Descaler Steam Cleaner For Spring Flow Drinking Water Distiller


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  • Water residue cleaner for water distillers.
  • Helps remove scale at the bottom of the distiller.
  • Cleans out the impurities left behind in the distiller.
  • This can be used to clean Springflow Drinking Water Steam Purifier/Distiller.
  • Designed to remove residue and clean the stainless steel chamber of the distiller, leaving no taste or odour.

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    Descaler Steam Cleaner For Spring Flow Drinking Water Distiller

    Most use Descaler Steam Cleaner For Spring Flow Drinking Water Distiller to remove residue. It also cleans the stainless steel chamber of the distiller or purifier, leaving no taste or odor.

    1kg Container of Still Clean Descaler & Cleaner and you can use with any Water Distiller or Boiler.

    Descale your distiller every 3 to 4 months. Drain the boiling chamber every week to ensure long-lasting life to your appliance.

    Own a distiller and don’t have any descaler? Or are you about to purchase a water distiller? Then you need this!

    A huge 1 kg of Still Clean Distiller Scaler & Cleaner will last the average distiller user 18 months. A healthy clean distiller will last much longer. The unique combination of citric compounds cleans the base of your distiller. It ensures the heating element is not working overtime to provide better performance and greater longevity.

    Place 2-3 teaspoons into the base of your distiller. Mix with warm water and allow to soak for a few hours – or overnight if required.

    Still Clean can also be used to clean your jug or kettle. However, after you use distilled water in your jug or kettle, you will no longer get a buildup in the base.

    Water distillers can remove most minerals, metals, organic chemicals, and micro-organisms from water. A clean, well-maintained distiller will remove over 95 percent of the minerals, including sodium, sulfate, nitrate, and arsenic. Biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and cysts are destroyed during distillation. Water distillers can be simple, versatile drinking water treatment devices.

    Directions for use:

    • Remove any loose scale with damp cloth.
    • Fill stainless steel chamber with enough water to cover the scale.
    • Add two tablespoons of cleaner.
    • Leaving the lid off, plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch, bring to boil for 20 minutes, then turn off at the wall.
    • Let the water cool for 10 to 20 minutes, discard and rinse the interior thoroughly with clean water.
    • If the residue is too thick to be completely removed the first time, repeat the procedure as often as needed.
    • Small amounts of residue are harmless, but it pays not to let it build up too much. These crystals are specifically made to clean your distiller leaving no taste or odor.
    • Works better with Activated Carbon Filter Sachet to remove 99% odour and makes water taste fresh and clean