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Awesome Water Coolers Melbourne are a family owned business that specialize in supplying Awesome Water Coolers to Melbourne.  We also supply instant hot and cold countertop and freestanding Water Coolers Melbourne.  We also supply our class leading famous 8 stage activated charcoal mineral replacement water filter cartridges throughout all of Melbourne regions. Feel free to contact us for more information or to chat about the best water filtration system for your home, office or workplace.  Check out our online store featuring a wide range of quality home or office water coolers and water cooler bottles Melbourne.   Our awesome water 8 stage activated charcoal KDF mineral water filter replacement cartridge can be delivered to all Melbourne Regions.

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Freestanding Water Coolers Melbourne

Awesome Freestanding Water Cooler with bottle fitted with our class leading 8 stage activated charcoal mineral water filter cartridge. These contemporary water coolers and water bottles are the perfect fit for homes, offices or workplaces that rely on the convenience of a water cooler. The easy to use digital control panel lets you set your desired temperature hot or cold on your water cooler. This premium feature allows you to get the most out of your water cooler with nice chilled drinking water or hottest cup of soup, coffee or tea.

Benchtop Water Coolers Melbourne

If you have limited space – try our awesome benchtop water cooler and water bottle. This awesome water cooler, like our freestanding water dispenser, delivers 20 liters of fresh hot and cold filtered drinking water and can be placed in the heart of your kitchen without using up any valuable floor space. Add our premium quality Magnesium Prill Beads and the water becomes restructured alkaline water.

HOW IT WORKS — Just pour regular tap water into our class leading water filter system that removes chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic impurities. The result is pure, fresh filtered drinking water. In addition to this, our water coolers also add much needed trace elements to your water including Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium and Iron. When combined with our premium quality Magnesium Prills the Magnesium Prill Water will enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination thus improving your health.

Benefits of Awesome Water Coolers Melbourne

  • Our awesome instant hot and cold water coolers are an environmentally friendly solution and lowers your households carbon footprint.
  • All materials are of the highest BPA FREE and food grade standard.
  • Economical Hi-Efficiency ECO compressor cooling saving you money every day.
  • The energy efficient system uses less power than alternative water heating and cooling units making this system eco friendly.
  • Reduce environmental waste by significantly reducing plastic waste from the use of bottled water.
  • Awesome water filters are available via an Australia wide network and online.
  • Awesome water filters use the most up-to-date 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Water Filter Replacement Cartridges.
  • Our awesome instant hot and cold filtered drinking water coolers allow you to adjust temperatures simply and easily for both instant hot and cold filtered drinking water from the digital control panel on the front of the water dispensers. (Cold will go from 4 degrees Celsius to room temperature and hot ranges from 52 to 92 degrees Celsius. Note: the perfect cup of coffee is made at 85 degrees).
  • Save an unbelievable 80% on bottled water costs.
  • Awesome water coolers can be purchased from as little as $11 per week. Your local dealer will provide further information on affordable pricing and payment options.
  • An average user will require a water filter change every 6 months to guarantee optimum performance on your instant hot and cold filtered drinking water dispenser.

Awesome Water Coolers Melbourne Victoria

Awesome Water Coolers Melbourne

Water Coolers



Located on the south-eastern side of Australia is the state of Victoria and Melbourne VIC, also known as the Garden State of the Land Down Under. Among its states and territories, Victoria and Melbourne remains to be at the top of the list of Australia’s most densely populated states. Victoria and Melbourne also boasts of being the second-most populous state in Australia, second only to New South Wales and Sydney.

As Victoria and Melbourne is one of the country’s most populous states, there is a high demand for purified filtered drinking water and other clean water sources. Awesome Water Filters help deliver the population’s high demand for purified filtered drinking water with our premium quality range of freestanding or Countertop hot and cold water coolers and Benchtop Mineral Water Purifiers.

Family’s in their homes, employee’s in offices, and businesses all employ the use of a filtered drinking water dispenser with hot and cold water, a hot and cold filtered water dispenser, or a tabletop water dispenser hot and cold, among others. Apart from these options, Victorian’s also depend on their local water service providers when it comes to ensuring that their water sources are clean and sanitary.

However, do you ever wonder how clean and pure the water is when it reaches your home? How does the state of Victoria and Melbourne manage its water supply and resource? How do local Victorian water service providers ensure that the consumers do not get affected by the many droughts that periodically threaten to deplete Victoria and Melbourne’s pure water supply?

Water Supply in Victoria and Melbourne
The main pillars of the water infrastructure in the state of Victoria and Melbourne include a series of extremely effective and efficient water sources like dams and reservoirs. Victoria and Melbourne prides itself in upholding the principle of acquiring quality water supply naturally, as opposed to preferring artificial methods of filtering and purification.  Due to this, the water supply in Victoria and Melbourne only needs only a minute amount of chlorination. This gives the drinking water supply in Victoria and Melbourne a fresh and unique taste.

However, there are times when it might be hard to trust the quality of the tap water in your area. In order to ensure the purity of their drinking water, Victorians still use a hot and cold filtered water dispenser, a tabletop water dispenser hot and cold, or a filtered drinking water dispenser with hot and cold options.

As Victoria is a large State, an efficient system must be devised in order to transport precious water around the State. This is where the Victorian and Melbourne Water Grid system comes in to play. It is a quality system of pipelines and connections built across Victoria and Melbourne.



system, water can be moved all throughout the Victorian state without much hassle. This is especially helpful when it comes to dealing with localized droughts. The Victorian Water Grid system can provide the drought-affected communities with clean and sanitary water from other parts of Victoria for as long as the communities need the water supply.

The government of Victoria and Melbourne recognises the state’s growing need for alternative water resources. That is the reason why it has invested billions of dollars in finding new ways to purify and save water within the state of Victoria.

The government of Victoria has invested on projects like the Victorian Desalination plant, which is an alternative water resource that provides at least 30% of the water needs in Victoria. An irrigation upgrade has also been done in Northern Victoria, a move that has been instrumental in preserving the amount of valuable water used in irrigation in the area. The Victorian government has also invested heavily on expanding the Victorian and Melbourne Water Grid. By doing so, the Victorian Desalination plant and the irrigation upgrade will be connected and more easily maintained.

These efforts by the Victorian government when it comes to managing their water supply has been fruitful. It has projected a 50% increase in the years to come on Victoria’s water supply, and an expanded reach in the Victorian Water Grid system.

Importance of Clean Water in Victoria and Melbourne
The most obvious reason why it is necessary for individuals, communities, and businesses to have a clean and pure drinking water system is because of the issue of health. Drinking unclean and unsanitary drinking water can lead to sicknesses, diseases, and sometimes, even fatalities.

When it comes to irrigation and other productive industries that need water, it is also necessary to have clean and sanitary sources available. Since these water products are going to ultimately end up in our hands, the possibility of acquiring sicknesses due to eating or using these products is high.

Even washing your hands and exercising good hygiene is not enough if the threat of unsanitary water is there. In an extremely productive state like Victoria, it will be a debilitating blow to the local economy if the individuals who make up the work force are sick and unproductive. That is the main reason why the need for clean water cannot be stressed enough.

There are a myriad of options which can be evaluated in order to address the issue of water cleanliness. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your drinking water is clean is by way of utilizing simple technologies that specialise in purifying drinking water. A hot and cold filtered water dispenser, a tabletop water dispenser hot and cold, or a simple water dispenser with hot and cold options are simple but effective items that can guarantee water cleanliness in minutes at the home or office.

Apart from these technologies, the government of Victoria also does its best to ensure that the water that reaches the tap water in individual households are clean. With the help of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, the quality, taste, smell, color, and materials within the water are carefully analysed and scrutinized by local water service providers.
How Water is Polluted and How You Can Help in Cleaning Victoria and Melbourne’s Water Supply
You may think that directly throwing rubbish and other toxic materials on water catchments are the only ways to polluting the water supply in Victoria, but you’re wrong on that assumption. There are also indirect ways to pollute water sources. This can be done by way of mismanaging landfills, waste-water storage facilities, or septic tanks. It could also be done by letting loose unclean chemicals that can be absorbed by different bodies of water in water catchment area’s.

The rubbish in dry land also affects the cleanliness of your water sources. Since rainwater passes through dirty streets, the dirt, grime, and other toxic substances that it passes through goes to wastewater treatment facilities. Although it can be cleaned and purified, it may be possible for your water supply quality to be compromised if the amount of rubbish in the water is excessive.

To help address the problem of water pollution, people must be educated and be made aware of the ramifications of their actions in their community. By not disposing of your rubbish properly, you can risk damaging the quality of the water that you may drink in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary to collaborate with your community when it comes to ensuring that your environment is clean, and cooperate with your local councils to address water supply issues. By doing so, you can at least say that you’ve done your part in helping the community address the problems on water pollution improving the environment.

Awesome Water Filters Can Help You Clean and Purify Your Drinking Water Supply!
Clean drinking water is universal prerequisite for survival. Although you can trust your local governments and councils when it comes to providing a clean and safe water supply, you can never be too sure when it comes to this issue.

For your safety, it is advisable to use technologies that will help you clean and purify your drinking water without any hassle. With the simple use of a tabletop water dispenser hot and cold, a hot and cold filtered water dispenser, or a simple water dispenser with hot and cold options, you do not just guarantee your family’s safety, but you also help in terms of advancing your family’s health and development.

Awesome Water Filters is a family-owned business that supplies premium quality water dispenser with hot and cold options, instant hot cold water dispenser, or a tabletop water dispenser hot and cold, to people in need of filtered water options at home or in the office. We have a extensive network of distributors throughout Australia, which ensures that wherever you are, our premium quality products are going to be easily available.

The premium quality water filtration products from Awesome Water Filters have the famous class leading 8 stage KDF Activated Charcoal Mineral Replacement Water Filter Cartridge technology acting as your tap water filter. It is a feature that does not just clean your water, but also provides trace elements of necessary minerals needed to improve one’s health. Awesome Water Filters’ premium quality products also come with an easy to use temperature control feature, meaning that you can have clean filtered drinking water at whatever temperature you require anytime you need it. These are the perfect filtered drinking water solution for office water coolers Melbourne.

Clearly, the advantages you will gain from using our premium quality class leading   Awesome Water Coolers and a hot and cold filtered water dispenser from Awesome Water Filters is enormous. Easily clean and purify your filtered drinking water supply now! Contact us at 1800 789 781 or email us at [email protected] for inquiries we are here to help!

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