How Does A Benchtop Water Dispenser Works?

We all love the cool, refreshing water we get instantaneously from our water cooler whether it be in our home, office or school. But for the majority of us, how this all happens on-demand from a mere touch of a button is unknown.

The most popular water cooler is the benchtop water dispenser. This type of machine gets its water supply from an inverted bottle of water place on top of the water cooler.

The contents

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Inside the water cooler is a valve that prevents the water from the bottle flooding the water cooler. The water inside the benchtop water dispenser is cater into a reservoir, where it is using a refrigerant.

What’s inside?

A refrigerant is a cooling medium, that is circulated in pipes that are located close to the reservoir in the water cooler. The refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas as it moves in the pipes towards the reservoir because of the pressure in the pipes created by a compressor inside the water cooler. The cooled gas in the water pipe is forced through a valve to make it even colder.

The heat in the refrigerant is then remove from the water cooler.

As people dispense water, the machine will refill the reservoir and the process begins again. Should the water reservoir empty completely during dispensing, it will take a few minutes before the water cooler chills the water to a low temperature.

Easy access regardless of hot or cold water


Water dispensers are an incredibly versatile piece of workplace kit. They dispense hot, cold or sparkling water on demand, ideal for when the office, school, college, factory or retail unit is busy.

How hot water it can produce?

You will have many questions no doubt. For example, maybe you wonder if the hot water from one of our dispensers really is ‘hot enough for tea or coffee?

Hot water is dispensed at the optimum tea and coffee-making temperature of 94°c. Tea and coffee connoisseurs look on in horror as boiling water is poured onto coffee grounds or tea. Boiling water produces a scorched taste to your favourite beverage. With a hot water dispenser, you enjoy your favourite hot drink tasting as it should taste.

Easy Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining water dispensers is not difficult either. This ensures that invisible water-borne bacteria cannot begin to grow in the water or on any of the internal mechanisms.

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