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South Australia and Adelaide is known for its vibrant culture and great wine, thus giving it the names of The Festival State or The Wine State. Its location is between the borders of all other five states. Although it has a coastal area in its south, South Australia is one of the most arid places in the country. It has about three-fourths of the settlements centred in the city of Adelaide.

What is South Australia’s Water Source?


Source: https://www.sawater.com.au/community-and-environment/our-water-and-sewerage-systems/water-sources

The chart shows the sources for South Australia’s water supply which are the Murray River, reservoirs, seawater, and groundwater. This water supply is managed by SA Water. From here, it goes through 7 stages of water treatment. The stages include Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration, Disinfection, Fluoridation and Storage.

There are about 15 storage areas in different regions across South Australia. It’s to make sure that there’s enough water even during peak seasons. Because the region may suffer from a dry climate, water goes through membrane treatment or desalination to remove impurities and salt in the water.  Other treatments include iron removal and Magnetic Iron Exchange.

Why is Clean Water Important?

Our water goes through many treatments. With the chains of processes and many sources our pure water comes from, it’s important to make sure that the water we use for consumption is safe and clean. Though there are ways to have the quality of tap water checked, we want clean and purified water readily available.

More than half of South Australia’s water supply goes to agricultural lands. The water that goes to households and industries are 22% lower than the average in Australia. But the water price paid by SA households are the highest in the country. This proves how water is precious in our region. That’s why we must maximise the use of every drop we get since water is essential in our daily activities as well as in keeping ourselves healthy and hydrated.

Dirty and non-filtered water does not only compromise our health and safety. It can also cause us to spend more on cure, maintenance or solutions to remove these hazards or improve our well-being.

Common Water Problems and How the Water is Polluted

Several reports by customers include orange and brown water coming out of their tap. Corrosion of metals in plumbing causes it especially if you have copper and cast iron pipes. A subtle sign of this is a metallic taste or odour in your water. Untreated pipes may lead to leaks or even pipe bursts. Dirty water may also occur due to sudden burst water mains or changes of the flow conditions in your area.

Some substances are naturally added to your water. However, in excessive amounts, these may be dangerous. You may notice a chlorine taste or smell in your water. They add chlorine to control the microorganisms that get in your water. It may also become earthy or musty since algae usually develop in water reservoirs. Sometimes, the plastic pipes in your plumbing also cause it.

Septic or rotten egg odours from your tap are also possible due to accumulation of wastes in your drain. It serves as a breeding ground for bacteria that produces this smell.

Use an Efficient Water Filtration System to Clean Your Water

Many people have taken the initiative to fully make sure that their water is safe and clean. Because we do not know where our water has gone through and at what point contamination can possibly occur. It’s better to filter our water right before we drink it. The use of charcoal water filters as well as hot and cold water dispensers are now common in many households and offices. The number of water filter users in Australia is actually increasing continuously since 2001.

With filtered drinking water, you do not only become confident with the cleanliness of the water you drink. It’s also an environment-friendly choice while cutting down your expenses since there is no need to buy bottled water. Plus, it’s energy-efficient as well because water dispenser with hot and cold eliminates the need for refrigerating or heating your drinking water. Also, you get to enjoy your water at the desired temperature instantly in our water coolers Adelaide.

There are many available water filters. But it’s best to choose one that does not only remove the rubbish from your drinking water. Make sure it also adds or restores the natural minerals found in pure water, making it healthier.

Choose Premium Quality and Buy From Awesome Water Filters

When it comes to water filters, you must choose one that has layers of benefits. 8 Stage KDF Water Filters are able to filter rust and sediments, amd stop propagation of bacteria. It also removes chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals. This filter also eliminates bad odour and taste from your drinking water. It has the latest and innovative technology of charcoal water filters commonly used today. It comes with additional filter pads, ceramic plate, KDF high purity copper zinc formulation, and mineralized balls.

One filter is already good for at least 6 months so you can surely get the most out of its benefits. Moste especially with the layers of mineralised balls that release natural trace minerals needed by the body.

Awesome water coolers or hot and cold water dispensers available for water coolers Adelaide are optimal. Because you can easily adjust the temperature of your water with our products. You can instantly enjoy your cold glass of water or warm cup of coffee or tea while saving time and energy. They also come in different sizes so you can find one which is ideal for your free space. Just like small water dispensers hot and cold, or tabletop cold water dispenser. Whether benchtop or free standing water hot and cold dispenser, you will surely find something that is right for you.

With water filters or hot and cold water dispenser for offices or homes, you provide easy access to pure, filtered water that is readily available to drink thus making our lives more convenient while preventing dehydration and offering the health benefits of drinking water within reach. Safer water and healthier water is awesome water from Awesome Water Filters.

Over 60 Thousand Awesome Water Coolers Sold Nationwide

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