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 Awesome Coolers hot & cold water coolers provide pure filtered alkaline mineral water in your home, office or workplace get one now!


Water Cooler Filter Bottle

Suitable for all bottle type water coolers

BPA FREE Plastic

8 Stage KDF Water Filter

Reduces fluoride & heavy metals

Reduces chlorine

Produces alkaline water

Industry best design

20lt capacity

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Water Cooler Filter Bottle

Water Cooler Filter Bottle Benefits

Suitable for nearly all water coolers

Turns average tap water into pure alkaline mineral water

Removes all heavy metals

Removes chlorine

Only the finest BPA FREE food grade quality plastics used in manufacture

The most affordable pure alkaline mineral water available


Benefits of Alkaline Water

Over the years there has been strong results showing that alkaline water has many upside benefits for todays man, woman or child.

Alkaline water is water with a higher-level pH, generally an 8 or 9, than regular drinking water which is usually a neutral pH of 7 or even less.

Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants that assist us humans cleanse and detox healthy cells as to maintain proper oxygenation and optimum performance.

You can even see the results in your stool within a few days with excessive fermentation reduced in the intestines by consuming alkaline water.

When preparing food, alkaline water assists in reducing the natural acids while improving the taste and nutritional valve of what you are preparing.

These conditions have been shown to improve when regularly consuming alkaline water:

Back pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Colitis pain
Hiatal hernia
High cholesterol
Mental clarity
Migraine headaches
Morning sickness
Acid Reflux & Heartburn

It is not just the anti-oxidants which are of benefit. Awesome Water Filters Water Filter Bottle has many trace elements which are beneficial, such as Magnesium, Potassium, calcium, Silica, Selenium, Calcium Fluoride and Bicarbonates. 

Add 8 Stage KDF Water Filter?

None, 1x Genuine Premium Filter = $50.00, 2x Genuine Premium Filter = $80.00, 3x Genuine Premium Filter = $110.00, 4x Genuine Premium Filter = $130.00

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