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Bottle Cover

Awesome Bottle Cover

  • No light penetration fabric
  • Stops green algae forming
  • Velcro seam
  • Smart design
  • Classic cream colour
  • Washable

$28.00 $38.00

    Why is a Water Cooler Cover Necessary?

    You can choose to cover your glass or bicarbonate plastic 5 gallon water bottles with a bottle cover to protect them from scratches and discolouration. A water cooler cover also helps to keep the water fresher longer by blocking light from entering the bottle, which encourages bacterial and fungal growth in the water.

    This is especially crucial if you use glass water bottles made of translucent glass that allows light to freely enter the bottle. Your initial pick should always be an opaque water bottle, which means it is colored and thus blocks light. Many glass bottles, unlike most modern bicarbonate plastic 5 gallon water bottles, have an opaque tint. For this reason, if you use a transparent glass water bottle, we strongly advise you to cover it.

    Awesome Bottle Cover

    The perfect solution if your water cooler is in direct sunlight.  Our Awesome Bottle Cover will stop green algae from growing on your water filter or anywhere in your water cooler bottle.  Made out of premium quality cream fabric that does not allow any direct sunlight to make its way into the water cooler bottle or water filter.


    Price is for 1 x awesome bottle cover only.

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