Tap Water Filter Vs Bottled Water

Tap Water Filter

Awesome Water Filters offer a great range of water coolers that simply filter tap water.  Our  Tap Water Filter economical filtered water solution will save you a massive 80% when compared to bottled spring water.  Our premium quality 8 stage water cooler with bottles are the perfect solution for home or the office.  If you have one of our competitors water coolers you can use one of our replacement water cooler bottle.

Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

Tap water is regulated by the government with Australian standards that need to be adhered to.  Remarkably there’s little regulation on bottled water filter.  Consumers perceive that bottled spring water is from a pristine natural spring with positive health effects.  The slick advertising generates a perception rather than water lab test results.

Bottle with filter has numerous chemicals present in the bottled water.  Some brands of bottled water have been tested as indicated by several studies. In fact, studies show that some contains heavy metals, drug residues, fertilizer residues, estrogen and fluoride. They haven’t been correctly filtered from groundwater from a spring.

Filtered tap water that has passed through a tap water filter reduces heavy metals namely chlorine, along with other impurities. Additionally, these contaminants often affects the taste of tap water.  A water cooler that acts as a tap water filter delivers pure tasting water without the cost of bottled water. You can finally get the water you deserve.

It is an environmentally friendly choice.

Make an environmentally positive choice and not add to the already 1.5 million tons of plastic produced for the bottled water industry. Start by choosing one of our water coolers that filter tap water.  Then, we should also know the importance of ecofriendly products.  With the production of plastic water bottles for bottled water, the smart ecofriendly choice is to use a water cooler with tap filter. Awesome Water Filters offers premium quality 8 stage water filters.  Also, look at the ocean and the problem of plastic water bottles affecting the eco system. We don’t want to add to the problem. You get to save the Earth plus you get great tasting water quality.

Water available all the time.

If you have made the smart choice in installing a water cooler with refillable water bottle you will have pure filtered water 24/7 at an affordable price.  It will eliminate the need to purchase bottled water.  You can share your chilled or hot water at home or in the office with your family or colleagues.  In addition, no more heavy lifting of water bottles. Plus, no diesel fuel expenses to deliver water bottles.

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