Single Stage Whole House Filter 10″



The Big Blue filtration systems are specifically designed to cater to areas where a high flow rate is needed, for example, an entire house, industrial area or commercial zone.

Installed on mains plumbing, sediment and chlorine are removed from all faucets/ showers throughout the premises, at up to 75 litres per minute, protecting tap washers, hot water systems, and appliances.

The size of the system that you require can be determined by the water quality and what is required to be filtered from the water.


    Single Stage Whole House Filter 10″


    HIGH QUALITY: The heavy-duty whole house water filter housing is made of Reinforced Polypropylene for strength and chemical resistance. The o-ring is used to ensure leak-free installation.


    UNIVERSAL SIZE: 10″ x 4.5” Standard whole house water filtration system set, fits all 4.5 “ x 10 ” filters cartridges (sold separately). You can choose 10” water filters like Geekpure, iSpring, Ronaqua, Hydronix, Pentek, etc.


    LARGE FILTRATION CAPACITY: The product have a 1” FNPT water inlet and outlet to ensure high water flow. It can filter a large capacity of water and provide sufficient purified water.


    EASY INSTALLATION:This big blue filter housing is designed to provide security and ease of use. Come with wrench and Built-in Pressure relief button for easy filter replacement. Just screw off and on to change filter cartridges with wrench. (Including 1 housing bracket and 4 screws).


    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We provide one year warranty and 30 days money back, lifetime friendly customer service, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will always to stand to help you.



    Do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.


    To prevent leaking, the o-ring must be properly lubricated and seated in the groove of the sump.


    Do not over-tighten sumps


     The disposable filter cartridge must be replaced sooner than six months if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs.


    Package included:


    1x 10 inch Single Stage Whole House Filter 10″

    1x housing bracket

    1x wrench

    4* screws


    Filter options:

    Single Stage Whole House Filter 10"- pleasted sediment water filter


    Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridge




    Large Filtration Area & Great Flow – Pleating structure provides a larger filtration area than the other sediment filters of the same size and makes the filtration higher efficient.

    Great Flow – 3D weaving technology for the filter cloth to make it easy to capture more impurities and have a great flow.

    •High Capacity – The filter can filter up to 13,000 gallons depending on water quality. Suggest replacing it every 3- 6 months.




    Model Number: AB-PL1045

    Micron Rating: 5 Micron

    Max. Flow: 3-5 gpm

    Working Temperature: 4-52°C(39-126°F)

    Max. Pressure: 100 psi

    Normal working pressure: 60 psi

    Size: Standard 4.5” x 10”

    Filtration Life: Replace every 3-6 months / 13,000 gallons

    Depends on water quality and level of contaminants.

    Dual Stage PP Sediment w/ GAC Filter


    Dual Stage PP Sediment w/ GAC Filter


    Features & Benefits


    Combined with High quality PP sediment filter and GAC function together.

    Remove dust, odours at same time.

    High void volume, low pressure drop and excellent dirt holding capacity.

    Formed by wrapping PP-GAC without use of any binders and adhesives.

    High chlorine reduction.

    Coconut shell activated carbon.


    Please Note:


    For drinking water applications.

    Max water temperature 104°F (40°C).

    Flush 2 gallons of water through the filter before use.

    This Filter has NSF certification 42 and SGS Water Quality Approved.

    This Filter Cartridge is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.



    5 Micron Polyspun Sediment Filter

    General-purpose spun polypropylene sediment filter cartridge.


    Fits in most standard 10″ drop-in filter housing systems. Used in residential, commercial, and food-service applications as a sediment filter or pre-filter.

    10 x 4.5 Sediment replacement filter 5 micron x1 Suits all standard 10-inch housings Premium filtration poly spun Suitable for countertop or under sink water filter models.


    Features & Benefits


    The filter is a 3-layer density type. The service life is 30% higher than the general sediment filter. Accurate micron rate control. The outer layer is 10 micron; the inner layer is 5 micron; the middle layer is 7 micron. 5-micron Particle removal rate is over 95%

    100% Fresh Polypropylene.BPA Free

    Manufactured by fully automatic production line. Accurate and absolute micron rate control.




    Model Number: AB-PP1045

    Micron Rating: 5 Micron

    Min/Max Flow: 0 – 154 Lpm

    Min/Max Temperature: 0-52°C

    Min/Max Pressure: 100 – 800 kPa

    Size: Standard 4.5” x 10”

    Filtration Life: 6 Months

    Depends on water quality and level of contaminants.


    Directions: Flush after installation for 5 minutes. For best results, change the cartridge at 6 monthly intervals.

    Caution: Do not use microbiologically unsafe water without adequate disinfection.

    Warning: For correct operation of this, it is essential to observe manufacturers’ instructions.

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