Office Water Cooler Service: Essential For Your Staff

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Office Water Cooler Service are AWF number one priority for your employees

Office staff are the core of our company so it’s important for them to get the right nutrients. Most importantly, access to drinking water throughout the day.

The question is, are they getting the 8 glasses of water a day to make sure that they’re productive enough on their tasks? An Office water cooler service is a must in every workplace to ensure the safety and well-being of the employees.

Getting this service has many benefits for you and your entire employees:

Our bottled water delivery service drops off water refills and picks up the empty bottles. The empty water bottles are back to our office where they undergo a thorough cleaning process before it gets to reuses.

If the bottle cannot be use anymore, it will enter the recycling phase of life in order to protect the environment. So you can rest assure that you are participating to a company that cares for the environment.

First impression lasts

Put yourself in this situation – a client comes over for a meeting on a proper Summer day and asks for a glass of water.

  • You get nervous because, what if the water is not chilled enough, what if it tastes funny, what if….
  • What if you had a bottled water cooler perched in the meeting room, serving perfectly chilled, fresh tasting water all day long.

We’ll take care of your employees needs

If your business is located anywhere on Australia! Count on us as we do provide delivery nationwide so you can test our office water cooler service and 100% guarantee that it’ll be as efficient 24/7 use to all of your employees, guests, and clients that will visit your workplace.

We also offer water cooler rental starting at just $11 per week. You can browse all of our rental options right here.

If you require any assistance in making a decision on the best office water dispenser service for your business, do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 789 781.

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