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Water Cooler Dispenser: Is it really safe?

How Safe is Your Water Cooler Dispenser?

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You will benefit from the provision of a water cooler dispenser. It’s quick, it’s easy, it tastes better than tap water, and it’s better for you than fizzy drinks. While well-made, well-maintained coolers are a definite perk for any workforce, others can actually be detrimental to drinker’s health.

A Fact is a fact!

A water cooler dispenser is a water cooler, right? Wrong. While many water cooler units look pretty much the same, they are made by numerous companies in numerous countries, all with differing health and safety standards.

What this means for the consumer is that they can purchase what they believe to be a high-quality piece of equipment for their staff and end up inadvertently causing low-level or in worst case, chemical poisoning. So, what can you do to make sure that you’re not caught out?


Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Our Water Cooler Dispenser have an installed Genuine Awesome Cooler branded 8 stage KDF Water Filter which has a 5 Micron rating. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the number of micron rating the better! This provides adequate water flow whilst effectively filtering out contaminants, bacteria as well as any bad small or taste.

Our Objective

a glass of pouring a drinking water in a nature background

As a local water cooler supplier, we understand the importance of why your water cooler dispenser needs to be regularly sanitised. That’s why we feel it is important for us to provide you the 12 months warranty on all of our materials.

Thanks to the various sorts of water purifier technologies, anybody could now keep the water clean of any noxious material and pollutants, giving the consumers the assurance that they are getting pure and crystal clear water than that regularly come from the tap.

Call 1800 789 781 or email [email protected] to chat about our wide range of awesome Instant Hot and Cold Filtered Drinking Water Cooler Dispensers. 

Awesome Water Filters

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Easily Maintain Your Desktop Water Cooler

Top Tips on Easily Self Maintaining your Desktop Water Cooler

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It’s easy to look after a desktop water cooler if you know how – they are very reliable and low maintenance.

Above all, with occasional TLC, it’ll provide you with perfect clean and tasty filtered drinking water from your water cooler. However, as with many appliances, there are things you can do to ensure the performance of your water cooler.

Keep it clean as you go!

benchtop water cooler

Always keep your desktop water cooler as clean as possible. It’s a good idea make it clean and sparkly.

It only takes a minute with an antibacterial wipe and by doing this will keep your  cooler looking like new!

Sanitise your water cooler regularly by cleaning. Every 6 months or so it is recommended that the cooler is sanitised on the inside. Simply flushing a sanitising fluid of water, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda through the water cooler. Most importantly, this clears the water system of any bacteria to ensure your pure filtered water to taste great day after day in your desktop water cooler.

Change the water filters within the desktop water cooler at the correct intervals: Awesome water 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement filters have an average life span of 6 months and so will need changing twice yearly.  It’s easy to change a water filter and can be done in under half an hour!

A little Hack for you!

Empty and clean the drip tray on your water cooler regularly: to prevent water leaking from your water cooler, simply remove and empty the drip tray. It only takes a minute to do!

From time-to-time check that the connections on your water cooler are solid: have a quick look around the desktop water cooler and look at it to ensure the desktop water cooler is performing at its best.

To find out more Top Tips on Easily Self Maintaining your Desktop Water Cooler you can call us directly on 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]

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Do You Need A Water Purifier?

Why do you need a water purifier?


Do you need a water purifier?

The problem of safe drinking water availability has dramatically increased in the past few decades and so has the technology innovations with this issue. But do you really need a water purifier?

You can’t be too sure of the water you drink as it may contain:

  • harmful chemicals
  • Dangerous Bacteria and Viruses
  • Foreign Contaminants

visual representation of water purifier process

The water you drink comes from ponds, lakes, groundwater, reservoir,river water, rain water etc. Some water sources are very safe and free from biological and chemical contamination but it still may contain bacteria’s that can’t be filtered in municipalities that purifies water before distribution to the general public.

Both water filters and water purifiers work on the same mechanical principle. They first acquire raw water which could be contaminated, filter out impurities ranging from sediments to micro-organisms and then dispense clean fresh filtered water.

8 stage kdf water filter

8 stage filtration explanation

whole house water filter system

Water filter

However there is one big difference between the two – a water purifier can remove viruses and bacteria that water filters cannot remove. Some water purifiers use chemicals and others use an electro-static charge to kill or capture viruses in the drinking water.

It’s no more than just a glass of water right? The reason why it’s extremely important that your home has a water purifier is so all the occupants of the house have fresh clean filtered drinking water at home.  In fact, it is a must have at your household and at your workspace, clean filtered water that is.  Also, buying a water purifier or water filter for home or the office is a great idea.  Buying one of the best water purifiers will make the difference. And here’s how you choose the right water purifier or water filter:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers:  This is for homes where the water contains high TDS levels.  Water purifiers with RO technology work, as they remove all the viruses, bacteria and other toxic substances that your glass of water doesn’t require.  RO water purifiers are the preferred choice because they don’t just purify the water but also retain the natural minerals water is blessed with.

Ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers: The idea behind UV water purifiers is clean and clear – to kill all viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms present in the filtered drinking water. Thus making your filtered water healthy, pure and tasty.

Ultrafiltration (UF) Water Purifiers: UF water purifiers are as good as the RO ones.  What differentiates them from RO is the fact that you won’t require electricity to run it.  UF water purifiers are preferred simply because they use a fine membrane to kill the bacteria and other microbes present in the drinking water.

RO+UV Water Purifier: When you bring home an RO+UV Water Purifier, it does wonders as purification of any kind of water is possible.  What’s more , the drinking water in your glass in not just pure water, but healthy water and tasty too!

2 kids drinking glasses of water while parents are in the background

Do you need a water purifier?

With so many benefits owning a water purifier and an equal number of risks associated with not owning one, how does a water purifier even become a luxury?  It certainly is a necessity.  If you don’t own one, it’s time you do.  Visit our awesome website or call us on our toll free number 1800 789 781 and we assure you that every water cooler that we have is the perfect filtered water solution for your home and office!

Do you need a water purifier?

Importance of Water Consumption in Children 

Importance of Water Consumption in Children 

Importance of Water Consumption in Children

Importance of Water Consumption in Children 

Importance of Water Consumption in Children

Importance of Water Consumption in Children, Water’s numerous roles in the different body processes including nutrient transportation, metabolism, body temperature regulation, cellular activities, and toxin removal, proves how important proper hydration is in the human body.

Children compared to adults have essentially higher fluid intake requirements to keep their body working at its best condition. This is due to the fact that children are always exposed to higher physical activities during their play time so they should replace these excessive amount of water loss. Consequently, it is a misconception that children need smaller amount of water in the body than grownups do since they need more water intake for growth and development.

Therefore, parents and their guardians at home or in school should always monitor the fluid intake of the kids. It is because oftentimes, children do not notice signals of dehydration since their thirst mechanism is still not developed to instantly prompt thirst. We wouldn’t want our kids to be dehydrated and experience headache, fatigue, dry skin, or even reduced concentration and mental performance in school.

What is the Recommended Water Intake for Children?

According to Healthy Kids, this is the recommended daily intake of water for children in different age groups:

Importance of Water Consumption in Children

Age Males Females
9 – 13 1.6L/day = 6 glasses 1.4L/day = 5 to 6 glasses
14 – 18 1.9L/day = 7 glasses 1.6Lday = 6 glasses
Adults 2.6L/day = 10 glasses 2.1l/day = 8 glasses


Among the fluids your child may take to keep his/her body in good shape, water is the best and healthiest option. It is because it may be filtered to remove harmful substances and at the same time be added with natural vitamins and nutrients our body needs through the use of effective water filtration system.

Why is there a Need for Accessible Water Dispensers in School?

Having accessible water dispensers in schools would encourage children to drink water regularly and most importantly, whenever they feel thirsty after long lecture time, playing, or sports activities.

kids showcase drinking glass of water

Importance of Water Consumption in Children


There are several benefits in setting up accessible water dispenser in schools and here are some of them:

  • School performance of the students will be improved.

As stated earlier, dehydration causes reduced concentration and mental performance so setting up accessible water dispenser in schools will help prevent this problem. Once children drink water regularly in school, then they can perform better in class without the risk of experiencing headaches or decrease in concentration on academic activities. Thus, keeping the kids properly hydrated through the use of water dispensers in school, they can focus during discussions and will be able to retain everything they learned which will consequently result to higher test results. As such, a child that is well hydrated performs better in school than those who drink less and is usually dehydrated because of lack of accessible drinking water in school where they spend most of their time.

  • Children will do better in sports and other physical activities.

Since children are often exposed to strenuous physical activities because they love to run and play around, they need to replenish all the lost water from their body by drinking more water. Being hydrated will help your kids have more endurance as they play and prevent any adverse effect associated with dehydration such as fatigue and headache. Moreover, children who love to play their favourite sport will be able to perform better because there are accessible water dispensers in their school where they can get purified water. There could also be a water cooler where they can get a refreshing drink to quench their thirst after the tiring sports training or game they had. Importance of Water Consumption in Children

  • Proper hydration results to adequate growth and development.

Children require higher fluid intake especially if they are in their developing stage. This is because their metabolism tends to be faster so they should take more water to replenish these fluid faster as well. Drinking the recommended number of fluid intake would also lead to optimum growth for your child.

Where Can You Get a Safe and Healthy Water Dispenser for Your School?

Now that you understand how important it is to encourage children to drink water regularly, you must also recognise the necessity of setting up water dispensers in school with efficient water filter system to ensure that the children will consume premium quality of pure filtered water. The good thing is Awesome Water Filters has everything you need with regard to water filter systems in your home, school, or office. Your kids will not only get healthy filtered water. So, for safe and awesome water for your children, trust only Awesome Water Filters and its guaranteed quality water coolers and water filters!

call us 1800 789 781 or email us [email protected]

Awesome Water Filters

Importance of Water Consumption in Children


Drinking from a water cooler keeps the doctor away?



DRINKING FROM A WATER COOLER KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY? Many cities treat their drinking water to kill off harmful bacteria and parasites. What many people don’t know is that other contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, lead, copper, aluminium, pesticides, and so on can still remain in the drinking water even after being treated.

Not only that, but most tap water does not have a good taste most of the time. The reason for this is that there are chemicals such as chlorine used during the water treatment process. In an attempt to sort these problems out, many people purchase a water cooler from us here at Awesome Water Filters. These high quality water coolers help in eliminating any impurities while making the water taste much better.

girld drinking a glass of water

Research shows that a water cooler will save you roughly 80% a year on drinking water if you were to buy water bottles filled with alleged spring water. Some people like to bottle their own filtered water. By doing so, you will reduce plastic waste and save money and the environment.

Reading all of this, you might want to rush out and buy yourself a water cooler and who could blame you. Before you do that however, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of water coolers in general.

Water Cooler Advantages

  • Some of our water coolers require no plumbing.
  • Size- they make for easy storing and some models are portable.
  • With so many different types of water coolers on the market, you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.
  • There is minimal installation on a water cooler, almost everything is done for you by the company.
  • Cleanup is very simple. The only thing you really have to do is replace the water cooler parts when needed.
  • The water cooler is fairly easy to operate, the instruction manual does not require an expert to interpret.
  • You need to spend more money to get the best quality water cooler. The more expensive a water cooler would be, the more features you will be provided with. Therefore, it is better to buy a water cooler with many features so that you don’t need to worry later.

Water Cooler Disadvantages:

  • Although perceived as safe, try to keep it away from dust. Water coolers can easily become a breeding ground for diseases.
  • Cost. The water cooler does not cost much, but it requires a new filter to be installed every six months to keep it performing its best.
  • Check the quality of the plastic before you make the purchase. If it is made of harmful cheap plastic material, the purpose of drinking chemical free water is pointless.
  • If you refill old water bottles, you might be causing more harm than good. Most water bottles are meant to only be used once as there is an issue with micro plastics in the bottle.

awesome office water filter coolers


Most water filtration systems eliminate 90% of harmful chemicals. Also, knowing where your water is coming from is rather reassuring. The long term effects on your health alone are worth the investment in a water cooler.

Choosing the Right Water Cooler System for the Job

Purchasing the water cooler system should be the easy part, but sometimes, even after you know all of the benefits of your water cooler, you might still struggle with the variety of styles that can be hard to choose from.

There are all-white water coolers that blend with your surroundings.  There are some stainless steel models that give a touch of modern class to the office. There are even water coolers and water dispensers that come with dry storage compartments for cups and bottles, which makes water cooler areas in offices and gyms that much more safe without the clutter that setting aside room on a nearby table for plastic cups can cause.

Speak with someone that knows more about water coolers than yourself. It can be in your best interest to choose the right type of water cooler for the needs that you have.  If you need help please contact us here 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]


Benefits Of Alkaline Water

quotes of drinking water cooler by Pauline Roberts

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

Benefits of alkaline water have been well known for a long time in the wellness community that Alkaline Water is good for you.  Alkaline Water is a must have ingredient for the health-conscious individuals who utilize organic foods and living a healthier lifestyle through better diet, nutrition and lifestyles.  Alkaline Water is now one of the must have ingredients when cooking or drinking water.

By now you would be asking yourself how good is Alkaline Water and how is it different from regular tap water or any of the bottled water brands in the market today?  If you want to know about Alkaline Water and how this awesome water can assist you in changing your health for the better read on.

Here are some revelations about the benefits of alkaline water

infographic of drinking alkaline water and its benefits

Hydration on a cellular level

When water has been turned into alkaline water the body can absorb it better and this term is called “super hydrating” the body.  When the body is hydrated from consuming alkaline water, the process of aging is slowed down as cells can regenerate faster.  The antioxidant rich alkaline water protects against free radicals that cause cell damage.


During any normal day’s activities when consuming foods and drinks that have large numbers of acidic chemicals that create toxins as a form of water.  These can be stored in the body’s tissues and cells resulting in poor health.  Alkaline water is a great option to neutralize the acidic levels in the body and provide a natural detoxification.  This is achieved by reducing the acidic waste products from cells and tissues in the body.  This helps prevent poor health and even many cancers.

alkaline water ph chart guide

Brings the body into an alkaline pH

Alkaline water assists in regulating the proper level of PH in the human body.  Once this goal is reached and the human body is in an alkaline state cancer and many other illnesses cant live in an alkaline environment.  Drinking alkaline water will assist in keeping the human body’s PH at the right level.  Alkaline water regulates the immune system allowing it to facilitate the immune system to work at its best potential to help the human body heal itself.  Alkaline water also helps to keep your digestive tract in good order.  Your skin is much clearer when you drink alkaline water.  Keeping the human body in an alkaline state is great for your cellular health as well as your organ health.

Acts as an antioxidant

Alkaline water produces electrons, this enables the ionized water to counteract free radicals that are know to damage the human body.  Ionized water converts free radicals into oxygen which is used by the body to produce energy and tissue oxygenation.  Antioxidants as we all know look for free radicals to assist the human body in maintaining a healthy position.  With this in mind we all can now drink alkaline water as to maintain a healthier body instead of eating a piece of fruit or other food items that are rich in antioxidants.

If you thought alkaline water can only assist in the points raised so far you are wrong.  Alkaline water also assists in weight loss, reducing cholesterol, mental clarity, great hangover cure and increased bone strength.  If you are looking for an excellent source of alkaline water you have come to the right place.  Awesome Water Filters have the best alkaline water in Australia.  We are an Australian Company who have been providing Alkaline water in the Australian market since 2011.  You can see our range of alkaline water coolers and alkaline water dispensers here.

Visit awesomewaterfilters for more infoawesome water cooler logo


Awesome Coolers Water Cooler Stockists

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

Water Coolers Melbourne I Awesome Water Filters

Awesome Water Filters Melbourne Water Coolers

Benchtop Water Cooler Including Filter Bottle Floor Standing Water Cooler With Fridge Floor Standing Water Cooler Including Filter Bottle Water Cooler Filtration Bottle

Have a look at our Water Coolers Melbourne range which includes our class leading premium quality 8-stage water filter cartridge.  You will never have to purchase bottled water again which saves you a minimum of 80% when compared to bottled water.  Just take a minuite to think how much better your day will be if you have access to a water cooler system that provides you with pure filtered alkaline water at home or in the office.  Our instant hot and cold water coolers Melbourne are the perfect solution for your water coolers Melbourne.

Just click on the water coolers above for more information.

Drink Lots of Water To Lose Weight

There have been lots of articles written about the benefits of drinking plenty of clean filtered water.  Drinking lots of water is a real benefit when trying to lose weight.  One proven strategy is to drink two glasses of water before eating a meal.  This technique allows your body to feel fuller thus reducing the food and calorie intake at meal time.  Think about the calories you will save drinking two glasses of water before your meal when compared to the person who does not.  There is a real calorie advantage here for the person who drinks water before a meal.

If you are thinking about adding some extra exercise to your routine, drinking lots of water will allow you to train for longer.  There is nothing better than a cool glass of filtered water when you have been exercising.  If you train hard and don’t drink enough water you will feel tired with headaches as your body will become dehydrated.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated in Melbourne. Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water.

Bench Top water coolers Melbourne

Benchtop Water Cooler Including Filter Bottle


“Bench Top” Water Coolers Melbourne
Including 8-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 82cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 32cm
    Depth 32cm

Send us an email: water coolers Melbourne Water Coolers e-mail

Floor standing water coolers Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Cooler Including Filter Bottle


“Floor Standing” Water Coolers Melbourne for the Home or Office.

Including 8-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 135cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 32cm
    Depth 35cm

Send us an email: water coolers Melbourne Water Coolers e-mail

Floor Standing water coolers with Fridge Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Cooler With Fridge

“The Fridge” Water Coolers Melbourne
Including 8-stage filtration bottle and filter cartridge

  • Height: 138cm (including filter bottle)
    Width: 34cm
    Depth 38cm

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The filtration bottle from Water Coolers Melbourne 

Water Cooler Filtration Bottle

Send us an e-mail: water coolers Melbourne Water Coolers e-mail

Here we have the legendary premium quality water filtration bottle from Water Coolers Melbourne that sits on the top of our class leading water coolers Melbourne.  If you like to save money this is for you.  Simply fill up your jug of tap water or tank water and place in the top of our filtration bottle.  The water placed in the top section of our water filtration bottle is gravity filtered through our class leading 8-stage water filter cartridge.  This prestige water filter cartridge will remove the impurities from your tap water like chlorine.  The prestige filter then adds crucial minerals like magnesium back into your filtered water.  When the water in your water cooler Melbourne gets low, simply fill up a jug with your tap water and place in the top of the water filtration bottle for more pure alkaline filtered water.  You can see here our prices for our class leading 8-stage water filter cartridges.

Filtered Tap Water Melbourne

There is lots of water on earth, however unfortunately not all of it is suitable for drinking.  A healthy body requires water that has no contaminants in it and is pure with no added chemicals.  Tap water has chemicals added by the government such as chlorine to name one.  The choice is yours weather you drink this or use a water cooler Melbourne for a water filtration system.  Tap water is top quality if used in conjunction with our water filtration system Melbourne.  You can see here how effective our class leading premium quality 8-stage water filter cartridges are.  Check this link out as well for our Awesome Water Filters water filtration bottle.

Water Dispensers Melbourne Office and Home

Awesome Water have a big range of premium quality water coolers for home or office.  All of our water coolers have the famous water filtration bottle which filters and purifies your tap water.  This is how you can save money and never pay for bottled water again.  Benefits from drinking filtered water.  Simply pour your tap water into the water filtration bottle with the 8-stage water filter cartridge and watch the magic happen.  Pure filtered drinking water rules.

To find out more about our Melbourne Water Coolers simply call us toll free on 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected]

Water Coolers Melbourne

Water Coolers Brisbane – Awesome Water

Water Coolers Brisbane

Awesome Water Filters

How to change tap water into healthy alkaline filtered drinking water with Water Coolers Brisbane

Awesome Water Cooler Brisbane Range (Benchtop, Floor Standing and Benchtop Mineral Water Purifier)

Awesome Water Filters have a huge range of water coolers and benchtop mineral water purifiers that provide an economical solution for your filtered water needs.  You can look at our full range of water coolers and water dispensers here.  Awesome Water Coolers Brisbane have a massive range of premium quality water coolers and water dispensers.  Our quality range or awesome coolers are all fitted with our class leading 8-stage water filtration bottle.

To find out more about this cooler bottle please click here: filtration bottle from water coolers Brisbane.  If you are looking for a water dispenser Brisbane for your home or office, we have the solution for you.  This class leading premium quality water cooler filtration bottle from water coolers Brisbane is all you need.  All of our water coolers and water dispensers have a filter bottle to filter and purify your tap water saving you money on bottled water.  Our class leading 8 stage water filters also add much needed minerals for improved health and better taste.

Filtered Water Cooler Brisbane Systems Click on Pictures Below

  water coolers brisbane benchtop water cooler water cooler brisbane plus fridge water cooler brisbane floor standing

Awesome Water Coolers Brisbane filtration

replacement water bottle water purifier water cooler dispenser

Water Coolers Brisbane

Our class leading premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter cartridge is second to none.  All eight stages either remove the things you don’t want or add valuable trace minerals to your filtered drinking water.  Our water filter cartridges are the best available in the market today.  Our varied and smart customers regularly comment on the great taste and improved health benefits our water filter cartridges provide.  Regular tap water can taste average at best, however when the tap water is filtered with our premium quality water filter it tastes better and has added minerals for improved health and well-being.

Our water filtration system for home or office allows you to save precious money over bottled water.  If you are lucky enough to own an Awesome Water Filter’s water filtration system, you will be able to use regular tap water from your tap and filter it with our water filtration system thus giving you great tasting drinking water at an affordable price.  You can usually save a minimum eighty percent compared to bottled water.

The filtered prestige water tastes awesome.  Simply refill the water cooler bottle with tap water when needed for awesome tasing prestige water that is alkaline and full of much needed minerals.  Having one of our water filtration systems Brisbane in your office or home will allow your colleagues and family to drink more water while keeping you hydrated.  If you don’t drink enough water your body will be dehydrated making you tired and irritable at work or home.

Generally this happens around the dreaded three o’clock time.  Stay focused and drink more water to avoid this problem.  If your water tastes awesome you are more likely to drink more water staying hydrated.  By owning a water cooler from Awesome Water Filters or a water dispenser from Awesome Coolers you will drink more water.  Our benchtop water cooler with filtration bottle is second to none and retails for a low $495.

Our premium quality water filter cartridge is required to be replaced every six months to guarantee optimum performance.  You can read more about our class leading water filter cartridges here.

Looking for more information on water coolers Brisbane?

You can call Awesome Water Filters directly on our toll free number 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] to find out more about water coolers Brisbane.

For hundreds of years in Brisbane and Australia we have been drinking water straight from the tap.  While we don’t always know what is coming out of the tap water there is no way of knowing what chemicals are in the tap water.  To achieve the best possible tap water it is prudent to filter your tap water before drinking your tap water.  Why you should avoid drinking tap water in Brisbane.  If you are seeking the best quality water filter cartridge you have found it here with our class leading 8 – stage filtration Brisbane.  Water Filtration Brisbane.

Don’t put up with sub-standard water when you can filter your drinking water first.  Filtered water coolers Brisbane for the preparation and cooking of food and also drinking water.  You can do this to improve the health and wellbeing of your family and friends.  It is your choice if you make the effort to filter water before drinking or drink water straight from the tap. Benefits of drinking filtered water Brisbane.

There are real benefits of drinking clean water that does not have bad chemicals and toxins in the water.  To properly maintain your body’s hydration, it is recommended to drink approximately 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Filtered Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

Filtered tap water offers you a minimum saving of 80% when compared to bottled water.  The hefty price you are paying for your bottled water takes into account other costs such as the delivery and the delivery man, plastic bottles, marketing and profit.  Filtered tap water obviously has none of the associated costs that bottled water has.  Filtered tap water is cheap with a low carbon footprint.  Bottled water is not regulated by the government where your tap water is.  If you like to save money, filtering your own tap water is far cheaper than buying expensive bottled water.  We carry a range of water coolers Brisbane, which effectively filter tap water and tank water.

Our awesome water filtration system allows you to make an environmentally conscious decision by choosing a water filtration system where you fill the water bottle yourself straight from the tap.  This eco-friendly choice takes any added stress off the environment by not having more plastic bottles on the planet.  The water quality of our filtered tap water is far superior than just plain bottled spring water.

You can taste the chemicals that are added to regular tap water such as chlorine and others, not everybody likes this taste.  You do not need to buy bottled water to avoid the taste of chlorine.  You can simply use one of our water coolers with a water filter to remove the chlorine and other contaminants.

There has been several water quality tests where the person tasting the water was blindfolded and given bottled water and filtered tap water.  The person tasting the water preferred the taste of the filtered tap water.  As consumers most of have the perception that the more expensive the water the cleaner it is.  This is a falsehood that puts extra pressure on the environment through the manufacturing of water bottles.  Transport of water bottles and the power required to pump the spring water to a point where they can harvest the water.

Lemon infused Water?

It is common knowledge that if you place lemon in your glass of water it revitalises the body.  Here are some fabulous reasons you should be consuming more lemon infused water today.

  • Lemon juice helps your immune system to absorb healthy minerals and nutrients.
  • Lemon juice repairs your skin as it has a high level of vitamin C.
  • Lemon juice acts like a detox for your organs especially the liver.
  • Lemon juice aids in the reduction of inflammation in your joints.
  • Lemon juice gives you fresh breath as it kills bacteria in your mouth.
  • Lemon juice aids you in losing weight.
  • Lemon juice aids in keeping your skin young.

As you can see there are many benefits of adding lemon to your drinking water.

Drink More Water

We all know we should be drinking more water and reducing the consumption of other liquids.  If you were to place one of our water coolers Brisbane in your home or office you would see that everybody is drinking more water.  Research has highlighted the need for all of us to drink more water.

The recommended daily intake of water is 8 glasses of clean water to hydrate your body.  You could purchase one of our premium quality Benchtop Water Coolers or our Floor Standing water coolers that carry a two year warranty.

If you own a coffee machine look for a cold water tap.  The addition of a cold water tap results in you drinking more coffee and not just water.  Ask the supplier to add the cold water tap so you can drink more coffee.

Sugar Vs Water Consumption

We all know the benefits of drinking lots of water.  These days there are hundreds of sugary drinks on offer at schools, hospitals and food courts.  The constant availability allows us to consume more sugar through sugary drinks than ever before.  If you look after yourself and like to stay healthy you would choose a nice glass of filtered water over a sugary drink like Coca Cola.

There are lots of children and adults who are overweight because of their consumption of sugary drinks.  If you were to have a cold water machine with water filters you would be able to have more filtered water keeping your hydrated for longer.

All of our Benchtop Water Coolers Brisbane and our Floor Standing Water Coolers Brisbane have our premium quality 8-stage self filling filtration bottle on board.  The water your get from our water dispensers Brisbane has been filtered and purified removing chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments.  Our water dispensers Brisbane also add back much needed minerals such as magnesium.

 It makes sense to filter tap water with one of our water dispensers Brisbane as they save you lots of money, a minimum of 80%.  Now is the time to drink more filtered water over sugary drinks to promote better health and wellbeing.  There are no calories in our filtered alkaline water which is a smart choice over calorie laden sugary drinks.

Water Coolers Brisbane

You can call Awesome Water Filters directly on our toll-free number 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] to find out more about water coolers Brisbane.



Real Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

Real Benefits of an Office Water Cooler


Real Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

There has been a lot of news about the real benefits of an office water cooler in the office.  There are real advantages of using an office water cooler.  The office water cooler is not only a neutral place in the office or workplace to catch up with workmates and colleagues it is literally a fountain of youth.  Office water coolers increase productivity at work with their obvious health benefits.  There are three main areas where office water cooler benefits employees in an office or workplace.

  • Increased Office productivity through healthier employees

There have been studies that have shown that smart offices with office water coolers provide awesome positives that offices without office water coolers do not offer. With pure filtered drinking water on offer with some office water cooler users are more hydrated.  Being hydrated well is integral to increased productivity.  This happens through substituting sugary drinks for filtered water that tastes awesome.  With employees drinking more filtered water they will not get a sugar high that results in employees experiencing a sugar high crash around 3 pm.

  • Increased Productivity through brain Function

There is a lot of data to support the idea that people who consume filtered water in the office regularly have a better brain function than those who don’t.  If your employees stay hydrated throughout the day it has been proven that they stay focused for longer and have increased productivity through brain function avoiding the dreaded 3pm speed hump.  In workplaces where there is a lot of talking your employees will benefit from an office water cooler keeping their mouths moist and not dry.

  • Sounding out Ideas at the Office Water Cooler

Bouncing ideas off colleagues at the office water cooler allows employees to gauge the effectiveness of their ideas.  Offices where there is no office water cooler does not allow this to happen.  Offices where employees are segregated into their own workspace does not allow the face to face interaction that a office water dispenser allows.  The office water cooler or office water dispenser facilitates conversations through providing a meeting place in the office environment.  We offer you a complete solution for your water cooler filtration system.  You can also add magnesium prill beads to make the filtered water alkaline water.  Our cooler filters are class leading eight stage KDF activated carbon mineral water filter cartridges.

  • Best Water Coolers

Awesome Water Filters have a huge range of office water coolers and office water dispensers.  These office water dispensers can be installed quickly with our local sales representatives who are in your area.  Awesome Water Filters offer a floor standing water cooler or a benchtop water dispenser.  There is even a water cooler with fridge.  These hot and cold water dispensers are top of the range premium quality and easy to use.  Our local sales representatives are able to service your hot and cold water dispenser every six months ensuring optimum performance for your filtered water.

If you are looking to buy a water cooler or water dispenser with filter call our team at Awesome Water Filters now on 1800 789 781.  Or email us at [email protected]  we are here to help.

Real Benefits of an Office Water Cooler


Hot Water Dispenser For Home Winter Flu Fix

Hot Water Dispenser For Home Winter Flu Fix

Now that we are in the middle of winter and it is much colder than summer a lot of us will inevitably contract cold and flu symptoms.  Some of those symptoms will be a stuffy nose, runny nose, swollen eyes, coughing, sore throat to name but a few of the winter flu symptoms.  If you don’t want to take so much medicine from the doctor one natural remedy is your hot water dispenser for home.


Hot Water Dispenser For Home Winter Flu Fix

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water

If you are seeking a remedy to keep your cold symptoms away you can use your hot and cold water cooler dispenser to keep you hydrated.  If you are not quite the two litres a day water consumer now is the time to drink more water.  Your increased water intake will assist you in your fight to beat the cold and flu symptoms.  With every flu one of the symptoms is dehydration.  Our hot and cold water cooler dispenser allows you to consume as much filtered water hot or cold as you need to be hydrated.  If you are dehydrated while dealing with cold and flu symptoms this can make your symptoms even worse and uncomfortable.  As a result of being dehydrated you might get nausea and tiredness on top of the pre existing symptoms you are dealing with.

Drink Tea to Combat Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you are already in the grip of a bad cold or flu you have probably already seen your local doctor for medicine.  You can also utilize your hot water dispenser for home for a nice hot cup of tea.  A nice hot cup of tea is known to assist in relieving a sore throat.  You can get your hot water from your hot water dispenser for home.  You can make a special cup of tea to treat your cold and flu symptoms.  One of the most effective cups of tea is to make a cup of hot tea with honey from your water dispenser.  Another type of tea your can make is when you infuse the water with vitamin C which will greatly assist you in your fight against a cold or flu.  Another type of hot tea would be to infuse ginger and turmeric or honey and lemon juice all with the water from your hot water dispenser for home or office.

Don’t forget that the best cups of tea are not with boiling water rather with using hot water approximately at 85 C.  If your water is to hot you will damage the healing properties of what you are infusing into the water from your hot and cold water dispenser for home or office.

If you are seeking a water cooler solution by having a cooler in your office or home call our team, we are here to help.  We can help you choose one of our hot water dispenser for home or office use from our huge range of water coolers and water dispensers.  Awesome Water Filters have many years of experience in the hot and cold water dispenser and hot and cold water cooler market.

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