benchtop water cooler, freestanding water cooler & benchtop mineral water purifier.

Many units provide both cooling and heating elements. They also come in a multitude of designs, colours and shapes. Most importantly, modern water coolers and hot & cold water dispensers come with inbuilt purifying systems, which make use of processes like reverse osmosis to remove chlorine and microbes.



History of Water Coolers Home Office Types of Purification Processes

Different bottleless water units come with different purification mechanisms. Vendors of bottled water also boast of varying programs to turn tap water into filtered water.

Common types of purification processes include:

History of Water Coolers Home Office Distillation – the water is heated until it boils. Impurities are evaporated alongside the steam, and captured in the distillate. The water left behind is purified already.

History of Water Coolers Home Office Reverse osmosis RO – the water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane, or several layers of membrane, in order to remove particulates and others contaminants. This process is sensitive to chlorine and requires pressure.

History of Water Coolers Home Office UV Ultra Violet water purification – Light is used particularly to remove contaminants and particulates from the water. It is one of the fasted types of purification processes.

History of Water Coolers Home Office Investing in Purified Water By Purchasing an Alkaline Water Filter or Water Purifier for home or office

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t hesitate. Water purification and filtered water are investments that won’t disappoint. For your water purification needs, contact Awesome Water Filters now on 1800 789 781. You and your family deserve to live a life free from the harms of dirty drinking water. We offer you our class leading 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridge technology.  Benchtop Water Cooler, Freestanding Water Cooler, Benchtop Water Cooler with Fridge, POU Point of Use Freestanding Water Cooler, POU Point of Use Benchtop Water Cooler & Benchtop Mineral Water Purifier.




Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

What Makes the Bottleless Water Cooler a Practical Choice?




Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

What Makes the Bottleless Water Cooler a Practical Choice?

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler, getting access to clean and fresh water is a must for everyday life. Whether it’s at home or in the office, being able to drink cool filtered water can boost productivity and make you feel heaps better. Water keeps the body healthy, improves immunity and other bodily functions, and helps wash away harmful toxins.

In this day and age, drinking clean water is easier with the use of water coolers. Water coolers or water dispensers are devices which cool water to a certain temperature range and dispense them through a faucet. There are different designs and types. There are water coolers for home, as well as office water cooler systems.

Water coolers come in two types of designs: bottleless POU or bottled water coolers.

There are several key features differentiating bottleless from bottled water coolers. At a glance, bottleless water coolers are directly hooked up to a water supply, and they are installed with a water filtration system. Bottled water coolers come in discrete bottled units which require delivery or pick-up from vendors.

Because of their differences in features, these hot & cold water dispenser systems vary in convenience, water dispenser price, and in benefits. However, if you are looking for the more practical and even better option, then you should opt for the bottleless water cooler for office or home.

The Features of the Bottled Water Cooler

Bottled Water Cooler At A Glance:

  • Regular installation of 19L water bottles, which can be inconvenient or difficult
  • Storage and transport means water might not be fresh
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure safety
  • Expensive compared to our POU point of use bottleless water dispenser

The bottled water cooler is one of the earliest designs for the modern water cooler. There are two main types of water dispenser designs: the basic freestanding design and the bottom-load water dispenser.

The freestanding bottled water cooler is the system that’s most commonly thought of when thinking of a bottled water cooler. Huge bottles of water, normally with a volume of 18.9L for the regularly-sized versions, are placed spout-down into the dispensing machine.

Installing and Using a Bottled Water Cooler

Using a bottled water cooler system requires regular maintenance and cleaning. If you choose this option, be prepared for regular delivery or pick-ups from water vendors and frequent maintenance of the dispenser unit. This type of system if very expensive as well.

Bottled water is normally delivered to your household or office on a regular basis, and empty bottles are exchanged for full ones to be cleaned and recycled. This scheme means that you have the option to choose the vendor that will supply your costly drinking water. Different vendors offer water purified by different filtration systems.

After delivery of the bottles, you’ll have to install the bottled water onto the water dispenser. The bottle should be tipped upside down and then set onto the mouth of the dispenser. With this movement, the cap of the bottle is pierced and the water will naturally flow into your water cooler’s internal dispenser.

Because it works through gravity, freestanding water dispensers come with an internal device to dispense the water in a controlled manner. Once the bottled water is empty, then the water purifier bottled water is replaced by a new one.

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

The Downsides to a Bottled Water Cooler

While individual units of the bottled water may seem affordable, having to order several of them in one month in order to adequately supply your household can result to a pretty big total cost.

Aside from this financial concern, a bottled water cooler system is also a struggle to operate (especially the installation part). There’s also the inconvenience of having to exchange bottles regularly.

But the biggest downside to a bottled water cooler would be the storage and transport processes. The bottled water used for your unit is filtered and processed in a plant, then transported in vans to be distributed to different storage locations, where it remains until there is an order.

Throughout this delivery process, the bottles of water can be exposed to light in storage –leading to the formation of bacteria. It’s also harder to guarantee assurance of quality in general.

And even within the act of installation, the open mouth of the dispenser makes the water system vulnerable to bacteria. The neck of the bottle is always exposed to different elements as well.

Lastly, the manufacture and use of plastic makes bottled water less environment-friendly.


The Features of a Bottleless Water Cooler

So what’s the more practical option? Choosing a bottleless water cooler system addresses many of the problems in the bottled water cooler design.

Bottleless Water Cooler at a Glance:

  • Water flows directly from piping, requiring no additional installation
  • Built-in purification systems guarantee freshness and safety
  • System is eco-friendly and convenient

Bottleless water cooling systems, unlike bottled water coolers, rely on a continuous connection to a building or home’s water supply. The water is purified by different processes in order to be fit for drinking. This means that there’s no need to repeatedly order and install discrete bottle units. And the purification steps ensure freshness.

Bottleless water coolers come in many dispenser types, specifically the wall-mounted type and the direct-piping water dispensers.

The wall-mounted type is connected to the building water’s supply, and they come with water tanks for purification. These are what you’d usually call a water fountain or drinking fountain.

Direct-piping water dispensers are those found at home. Choosing this option means that your drinking water will be continuously dispensed as the faucet is directly connected to the in-house water source.

Tap water is turned into fresh water due to a purification system. Water purification can involve a filtration process, distillation, the removal of chlorine, lead and other chemicals, pressure through a multi-layer membrane, and oxygenation.

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

Benefits of a Bottleless Water Cooler

In contrast to a bottled water cooler, a bottleless water cooler is the more practical choice due to its convenience, assured quality, and freshness.

Because the water comes from the in-house water system and isn’t transported from the outside, bottleless water coolers operate on a sealed system, which means the water is protected from bacteria and outside exposure.

The direct connection to tap water means that the water is always fresh (unlike bottles of water which may already have gone through weeks of transport), and the immediate water purification scheme guarantees safety.

In terms of water dispenser price, this option is obviously more practical in the long run. There’s no need for constantly ordering bottles from a vendor. Plus, because of the eco-friendly design of bottleless water coolers, you won’t have to worry about stacks of empty water bottles after.

Getting the Benefits of Cool, Fresh Drinking Water from Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

Whether it’s for the home or the office, you should have the benefits of cool and fresh drinking water that’s guaranteed to be purified and safe. If you’re looking for drinking water solutions, contact Awesome Water Filters on 1800 789 781.

From your choice of water dispenser to the best water filtration system, Awesome Water Filters can offer what you need.

Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler




Why Your Home Needs a Water Dispenser

Why Your Home Needs a Water Dispenser


Why Your Home Needs a Water Dispenser

Supply of water is quite limited, and not all can be used for drinking purposes, this is why your home needs a water dispenser. If you do not have any fresh and clean water intake, you will surely die in no time. This is why it is important that you know about the different ways that you can conserve water in your home. Saving water is not that hard to do; what many find difficult is having a firm decision to continue doing so.

How Can You Conserve Drinking Water at Home?

  • When preparing hot drinks such as coffee or tea, avoid filling the kettle more that the amount that you will really need.
  • Use a small size of drinking glass to avoid getting more water than you will actually drink.
  • A lot of people tend to waste drinking water by allowing the water from the faucet to become cold before filling their glass. To conserve water, buy a jug or bottle which you can use to store cold water in the refrigerator. This way, you can get refreshed with cold water while not wasting a single drop.
  • Always secure the lid back on when you return large opened bottles in the refrigerator. Many people tend to throw away water bottles only because they weren’t able to drink it.
  • Avoid drinking too much water at once because your body won’t be able to absorb all of it anyway. Alternatively, you can drink moderate amounts at regular intervals all throughout the day.
  • If you purchase a lot of bottled water, always make it a point to check its expiration date. You need to be able to consume all the bottled water that you bought before it expires.
  • Do not turn on the faucet all the way when you get water so that the water will not spill.
  • There are many benefits you get from drinking filtered water.
  • The best way to conserve drinking water at home: get a water dispenser!

Aside from the measures given above, you might want to consider purchasing for your home a water dispenser for your home. The water dispenser already produces cold or hot water while avoiding spillage because of its ability to dispense water in controlled amounts to avoid spillage.

You no longer have to use water kettles to make hot water for just a single cup of coffee. This will also reduce the need for buying plastic water bottles which will be a great help to the environment.


Is Buying a Water Dispenser for the Home Really Worth It?

You may feel that buying a water dispenser for your home does not give any benefit and will only spell out huge expenses. Aside from being able to help minimise the wastage of the water that you will use, water dispensers provide a lot of benefits that will make the money that you spend for it really worth it.

  • Drinking water from dispensers tastes a lot better than regular water.

Water dispensers have a water filtration system that purifies the water that you drink to make it safe and taste a lot better. This will encourage the people at your home to drink more water instead of having drinks that contains a lot of sugar such as soft drinks or fruit juices. Drinking lots of water is proven to be one of the best methods to ensure good health. Purified water is safer because the bacteria that might cause bad effects to your body has already been eliminated.

  • Drinking water from water coolers will help you decrease expenses at home.

It is a common practice in many households to buy lots of bottled water to store in the refrigerator in order to have cold drinking water. You will save money in the long run with your water cooler wherein you can buy gallons of water to be dispensed at an affordable price.

  • Drinking water from a water cooler dispenser is more convenient.

Are you already tired of preparing a litter of hot water from a kettle, only to use 1 cup for your coffee? With a water cooler dispenser, you can get hot water just the way you want it without needing to consume a lot of drinking water. This will also help you save a lot of time because you no longer have to spend precious minutes waiting for the water to boil from a kettle.

Why Your Home Needs a Water Dispenser

Getting water coolers for home is not troublesome at all. You can have it installed in no time by a reliable professional like Awesome Water Filters. With a water cooler, you can be assured of a clean water while helping save the environment because of wiser water consumption.

Call our awesome team on 1800 789 781 to find out more, we are here to help.


8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

Why the 8- Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is Far Superior than the 7-Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridge



8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

I know they look the same, however look closely as they are different, 8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter.  The one on the left has class leading KDF water filter technology.  We need clean water every day of our lives. Aside from its integral role in keeping us alive, water also ensures that we stay healthy and disease- free. However, if we drink contaminated drinking water by any chance, we are only putting our bodies in danger. There are many diseases that can be acquired from unclean and unfiltered drinking water like typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, giardia, dysentery and Guinea worm disease. These dirty drinking water related diseases claim millions of lives each year. Which is why clean, safe and pure filtered drinking water must be a top priority in your homes and offices.  Your family and colleagues will thank you every day for the next level upgrade to a prestige water cooler such as our instant hot and cold filtered drinking water purifier.  These fit nicely either on the benchtop or as a freestanding water cooler.

There are many instant hot and cold filtered drinking water cooler options available to you.  Our range of Awesome Coolers are off the hook when compared to others in the filtered drinking water market. Tap water may be an inexpensive option but you cannot be 100% sure that it is safe and clean. Bottled water is another option but is said that 40% of bottled water is actually tap water. Aside from not being 100% safe, consuming multiple bottles of water a day is harmful to the environment. You are contributing to the already severe global plastic waste problem that we have by adding more plastic to our dump sites. Your best option is to buy a drinking water filter or drinking water purifier.

8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

Water purification is a way to make sure that the water you are drinking is safe for you and your family & work mates. A drinking water purifier or drinking water filter and a hot water dispenser can give you safe and great tasting hot filtered drinking water any time of the day at home or in the office or workplace. It gives you safe and pure premium quality filtered drinking water, is cheaper than buying bottled drinking water and is more environmentally-friendly.

A great and reliable drinking water filtration system is what makes a drinking water filter or drinking water purifier an efficient source of clean, filtered drinking water. There are many types of drinking water filters but some are far more superior to others. There are different stages in the filtered water purification process and each stage is important in ensuring that your filtered water is 100% safe from bacteria and toxins.

KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

KDF or Kinetic degradation fluxion is a product developed in 1984 by Don Heskett whose function is to remove unwanted chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulphide from water supplies. It is a high purity copper zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox. It works by exchanging electrons with contaminants and changes them to benign and harmless components. KDF is also effective in killing algae and fungi and prevents the growth of bacteria. KDF can also reduce or remove other contaminants like iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, mercury, lead, chromium and magnesium. Exposure to these certain contaminants can lead you to have fatal and serious diseases such as cancer, nervous system damage, joint diseases, diseases of the kidneys and circulatory system


KDF Media

KDF is greatly optimised when used with water filter media. It complements any form of activated carbon that have multi-stage stage filters. KDF can also help to prolong water filter media. For instance, KDF extends the life and enhances the efficiency of activated carbon water filters. KDF can also remain effective even at high temperatures which is why it is also a popular choice for shower water filters.

Multi-stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Filter Replacement Cartridges

A activated charcoal mineral water filter cartridge is one of the drinking water filtration systems used to make water safe for drinking. The different stages of water filtration and the valuable KDF media ensures superior drinking water purification.  If you have been doing research on the different types of KDF activated charcoal mineral water filter replacement cartridges, you might have come across the 7-Stage KDF and the 8-Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Water Filter Replacement Cartridges. Here are the different stages of both water filter cartridges.



7-Stage Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Stage 1: Removes sediments and other dirt particles

Stage 2: Removes organic chemicals and chlorine

Stage 3: Removes bad door and taste

Stage 4: Removes excessive amounts of salts and dissolved contaminants (RO)

Stage 5: Final polishing and improves the taste of water

Stage 6: Energiser and pH balancing

Stage 7: Disinfection of bacteria and viruses (UV)



Famous Class Leading Premium Quality
Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridges


8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

Famous Class Leading 8-Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Stage1: Contains the primary filter felt pads which effectively removes sediment particles and rust and stops the growth of harmful bacteria.

Stage 2: KDF – Removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, heavy metals, iron, lead, nickel, mercury and arsenic.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment and bad smell & taste.

Stage 4: Mineralised Balls – Restore natural trace minerals required by the body, such as iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.

Stage 5: Mineral Ceramic Balls – insoluble, gradually releases mineral substances

Stage 6: Activated Carbon – An extra layer of activated carbon

Stage 7: Mineralised Balls – An extra layer of mineral balls

Stage 8: Ceramic Plate – Removes bacteria and parasites e.g. Giardia.

8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

Why is the famous class leading 8- Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridge is the More Superior Type of Water Filter Replacement Cartridge?

The 8- Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridge has an additional stage of water filtration which adds an extra layer of valuable mineral balls which ensures that your water gets the trace minerals we need in our bodies. Trace minerals such as iron, chromium, magnesium, iodine, potassium, lithium and zinc are necessary in many of our biological functions. With our daily diet, we cannot be sure that we are getting the necessary amount of trace minerals that our bodies need. Trace minerals are necessary for different bodily processes like the absorption of glucose, enzyme function, blood clotting, thyroid regulation, the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells and tissue formation to name a few.

The deficiency of trace minerals can make our bodies more vulnerable to diseases and health problems. Our cells need a healthy dose of trace minerals to replenish themselves. Drinking water from a water filter or water purifier with an 8-Stage KDF filter can help our bodies get the necessary amount of trace minerals. With the added stage in the 8-Stage KDF Filter, you can be sure that you get these minerals into your body whenever you drink a refreshing glass of pure water from a water filter or water purifier at home or in the office.  The best way to get these trace minerals into our bodies is through drinking water from an 8-Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridge.

If you want an efficient water cooler, water purifier, an office water cooler or a home water cooler, choose one that has the class leading 8-Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridge. Aside from the benefits from the highly effective water filtration system, you get an extra stage of filtration which ensures that you get the highest quality pure water for drinking.


8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter



Activated Carbon Water Filters, Benchtop Water Purifiers and other health and wellbeing Products from Awesome Water Filters

If you want a high-performing yet affordable water cooler, water purifier, hot water dispenser, or a water dispenser for your home or office, you must check out the premium quality products from Awesome Water Filters. If you need a water cooler for your office to give you refreshing cold water any time of the day or a home water cooler to give you piping hot water and ice cold water whenever you want, then an Awesome Water Filter is a right choice for you.

Awesome Water Filters utilise the famous class leading 8 stage KDF activated charcoal mineral water filter replacement cartridges are known for their exemplary quality performance and health benefits.

8 Stage Water Filter Vs 7 Stage Water Filter

If you want clean filtered premium quality drinking water that you can enjoy every day, contact us at Awesome Water Filters 1800 789 781 or


Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Filtered Water Vs Tap Water

Tap Water Filter

Tap Water Filter, Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water, Is it safe to drink tap water, if not you need a tap water filter in a water filter system? No one would really know the substances which come out of your faucet unless you bring pure water samples to a laboratory. The content of your tap water may be different from time to time across regions. It may contain many harmful chemicals which gradually put your health at risk. The harmful effects of drinking tap water may not be seen right away, but it can slowly damage your body and it would only be noticed once someone is already ill.

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water



Heavy metals from plumbing may mix with your tap water.

Incidents of lead poisoning are always likely to happen because of our aging plumbing system. From prestige brass fittings to copper pipes, real risks of tap water lead contamination increases. This can c­­ause severe damage to several body organs including the kidneys, respiratory organs, and most especially the brain. High levels of lead in the body may lead to headache, confusion, and irritability. Learning and behavioural disorders may occur in infants and children since their brains are still developing.

Chlorine and fluoride is added to the tap water.

Chlorine is basically added to tap water in order to kill microorganisms. Though beneficial, it affects the taste and smell of your tap water which can make it unpleasant to drink. Small amounts of fluoride are also in your tap water for its health and dental benefits.  Excessive amounts of fluoride in your body can cause damage to the pineal gland. Other compounds of fluoride such as sodium fluoride are also toxic for the body.

Anything that goes through the drain may also be in your tap water

Australia’s water filtration systems are carefully managed to ensure that our water is safe. However, there are certain complex substances people flush down their drains which may, at some point, not be filtered. These include medications, fertilizers and other chemicals which are dangerous for your health.

Water filters are now used for more safe and effective filtering

Many people feel safer in drinking filtered water. There are different kinds of water purifiers and hot and cold water dispensers.  All of them providing a lot of health benefits. Premium quality Awesome 8 Stage KDF Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridges from Awesome Water Filters removes all the rubbish that you would not like to have in your hot and cold filtered drinking water. All particles, toxic materials, micro organisms as well as bad smell and taste will be filtered.  This makes the filtered water more pleasant and safer to drink. It also becomes healthier since these premium quality 8 stage kdf charcoal mineral water filter cartridges also add valuable minerals & trace elements.  These minerals and elements are required by the body to function at its optimum level.

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Tap water straight from your faucet makes drinking water at the perfect temperature a tedious & unpleasant task.



With our premium quality awesome 8 stage KDF Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Cartridges, you can easily enjoy your premium quality filtered drinking water.   Water filter systems with either hot or cold from our Awesome Coolers Hot and Cold Free Standing Filtered Water Dispensers or our table top Hot & Cold Water Dispenser.

There is no need for a jug or ice cubes as these home or office awesome water coolers and purifiers do the job for you day in day out.  They do this while providing pure premium quality fresh filtered drinking water at an affordable price.   Be it from our ambient room temperature Countertop water filtration system or our pure filtered hot and cold water dispenser.  Our filter system is second to none.  Replace water filter systems every 6 months.

You may know a lot of people who drink water straight from their faucet. Even if we consider it as something perfectly fine to do, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Many Water Filters can now be found everywhere from homes to offices.   They offer more than just filtering your drinking water they give you peace of mind.  We have water filter systems installers in your area.

A hot and cold filtered water dispenser comes in handy in avoiding smelly tap water and gives you unlimited pure fresh filtered water for your drinks hot or cold.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 789 781 or

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water


Water Dispensers In The Office

Water Dispensers In The Office

A classic, complete picture of an office nowadays often includes desk, chairs, drawers, computers, and hot and cold water dispensers. A lot of quality companies install hot and cold water dispensers in their workplace for clients and employees for many reasons. In this article “Why Water Dispensers Should Be Installed In The Office, we list down some of the reasons why filtered water dispensers and purifiers have become so indispensable in most working environments.


Water Dispensers In The Office

Increased productivity, lowered downtime
The brain can function optimally when well-hydrated. Water increases our ability to think, prevents irritability and maintains cognitive alertness. This simple act of installing hot and cold office water dispensers can immediately lead to improved work performance.

Having premium quality 8 stage filtered water nearby also increases productivity by saving time and energy. Workers do not need to go out of the office to get a drink. They can enjoy a caffeine boost, warm cup of drink or a refreshing drink anytime between their working hours.

Promotion of healthier living
Aside from the duty of keeping workers healthy while in your office, healthy workers also means better work outcomes. Other than supporting optimal brain performance, drinking regular amounts of filtered water has many health benefits including:

  • Avoid fatigue as it improves circulation and replenishes energy
  • Aid in digestion and can help in weight loss
  • Keep organs healthy, such as kidneys and the skin
  • Prevent bad breath

Creation of a positive working environment
Office workers will surely appreciate the presence of a hot and cold water dispenser in their workplace and perceive the benefits of it. A short coffee break with co-workers promotes harmony and positive relationships in the workplace. A relaxing vibe can also soothe a meeting or conference when shared with a cup of coffee and a chat.

Water Dispensers In The Office


hold and cold water dispensers


Practicality – 8 stage KDF water filters are a good investment for your health


8 stage water filter replacement Awesome Water

Awesome Water Logo for website

The road to safer, cleaner filtered water starts with filtered water dispensers and filtered water purifiers

With a wide variety of hot and cold filtered water dispensers to choose from, make sure that you invest on the most cost effective one which provides all your needs. This simple awesome water machine is more than just a tool in your office; it enhances the quality of life of your workers and takes care of their health. So, make sure you choose the best possible option such as the Awesome Coolers range of Hot and Cold Filtered Water Dispensers.

To find out more please call us toll free 1800 789 781 or email us to find out more on this premium quality filtered water solution.

Water Dispensers In The Office