5 Great Reasons To Have A Mineral Water Cooler In Office

Nearly all offices have a mineral water cooler and you’re probably wondering why is it essential for a workplace to have this kind of necessity.

Is this a good idea? How is it going to benefit your business?

Well, for starters – a mineral water cooler will give you access to convenience, cost-efficiency and various other important benefits.

Here are 5 good reasons it’s a must-have for any busy office!

Perfect, Cool, Delicious

  • A mineral water coolerr will give all of your staff access to perfectly chilled, delicious water. The cooler will be there for refills throughout the workday.
  • In addition, a mineral water cooler will serve as an important reminder of the importance of hydration. Employees that drink enough water find it easier to concentrate and to do their job. If you’re concerned about performance, the purchase of a water cooler is the way to go.


  • A mineral water cooler is a really cost-efficient piece for every office. There are two main varieties – bottle-fed and mains-fed. Both of these will help you save a lot of money on the purchase of water.

Boost the performance of your employees

  • Do you want to be seen as an innovator and do you want to create the image of a sustainable business? A water dispenser will help you accomplish such goals.
  • Both The bottle and mains-fed variety generate little to no waste. The bottles used in the units are also collected by suppliers and refilled whereas the mains-fed type is plumbed into your main water supply (so zero need for bottle refills). It’s easy to see how these coolers can be tremendously green.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Mineral water coolers are incredibly easy to maintain in top condition.
  • Awesome water filters staff will usually provide the necessary bottles and perform the occasional cooler sanitising. In both of these instances, you’ll have professionals doing the work for you and giving you a lot of convenience.

Many Options to Choose Among


A bottleless water cooler is great for offices that may require unlimited amounts of water, typically those with a large number of staff.

water-cooler-freestanding-home-office-brisbane-sydney-melbourneawesome-coolers-freestanding-water-cooler BENCHTOP-WATER-COOLER-home-office

Benchtop water coolers are also suitable for offices with conference rooms and waiting rooms as they can be positioned and moved with ease. Such coolers can also be easily be customised to enhance the office’s interior design and to re-enforce the company’s brand image.

Whether your company is a start-up or a more established organisation you will experience significant benefits from the purchase of a mineral water cooler. There are so many designs and possibilities to pick among that you’ll certainly find at least one piece that’s going to be perfect for your office…and even have fun doing it!

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