As of October 2019, we do not offer this promotion. Thank you.

Rent 2 Buy

Our New Rent-2-Buy Offer Allows You To Enjoy Your Floor Standing Cooler or Benchtop Water Cooler Sooner.

Click on the link below to download our Rent2Buy Application Form To Get Started. Rent water cooler and a water purifier today!

Download: Ezidebit Form Awesome Water Coolers

Your initial deposit can be as low as $100!!

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Rent 2 Buy

We have different types of water dispensers such as our Floor Standing Water Dispener, Benchtop Water Dispenser & Benchtop Mineral Water Purifier.  These premium quality economical family friendly water dispensers are the perfect filtered water solution.

Our Office Water Dispenser Hot & Cold allows your colleagues and workmates unlimited hot and cold filtered water all day.

They can choose between our countertop water filtration system or our floor standing hot and cold water dispenser for the office.