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Glass Water Distiller Jug & Carbon Filter Holder

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    Glass Water Distiller Jug & Carbon Filter Holder Description:


    • This will clip on to new distillers. But, it will “sit” between the jug and the distiller nozzle on older models.
    • The carbon sachet is the same as the one for the round PC bottle.
    • May fit other brands, the spout where the water drips into is 195mm high.
    • Made out of strong glass and has a big lid on top to make cleaning easy.
    • Very easy to use. Has a good handle and pours well.
    • Designed to collect the distilled water.
    • Fits inside the distiller for travel or storage.


    How Does Glass Water Distiller Jug & Carbon Filter Holder Works?

      1. It heats the water to boil and then converts to steam. Then, it leaves all impurities behind in the boiling chamber.
      2. The sent steam goes through the internal cooling coil. Then, it causes the steam to condensate to water in a pure form.
      3. The pure water is collected within the 4L water jug capacity glass storage Jug.

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