Sprite Universal Shower Hose Filter – Chrome


$69.99 $89.99

  • Universal Chrome Hose Filter with Cartridge Life Rating Of 3 Month
  • Designed To Fit Any Shower Handle
  • Integral Swivel Attachment Allows To Adjust To Any Angle
  • Softens Skin and Hair By Removing Chlorine and Pollutants
  • Reversible Filter Cartridge HHC Cartridge

This Shower Hose filter is suitable for the following filter cartridge:


    Sprite Universal Shower Hose Filter – Chrome

    Filtration Process

    The filter simply attaches to any existing shower handle. The integral swivel ball attachment enables the cartridge to pivot at any angle. The Sprite Shower Filter makes hair softer and is great for people who suffer from dandruff, dry, sensitive skin or allergies.

    • Available in two metallic finishes (gold/chrome).
    • Ultra strong housing.
    • Reversible filter cartridge
    • Designed to fit any shower handle.
    • Average cartridge life span is recommended to be 3 months.
    • Offer pH balanced filtration media.
    • Quality USA housing.