Water Cooler Dispenser: Is it really safe?

How Safe is Your Water Cooler Dispenser?

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You will benefit from the provision of a water cooler dispenser. It’s quick, it’s easy, it tastes better than tap water, and it’s better for you than fizzy drinks. While well-made, well-maintained coolers are a definite perk for any workforce, others can actually be detrimental to drinker’s health.

A Fact is a fact!

A water cooler dispenser is a water cooler, right? Wrong. While many water cooler units look pretty much the same, they are made by numerous companies in numerous countries, all with differing health and safety standards.

What this means for the consumer is that they can purchase what they believe to be a high-quality piece of equipment for their staff and end up inadvertently causing low-level or in worst case, chemical poisoning. So, what can you do to make sure that you’re not caught out?


Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

Our Water Cooler Dispenser have an installed Genuine Awesome Cooler branded 8 stage KDF Water Filter which has a 5 Micron rating. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the number of micron rating the better! This provides adequate water flow whilst effectively filtering out contaminants, bacteria as well as any bad small or taste.

Our Objective

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As a local water cooler supplier, we understand the importance of why your water cooler dispenser needs to be regularly sanitised. That’s why we feel it is important for us to provide you the 12 months warranty on all of our materials.

Thanks to the various sorts of water purifier technologies, anybody could now keep the water clean of any noxious material and pollutants, giving the consumers the assurance that they are getting pure and crystal clear water than that regularly come from the tap.

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