Water Cartridge Filter Guide

How does one choose a water cartridges, however? Today, there are almost as many types of water cartridges as there are types of bottled water. You can buy a water cartridge system that filters the water of your water cooler; you can buy a countertop water filter that functions in a similar manner and filters the water just before it flows through the sink faucet; or you could buy a refrigerator water filter which needs to be plumbed into a water supply. You could even just get a water filter bottle if you live alone.

Each of these types of water cartridges have their advantages and disadvantages. Each are design for different situations and different homes and families. Plus, each of them has a lot of different models, many of which have their own features and purposes. With that said we’re specifically tackling a certain type of filter today; if you want to buying one, check out our water filter cartridge guide.

Water Filter Cartridge advantages include:

  • They improve the water’s taste. Whether because of the chlorine and fluoride that’s often found in small dosages in tap water, or for another reason, depending on where you live your tap water might have an unpleasant smell or taste. For the lucky ones among us that haven’t experienced this it might seem weird, but unpleasant odors or taste turns off a lot of people from tap water and drives them either to bottled water or to just drinking way less water than their body requires. And a good water filter cartridge can easily fix all that.
  • They make the water safer to drink. Odors and tastelessness aren’t the only things a water cartridge filter can help you with. It can remove a lot of unsafe chemicals and contaminants from tap water.
  • They make the water much healthier in every conceivable way. Both through removing unhealthy contaminants as well as by often adding healthy minerals, a great water cartridge filter can significantly improve the quality of your tap water.
  • Cost efficient. Under sink water filters are also exceptionally cost efficient. Not only are they themselves not too expensive, but the amount of money they are going to save you on your health is unimaginable. They are also generally more efficient than other types of water filters like faucet filters or freezer filters, although it depends on the quality of the brand and the model as well. Regardless, the price that you pay for buying an water cartridge filter is something that gets compensates by its benefits incredibly quickly.