woman getting a water from a benchtop water dispenser in Perth

Water Dispenser In Perth: Which Is Better Bottled Or Benchtop?

What to choose? Bottled or Benchtop water dispenser?

woman getting a water from a benchtop water dispenser in Perth

Whether you choose to install bottled or countertop water dispenser in Perth in your office, either will provide quality, clean drinking water for you and your employees, either refreshingly cool or hot for making aromatic tea or other beverages.

Cool, fresh water is refreshing and healthy and people love drinking it. Dedicated water dispensers in the office are an ideal way to provide it. Such machines have become very popular, not only in offices and other work environments such as factories and stores, but also at home as well. Nowadays, everybody can enjoy clean cool water for drinking or hot water for making beverages from these useful dispensers, the reason why they can now be seen almost everywhere where people spend time, either at work or at home.

Bottled water dispensers

In some offices, bottled water dispensers are the obvious choice. They are very accessible and simply replace when they are empty. They are easily located according to where people are working at any time; ideal for temporary work sites such as in construction and similar situations or any other temporary work station. These water dispensers come in a variety of sizes and include models which are ideal for use at home on the countertop as well as larger capacity models which can be as tall as 5 feet.

Another reason for choosing such water dispensers in Perth the fact that it is not always possible to locate a dispenser near a suitable plumbing outlet. Usual requirement by suppliers in Australia is 2m proximity for water source and 1m accessibility to socket outlet.The portability factor of these lightweight water dispensers makes them ideal for such situations. They are an effective alternative to tap water as bottled water dispensers provide better quality water than regular tap water making it more pleasant to drink or use for brewing beverages.

Benchtop water dispensers

Many units, like benchtop water dispensers, are portable and easy to store.

If you do not want it out during certain times or need to move it to a new or more convenient place, storing and transport will be easy to do with the countertop designs that you can choose from.

This also allows you to bring it with you on trips.

If you’re going to be going camping for some time and you have electricity available at your campsite, hooking up your water dispenser can ensure that you have both hot and cold water for all camping adventures. This also means that you have a safe, clean place to keep your water during the trip since, it is so portable.


The installation of the water dispenser is done by the company which is a relief for everyone when purchasing a water cooler dispenser in Perth. It is very easy to operate and has a very low maintenance which makes it more likeable among people.

Final Thoughts

Over all, when choosing water dispensers for the office or work place it is important to consider the requirements, whether it is a temporary or permanent installation, if there is a suitable water supply to connect to and the volume of usage. If in doubt, bottle water dispensers are a good first option and usage can be monitor over time and if necessary a more permanent installation using plumbed-in water dispensers can be carried out at a later time. Seek advice from one of the many water dispensers Australia based specialist companies.


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A Basic Guide On Getting A Water Dispenser in Brisbane

Different types of water dispenser Brisbane

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Before choosing which water dispenser to get, you should know there are a few different types available in Brisbane. There are pros and cons to each of them. Let’s take a look at what they are and which one will suit your needs better.

Bottled water dispenser

This is one of the common water dispensers in Brisbane, especially in offices. They are convenient and easy to install as they do not require a water pipe connection. Its water supply comes bottled distilled water which needs to be replenished relatively regularly depending on your usage needs. Most bottled water dispenser comes with hot and cold water variants. However, there are some which only dispense room temperature water. If you are getting a water dispenser for your office, this would likely be your best option.

Countertop water dispenser

This model is a popular choice for home use. It is relatively small in size and would fit comfortably on your countertop without cluttering it up. There are two different options to the countertop water dispenser – a plumbed one or one that needs to be refilled.

Given that the countertop water dispenser is likely to be put in your kitchen, getting one that is connected or plumbed to your water supply is quite convenient. That way, you will get a constant supply of water without the inconvenience of needing to refill it. It’ll be as convenient as drinking straight from the tap – only that the water is filtered.

The other option is one that comes with a water tank that needs to be manually refilled. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installation, this is an excellent choice. Choose one which has a larger water tank so you only have to refill it once a day. These are usually cheaper because you won’t have to pay for installation services.

Things to consider when buying a water at Brisbane

When getting a water dispenser, these are the factors you have to consider. After considering these factors, you’ll be able to make a better choice and get one that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

Where are you using it?

The type of water dispenser you get is primarily influenced by where you are going to be putting it. As mentioned previously, bottled water dispenser are popular in office settings. Not every office has ready access to water pipes and installation could be disruptive. The plug and play nature of bottled water dispenser would suit the needs of an office setting. You only need an electrical outlet for it to work.

If you are buying a water dispenser Brisbane for your home, a countertop water dispenser would likely be more suitable for you. It’s smaller size means it would fit into any home seamlessly. Also, you will probably not want to deal with the inconvenience of storing large water bottles in your home.

How much capacity do you need?

How much water do you, your family or your office need daily? If you are using more than 5 litres of water a day, getting one that is plumbed to a water pipe might be a more convenient option. Refilling or changing the water tank or bottle many times a day can get tiring fast. Going through the one-time inconvenience of installation may make your daily life easier for years.

On the contrary, if you have a smaller family or office, you may not need to have a plumbed water dispenser. Instead, a water tank or bottle dispenser may be enough for your drinking water needs. This option could be viable if you need less than 3 litres of water a day.

Do you need both hot and cold water?

Right now, most water dispensers Brisbane comes with hot and cold water options. If you do not need hot water, you can choose to get one without that option. It would be cheaper and also may mean that you do not need an electrical outlet for heating the water.

Another consideration is what other water temperatures you need. More and more water dispensers are coming with more variable temperature options. Besides room temperature water, there are some with 5-degree celsius variations. If you need a precise temperature for making coffee or tea, you could consider getting a more advanced water dispenser.

Alkaline water and its benefits

Alkaline water has been getting more popular in water dispenser Brisbane. It is said to provide a range of health benefits if you are drinking it on a daily basis. Alkaline water is defined as water with a pH level of above 7, usually from between pH 8 to 9.

  1. It has anti-aging benefits and will help you look younger.
  2. Alkaline water will improve your immune system.
  3. You’ll get better and faster hydration as your body will be able to absorb more quickly.
  4. It could help you to lose weight.

In general, there is no definitive scientific proof to these claims. There have been studies which show a correlation between alkaline water and these benefits; however, correlation does not equal causality. To know the definitive benefits of alkaline water, we’ll have to continue monitoring upcoming scientific studies on it.

benchtop water purifier in nature

Do you need a filtered water dispenser for your home or office?

How to choose your filtered water dispenser?

benchtop water purifier in nature

A water dispenser in Australia is a common sight in homes and offices providing filtered chilled drinking water and hot water for beverages such as coffee and tea. It has become a basic necessity to have the convenience for better productivity and better living. There are numerous types of filtered water dispenser and many different features and options to choose from – so how do you decide which water dispenser is the best for your individual needs?

Do you need cold, hot or warm water?

Well, most basic reason why we get water dispensers is the convenience in providing water in desired temperature. Many dispensers incorporate two separate tanks for water at different temperatures. Mainly they are for cold (5- 7°C) and hot water (80-95°C). There are some dispensers which serve warm water and water at room-temperature instead of hot water. This can prevent any accidental scalding during the dispensing process and makes this type of dispenser popular in family areas where young children are present. (Almost all hot water dispensers come with child-safe feature for the hot water.)  Many basic dispensers however only come with hot & cold options. But you can mixhot and cold to customise it to the temperature you desire. Fancy ones come with as many as 5 temperature options.

Some specialised dispensers serve only chilled and some only hot.

filtered water switch

So first you should think about why you need a water dispenser. Is it only for chilled drinking water, such as for outdoor park or in a clinic? Do you need to provide hot water for beverages like tea and coffee or instant soups or even noodles? Some water dispensers are specially for hot water only, like boilers we see at F&B & cafes and coffee shops. Some models have separate switches for hot and cold and if cold is not require, it could be switch off to save energy.

Countertop or freestanding water dispenser?

Once you have decided on the type of water you need, you should decide which model of water dispenser will be best for you. There are two basic types available: countertop and freestanding models. Countertop water dispensers are very common at home as they can simply be place on a table or kitchen countertop. They do not occupy any floor-space. Free-standing/ floor-standing water dispensers are very common in offices and placed where many people need to access the dispenser.

Both models are typically available for use with bottled water or pipe-ins (direct pipe-ins / direct piping).

Bottled or bottleless water dispenser?

Bottled water dispensers are usually free-standing models. Depending on the vendors, in Australia, a bottle of water could be 16 or 19L bottles and cost $8 to 15 per bottle. Offices with no water source in office will have to use this or bottled water dispensers. Theses bottles are treat at the plant and ship to the offices.

Want to be environmentally friendly yet have no water source in the office? Consider using a refillable water dispenser. Check out our countertop filtered water dispenser that offers 8 stage filtered water & retains the natural goodness of minerals in water.

If you choose a direct piping water dispenser 

You will need to consider the installation requirements for the filtered water dispenser. These dispensers are typically installed about 2 metres from the mains water supply and will require an electrical socket /outlet to connect it.

In addition, water dispensers connected directly to the mains water supply, typically use a filter. This filter removes chlorine, organic matter and other possible contaminants from the water dispenser. A filter change is usually require in 6 to 12months.

Other things to consider:

  • Budget & recurring cost of changing the filters
  • No of pax users & capability of dispenser
  • Type of filtration preferred

Other fancy features like these are also available in water dispensers in Australia:
Cleaning / Anti- bacterial technology: UV Technology, which helps prevent bacteria, and SIP Technology, which reduces cleaning and maintenance,
Usage Conveniences: Big drip trays,  Visit www.awesomewaterfilters.com.au

filtered water dispenser

inserting the new awesome water cooler bottle

How To Replace An Awesome Water Cooler Bottle?

As bottled water is exempt from any chemicals or impurities, maintenance and cleaning of our Awesome Water cooler bottle is fairly easy. Filtration systems aren’t necessary, and you can clean or sanitize your water dispenser yourself. Bottled water coolers are also mobile, particularly the benchtop models, and suitable for domestic as well as professional use.

Fairly easy to do

Therefore, these systems require little intervention from your part. However, it is still necessary to replace water cooler bottles when they’re empty. Standard 19-litre bottles are suitable for 5 to 10 people a day, and must be consumed within two days after opening. This means water cooler bottles need replacing quite often. Besides, water bottles can be schedule for weekly or monthly delivery, but in some major cities daily delivery might be a possible option for offices with little storage space.

Bottle Preparation

Before removing the empty water bottle from the cooler, wipe the replacement bottle down with warm, soapy water to remove any dust and debris that is on the surface. Wash your hands so that they are sanitary when handling the new water bottle. Place a clean, absorbent cloth within easy reach. Position a sturdy chair or table near the water cooler to provide a place to quickly set the heavy replacement bottle.

Remove the awesome water cooler bottle

It’s best to wait until the old bottle is empty or just about empty before removing it to avoid splashing water. Lift the bottle straight up from the cooler to remove it, and use the cloth to wipe around the rim of the cooler, where the neck of the bottle rests. Set the old bottle aside to be returned to your water supplier.

Final steps in replacing the new awesome water cooler bottle

inserting the new awesome water cooler bottle

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend down in front of the replacement water bottle. Get into a comfortable position and place one foot slightly in front of the other for leverage. Use your dominant hand to securely grasp the bottle’s neck, and place your opposite hand under the bottle. Slowly stand up, keeping your back straight and lifting from your knees. Set the bottle down on the chair next to the cooler and remove either the cap or the tab from around the neck, depending on the type of bottle you have. Lift the bottle up and slowly tip it to a 45-degree angle to allow water to begin dripping into the cooler. Place the bottle into an upright position as the flow of water into the cooler begins to increase, and then secure it onto the base

Tips and Warnings

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Avoid storing your replacement water bottles in the sunlight to prevent algae growth — place them in a cool, dry location, such as a kitchen pantry, instead. To avoid injuring your back, hold the bottle close to your body as you lift it, and turn with your feet, not your torso, if you need to change direction. Because a 5-gallon water bottle weighs 40 pounds, make sure you can safely lift that weight by yourself before replacing it. Ask for help from a family member if need be.


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Filtered Water Dispenser For Home

Filtered Water Dispenser For Home: Is It Necessary?

Importance of having a filtered water dispenser for home

Filtered Water Dispenser For Home

In this blog, we’re going to provide an insight why do we need a filtered water dispenser for home.

Getting a water from the tap are an easy to task for all us Australians. But the real questions is, how safe it is for our children, wife, husband and to other members of the family consume this?

24/7 Access to clean, purified drinking water

Having a filtered water dispenser access to any members of your family, are an investment to all of their well- being. This scenario are a future proof of how secure each and one of our family members having to drink clean drinking water.

Setting it up is a no – brainer

  • No plumbing is required by them.
  • Size- they are often mobile and make for simple stowing.
  • With so many various kinds of water dispensers out there, you can pick one that suits your requirements and budget.
  • There’s minimal setup. The firm does for you nearly everything.
  • Clean-Up really is easy. The one thing you actually need to do is replace the components when needed.
  • The best way to make use of the water dispenser is pretty simple. The instruction manual doesn’t need a specialist to interpret.

Find the right one for you!

Water dispensers come in various shapes and sizes. Some handily fit right in your fridge door. There are a few that come with a bigger container for bigger amounts of water. They’ll fit nicely within your fridge, although they don’t fit in your fridge door.

Filtration process are above standard

Filtered Water Dispenser For Home

At awesome waters, their utmost priority is the quality of their product that’s why almost 60,000 water coolers are at place on home, offices, corporation. They commit to supply only the high quality standard of coolers and filtration system for clients.

Above standard customer service

Over all, our range of water dispensers cater to all needs and budgets. You can find the perfect cooler or dispenser for your office below. If you’re not sure what is right for your business simply fill in the form and one of our water experts will get in touch with your shortly.


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Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office

Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office is some thing which you might have seen in offices, other people’s houses or while out and around.

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  • Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office, They’re something that are easy to buy on your own – should you want to get one.
    They come in several kinds, in order to pick the best one for the goal which you have for it.
    They supply the user with clean drinking water readily, through a tab in the front.
    Are you aware there are also advantages that come with water dispensers, although you’ve got a good deal to consider regarding buying one?

Keep reading to discover the many advantages and these advantages can affect your choice for the purchase you wish to make.

The Numerous Advantages and Advantages and Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office

This implies you are capable to set up the unit, attach the water jug to the top and take pleasure in the advantages of having drinking water that is cleaner.

benchtop water cooler displays lcd and child lock safety feature in white background

Many units, like this awesome water benchtop water coolers, are mobile and simple to keep.If you need to transfer it to a new or more suitable location or do not desire it outside during specific times, transportation and keeping will probably not be difficult to do with this layouts you could pick from.

This additionally lets you bring it on excursions along with you.

benchtop water cooler

You’ve got electricity available at your campsite and in the event you are definitely going to be going camping for a while, hooking up your drinking water cooler can make certain you’ve both cold and hot water for a great many camping experiences. This also means since, it’s really mobile that you’ve got a secure, clean spot to maintain your water during the excursion.

Now, there are lots of various kinds of drinking water cooler out there, and you also need to have the ability to find one that satisfies your needs.

You are able to just put it where you would like it in your house, office, or fitness centre, due to how simple to setup these drinking water cooler, and put it to use in exactly the same day.

They usually will come out and do the setup for you should you purchase one from an organization. This makes your dispenser and receiving the water you enjoy considerably more easy than you initially think it was really going to be.

Water coolers are a no brainier. They simply need you to learn the best way to lift or push down the lever to be able to appreciate the cold or hot water which you’re after.

This means that anyone, even kids can supply themselves with the drinking water that is cool they desire.
This is often perfect to place in just about any house or office, and never needing to stress that themselves may burn with the unit.
You are also able to buy a child safety lock for the chilly side, in the event you are concerned regarding the water running out of the tap.
Care is simple also:

You have to clean the unit monthly or so, while also updating the components that are required.

This means minimal upkeep in your end to make sure that the unit is working right.
You may not need to spend all your time repairing part after part.

The majority of the units also come with guarantees in case something was to occur soon after the unit is purchased by you. They would like to make sure that the part is covered by them.

Occasionally water suppliers ensure to cover any and all care the unit desires, or dispenser businesses, while in addition giving the water jugs, set up and any parts or additional bits the unit may need.

In the event you are buying means to get a completely care free way of drinking water without needing to manage anything by yourself, it may be perfect to utilize an organization like that.

Clean water constantly:

Receive clear, fresh and clean water that’s free of substances which are usually spot in tap water. This enhances caliber along with the flavor of the water you will be drinking.  Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office are here to see.

In addition, it reduces the number of contaminants which are found in ordinary tap water, which provides numerous health benefits to you because you are significantly cutting down the quantity of extras which you usually drink on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office It filters.

The filter will not need to be replace quite frequently either. Every few months is sufficient to make sure the water continues to stay clear and fresh.

Save cash every single month by not having to buy individual water bottles, or bug water jugs that bottom or top loading coolers use.

Water bottles could be recyclable, and also you will return them for a deposit, but this is not helping the matter at hand.

With a water dispenser, you are capable to do a lot more to stop the through pollution of water bottles in landfills.

Deciding On the Best Drinking Water cooler for the Occupation

Buying a water cooler ought to be the simple part, but occasionally, even after you understand the benefits all, you might fight with the range of fashions which can be difficult to select from.

There are various of water cooler, benchtop water cooler and dispenser to choose from that combine by means of your hoe environment. There are several stainless steel versions that provide modern course to the office to a hint.

A water dispenser may be just what you needed to get the drinking water you would like to have – without needing to make use of the tap at home.

Final thoughts on the Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office

Be able to take pleasure in the hot or chilly water that you simply had like any period of the day right from the comfort of your house, office or alternative facility when the dispense is in use. Call use at 1800 789 781 or email us at sales@awesomewaterfilters.com.au so we could recommend a suitable drinking water cooler for you.


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Benefits Of Having A Drinking Water Cooler At Your Home And Office
pouring water to a glass from a water pitcher

Why Do We Need A Water Cooler With Purifier

Importance of drinking water cannot be stress enough. Importance of clean drinking water cannot be emphasize enough either!

pouring water to a glass from a water pitcher

Using water cooler with purifier is essential to human and all of life forms. In addition, human beings have around 55% to 70% of water in our bodies. However, there is no uniform standard of the percentage in human beings. It varies depending on the age and size of the body.

Naturally, in order to avoid dehydration, we must consume around one to six liters of water per day. While it may depend on other factors such as exercise, weather conditions, temperature, it is safe to say that we need to intake water in its purest form rather than depend on the food and beverages we take.

Water Cooler with Purifier is essential for our overall health

Benchtop Mineral Water Dispenser

This is why it is critical to have a safe and sanitary supply of drinking water. Your very own cooler with purifier becomes quite indispensable.

This  machine  provides drinking water on the press of a button or knob. They are primarily made to dispense cool and hot drinking water. However, it can also be used for making coffee and tea.

Can be settle anywhere!

Water Cooler with Purifier mostly used in offices, schools, homes, restaurants and hospitals for storing water and delivering it on demand, directly into a glass or other containers. The common feature for all dispensers; however, we can save energy by reducing the amount of times refrigerator doors are open.

How does it purify our water?

8 stage water filtration system purifier

Some models have a purification system incorporated into a special water bottle. Similarly, these are more popular with those who require filtering their water without the expense of buying prefilled water bottles. There are different types of filtration systems available with dispensing features.

Over all, no more storing huge bottles of stale water in the fridge or running the tap for ages before it gets anywhere near cold. You can set the WaterBar to dispense your water at exactly the temperature you prefer – anything from 10 to 50°. If you prefer your pure water at somewhere near room temperature then there’s even a ‘mix’ button which lets you choose your ratio of hot and cold to create your own perfect mix.


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benchtop water purifier

How Does A Benchtop Water Dispenser Works?

We all love the cool, refreshing water we get instantaneously from our water cooler whether it be in our home, office or school. But for the majority of us, how this all happens on-demand from a mere touch of a button is unknown.

The most popular water cooler is the benchtop water dispenser. This type of machine gets its water supply from an inverted bottle of water place on top of the water cooler.

The contents

awesome water filters water dispenser

Inside the water cooler is a valve that prevents the water from the bottle flooding the water cooler. The water inside the benchtop water dispenser is cater into a reservoir, where it is using a refrigerant.

What’s inside?

A refrigerant is a cooling medium, that is circulated in pipes that are located close to the reservoir in the water cooler. The refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas as it moves in the pipes towards the reservoir because of the pressure in the pipes created by a compressor inside the water cooler. The cooled gas in the water pipe is forced through a valve to make it even colder.

The heat in the refrigerant is then remove from the water cooler.

As people dispense water, the machine will refill the reservoir and the process begins again. Should the water reservoir empty completely during dispensing, it will take a few minutes before the water cooler chills the water to a low temperature.

Easy access regardless of hot or cold water


Water dispensers are an incredibly versatile piece of workplace kit. They dispense hot, cold or sparkling water on demand, ideal for when the office, school, college, factory or retail unit is busy.

How hot water it can produce?

You will have many questions no doubt. For example, maybe you wonder if the hot water from one of our dispensers really is ‘hot enough for tea or coffee?

Hot water is dispensed at the optimum tea and coffee-making temperature of 94°c. Tea and coffee connoisseurs look on in horror as boiling water is poured onto coffee grounds or tea. Boiling water produces a scorched taste to your favourite beverage. With a hot water dispenser, you enjoy your favourite hot drink tasting as it should taste.

Easy Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining water dispensers is not difficult either. This ensures that invisible water-borne bacteria cannot begin to grow in the water or on any of the internal mechanisms.


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benchtop water cooler

Why Do You Need A Benchtop Water Coolers For Your Home or Office?

benchtop water cooler

The water is fresh with every single dispense

Did you know water bottles that sit in storage can absorb odors from their environment?

It is a cost-effective option for your business

cost effective awesome water benchtop water cooler

A benchtop water cooler provides an unlimited supply of filtered water.

It saves you time

woman drinking from a glass of water

No more need to take inventory, place repeated orders and receive delivers. Remember, time saved is money earned!

It helps boost your sustainability profile

The plastic that water bottles are made of has negative effects on the environment.

When we think of workplace dehydration, we’re likely to think of people doing physical labor in the hot sun – but office workers are prone to dehydration too, and air conditioning doesn’t improve matters. It may be tempting to assume that tap water will work the charm – but according to several experts, if you live in Australia, there is a 25% chance your tap water is either unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law. There are several reasons why having a benchtop water cooler that removes 99.9999% contaminants out of tap water will be purer, cleaner and fresher than ever before.

Staying hydrated at work

There are many health benefits for staying hydrated, but it also makes sound business sense. A hydrated team is a productive team – and we’re not the only ones to say so. Several studies have found if we are just 2% dehydrated, there’s a marked drop in our cognitive and motor performance. Keeping your team on top of its game takes good management – but it also takes free access to water they’ll love drinking! The benefits of workplace hydration include:

  • Clearer thinking and greater alertness
  • Better short-term memory
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced fatigue, tension and anxiety
  • Less sick days off owing to dehydration-related illness

The law and drinking water at work

The Australian Water Safety clearly states an employer’s responsibilities regarding the provision of drinking water.  Similarly, they state employers must provide clean and drinkable water. Its regulations also stipulate employees should have access to enough water to meet their health and personal needs. Finally, it lays down regulations for water dispensing. For example, employees should not share drinking cups, and the water should be dispense from a source that can be kept sanitary. Specifically, it must be covered and protected from contamination.

The bottom line of benchtop water coolers

Over all, going above and beyond the basic requirements of the law and being sure of compliance can be a one-time investment. Better yet, you will be making an important contribution to workplace morale and productivity. Isn’t it time you invested in a benchtop water coolers?


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awesome water dispenser getting a cold water to a glass

What to Look for in a Freestanding Water Cooler

Planning to Buy a Freestanding Water Cooler?

Investing in a water dispenser takes thought. After all, when you buy or rent a freestanding water cooler unit, you want it to offer convenience and versatility, as well as being suitable in the long term. What are the factors on which to base your choice? Let’s look at some of the features of water dispensers and the advantages they offer.

awesome water dispenser getting a cold water to a glass

Freestanding water coolers are typically best for open work spaces like offices, meetings rooms or reception halls, home and offices. Many of these units can be taken to trade exhibitions to provide drinks on stands – check with your supplier for models best adapted to this kind of usage.


The most basic of water dispensers produce chilled or ambient water on demand. Ambient refers to ‘air temperature’, for want of a better description. Chilled or ambient water is a personal preference, although chilled water is often in demand during hot summer months.

There are water dispensers that offer a third option: hot water. At the touch of a button, hot water at the right temperature for tea and coffee is dispensed. This makes taking a break from work with your favourite brew much easier and convenient.

Water Type

As well as hot, ambient and chilled water, there is another option, which many hospitality customers find useful.

Sparkling water can also be a feature on some of our water dispensing machines. In fact, many of our units come with differing combinations of water temperatures too.

The Freestanding water cooler is available as a free-standing and a benchtop water cooler. Choose from five combinations;

  1. Cold only
  2. Ambient and cold
  3. Sparkling water and cold
  4. Extra hot and hold
  5. Extra hot, cold and sparkling

All of these combinations are available in both models.


To understand the capacity of the water dispenser, you need to have some kind of understanding of the level of use of the machine. For a water dispenser to offer a high level of convenience, and dispense the cups of water you need, it must easily meet demand.

It is measures in cups per hour. You might wonder, especially in the case of a mains-fed unit, why this matters because, surely it is a case of turning on a tap?


Our units dispense water that is clean, free from chemical residue, sediment and water-borne bacteria. This is because when you press the button, water passes through carbon filters and other cleansing processes to ensure that the water you drink tastes great. This takes a small amount of time and thus, units will have a per cup capacity indication.

FREESTANDING WATER COOLERbenchtop water cooler

As an example, our water coolers dispenses 60 cups of cold water an hour and 100 hot water cups per hour (cups are 150ml).


Freestanding water coolers work well in a workspace where you have the right spot to place it – this means, where people can access it and where it is within a metre of an electrical socket.

Rent or Buy

Now all you need to decide is whether to rent a water cooler or to buy your own. There are pros and cons to both, something our team will be more than happy to discuss with you – call us!


Awesome Water Filters