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Tap Filter: The Many Ways To Purify Water

countertop water filter with doulton ultracarb filter

When it comes to drinking water, everyone wants great tasting water. For many families, a tap filter helps to provide them with pristine water that is free of odors and other potentially toxic substances.

Tap Filter – Affordable Price

It is the easy to install among any other brand of filters in the market. It’s due to it’s cheap price and the quality of drinking water that it provides.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a filter system for your home or office, the information below will help you understand the technology and its functions.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

As mentioned above, all water filter system are not identical. Here are three more commonly unknown facts about water filtration systems:

  • Filter quality varies from one brand to another, each one eliminating a specific set of contaminants.
  • Just because a filter is “WELS Certified,” it is not guaranteed to remove any specific contaminant.
  • tap filters rely on multiple technologies in order to remove contaminants, while others utilize a single type.

If you wish to better understand the more technical elements of your tap filter, simply read the label before you make a purchase.

Brew your own – with the help of water filtration systems.

So, how to remove the bad stuff in your brew? The best way to go is a water filtration system. For starters, look for one that’s certified by the WELS. It’s an independent, non-profit group that tests and verifies the contaminant reducing abilities of water filters.

Next, you’ll need to determine how far you’re willing to go, based on your needs and budget. Ideally, whole-house filtration systems are an excellent option. But they’re not always feasible. If whole-house filtration isn’t appropriate for your home, then we recommend investing in individual benchtop water cooler.

Tap into your tap.

For drinking water, there are different ways to go, freestanding water coolerswith the three simplest options being under-the-counter filters, countertop filters and pitcher systems:

Tap Filter – Under-the-counters 

  • These filters are great because they’re tuck away out of sight and receive very high marks for filtration. However, the initial purchase price plus cost per gallon can be a bit higher than the other options. But the benefits and long term usage outweighs the cost.

Countertop filters

  • This filter uses water pressure to force water through the filtration process. It helps make water healthier and tastier. The filter removes more contaminants than standard pitcher systems. Countertop systems require minimal installation, and take up only few inches of counter space.

Water pitchers

  • These work well for the space-challenge because they’re portable. It doesn’t need installation. Water pitchers fit easily in the fridge and are available on just about every street corner. They do a decent job of filtering out some of the major contaminants. But generally not as many as under-the-counter and countertop versions.


Awesome Water Filters remove much of the bad stuff without stripping the water of beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Plus, we are WELS-certified!

Simply call us toll free now on 1800 789 781 or email us at to make it happen now.

Drink to that!

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