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Awesome Water Coolers Bundaberg are a family owned business that specialize in supplying Awesome Water Coolers to Bundaberg. We also supply instant hot and cold countertop and freestanding water cooler systems.  We also supply our class-leading and famous 8-stage activated charcoal mineral replacement water filter cartridges throughout all of Bundaberg regions.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to chat about the best water filtration system for your home, office or workplace.  Check out our online store featuring a wide range of quality home or office water coolers and bottles Bundaberg. Our awesome water 8-Stage activated charcoal KDF mineral water filter replacement cartridge can be delivered to all Bundaberg Regions.

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Freestanding Water Coolers Bundaberg

Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler Bundaberg with bottle fitted with our class leading 8 stage activated charcoal mineral water filter cartridge. These contemporary water coolers and water bottles are the perfect fit for homes, offices or workplaces. Most especially in areas that rely on the convenience of a water cooler. The easy to use digital control panel lets you set your desired temperature, hot or cold on your water cooler. This premium feature allows you to get the most out of your water cooler. So, you can get a nice chilled drinking water or hottest cup of soup, coffee or tea.

Benchtop Water Coolers Bundaberg

If you have limited space – try our awesome benchtop water cooler and water bottle Bundaberg . This awesome water cooler, like our freestanding water dispenser, delivers 20 liters of fresh hot and cold filtered drinking water. You can conveniently place in the heart of your kitchen without using up any valuable floor space. Add our premium quality Magnesium Prill Beads and the water becomes restructured alkaline water in Bundaberg.


Just pour regular tap water into our class leading water filter system. Then, it will proceed to removing chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic impurities. The result is pure, fresh filtered drinking water. In addition to this, our water coolers also add much needed trace elements to your water including Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium and Iron. When combined with our premium quality Magnesium Prills the Magnesium Prill Water will enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination thus improving your health.

Benefits of Awesome Water Cooler Water Purifier Bundaberg

  • Our awesome instant hot and cold water coolers are an environmentally friendly solution. It also helps lower your households carbon footprint.
  • All materials are of the highest BPA FREE and food grade standard.
  • Economical Hi-Efficiency ECO compressor cooling saving you money every day.
  • The energy efficient system uses less power than alternative water heating and cooling units. It makes this system eco friendly.
  • Reduce environmental waste by significantly reducing plastic waste from the use of bottled water.
  • Awesome water filters are available via an Australia wide network and online.
  • Awesome water filters use the most up-to-date 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridges.
  • Our awesome instant hot and cold filtered drinking water coolers allow you to adjust temperatures simply and easily for both instant hot and cold filtered drinking water. You can ddo this from the digital control panel on the front of the water dispensers. (Cold will go from 4 degrees Celsius to room temperature and hot ranges from 52 to 92 degrees Celsius. Note: the perfect cup of coffee is made at 85 degrees).
  • Save an unbelievable 80% on bottled water costs.
  • You can purchase awesome water coolers from as little as $11 per week. Your local dealer will provide further information on affordable pricing and payment options.
  • An average user will require a water filter change every 6 months . The replacement guarantees optimum performance on your instant hot and cold filtered drinking water dispenser.

Awesome Water Coolers Bundaberg

Awesome Water Coolers Bundaberg

We currently service water coolers in Bundaberg and Ashfield. AWF also offers services to Avenell Heights, and, Avoca,Branyan. We also include Bundaberg Central, Bundaberg East, Bundaberg North, Bundaberg South, and Bundaberg West. You can also avail our products in Burnett Heads, Kensington, Kepnock, Millbank, Norville, Svensson Heights, and Thabeban. We also serve Walkervale, Bargara, Coral Cove, Elliott Heads, Innes Park, Kalkie, Mon Repos, Qunaba, Rubyanna, Windermere, and Gin Gin.
Awesome also serves Bullyard, Bungadoo, Kalpowar, Maroondan, McIlwraith, Tirroan, Wallaville, and North and West Burnett area. We also serve Abbotsford, Avondale, Bucca, Fairymead, Gooburrum, Littabella, Meadowvale, Miara, Moore Park, and Moorland. You can also avail if you’re from Oakwood, Rosedale1, Sharon, South Kolan, Watalgan, Waterloo, Welcome Creek, and Winfield.
We also serve Yandaran, Isis area, Childers, Apple Tree Creek, Booyal, Buxton, Cordalba, Doolbi, Farnsfield, Goodwood, and Horton. AWF also serves Isis Central, North Isis, Redridge, Woodgate,S outh Burnett area, Alloway, Burnett Heads, Calavos, and Coonarr. We alo serve Electra, Elliott, Givelda, Kinkuna, Pine Creek, Port Bundaberg, South Bingera, Woongarra.