Water Cooler Filter: Is It A Necessity?

Water is the best medicine

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Investing in an authentic water cooler filter is as essential key to healthy life. Water cooler filter gives an utmost confidence of converting your tap water to a purified, filtered, and alkaline drinking water.

Whether you are filtering those unhealthy ingredients from your tap water is ultimately a choice you must make for yourself, but you should always keep in mind that over 75% of your body is water, and that all your body’s cells absorb the water that you drinking. So you’re not only what you eat, but also what you drink!

How effective a water cooler filter?

What you want to look for an effective water cooler filter is the components of a filter to really make your water safe to drink. Awesome water filters only provide high quality filter.

8 stage kdf water filter

With our 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridges contain KDF you’ll never go wroung with it. KDF is a high purity copper zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox. The use of redox is to remove unwanted chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide from precious water supplies. Above all, KDF is also known to kill algae and fungi and control nasty bacteria growth.


Therefore, investing in a quality water cooler filter is an investment in your health. There are plenty of choices available that awesome water filter gives you – a wide range of prices from a benchtop water cooler to a free standing water cooler perfect setup for any residential, commercial areas.

It’s recommended that the average adult should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day, which equals about 2 liters, or a half gallon. Give your customers, employees and/or family access to healthy clean water with a water cooler from awesomewaterfilters.com.au. Choose from a dozen different home and office water coolers, from benchtop water coolers to freestanding water coolers, perfect for kitchen counters and front office desks.

Awesome Water Filters


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