Save a minimum of 80% compared to bottled water using our awesome water filtration system.

8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridges


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HOW IT WORKS — Just pour your ordinary tap water into our Awesome Water Coolers.  Our Awesome Water Coolers are fitted with our technologically advanced awesome 8 stage kdf activated charcoal mineral water filters.  This is where the changes happen.  Your ordinary tap water gets filtered removing any chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic impurities in the water.  Our water filters then add much needed natural trace elements and minerals such as iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium and iodine.  Your regular tap water has now been restructured to be awesome alkaline water.  If you are seeking 97% FLUORIDE REMOVAL from your filtered water, we have a Ceramic Dome that will do the job for you, when used in conjunction with our water filtration systems. Click on the 97% FLUORIDE REMOVAL link here to view.

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Our premium quality floor standing water cooler for home, office or workplace delivers 20 litres of pure healthy filtered alkaline drinking water at an affordable price.  If you have been searching for the best value hot and cold filtered drinking water dispenser at an affordable price.

Benchtop Water Cooler

If you have limited floor space try our premium quality benchtop water cooler for home, office or workplace. This benchtop water cooler, like our freestanding water cooler, delivers 20 litres of fresh hot or cold pure filtered alkaline water. The benchtop water cooler can be placed in the heart of your kitchen on a countertop without using up any valuable floor space.  Our benchtop water cooler utilises our famous class leading 8 stage KDF activated charcoal mineral water filtration technology.  This helps you save an unbelievable 80% or more when compared to bottled water.  >> MORE

Benchtop Mineral Water Purifier

This stylish & simple premium quality Awesome Benchtop Mineral Water Purifier has the superior Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Filter Cartridge technology.  This awesome benchtop mineral water purifier is the perfect fit for the health conscious home, office or workplace that still requires pure fresh filtered alkaline drinking water at an affordable price. 


Awesome Water Filters 8 Stage KDF Water Filter Cartridge Health Benefits

Maintain your body health and well-being while using our famous class leading freestanding water cooler, benchtop water cooler or benchtop mineral water purifier in your home, office or workplace.  These are all fitted with our famous class leading 8 stage KDF activated charcoal mineral water filter replacement cartridges.  These premium quality replacement water filter cartridges not only remove harmful substances from your drinking water but add healthy crucial trace elements back into your pure alkaline filtered drinking water.  If you are looking to lose some weight, pure alkaline filtered drinking water at your home, office or workplace is a great way to feel full more often reducing your food intake over the day without adding unwanted calories. 


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