Water for home

Water for home

We all like water for home to be filtered and chilled just to the right temperature when we walk through the door after a hard days work.  Our fill from the tap water filters are the perfect economical solution for water for home.  The quality of our awesome water is simply stunning.  You just want to drink it all the time simply for the great taste, never mind the benefits from drinking filtered water.


Why your home needs a water dispenser is simple, great tasting water at an affordable price packed with healthy minerals served either hot or cold any time you want.  Once you make the initial purchase you and your family will be so happy.  This awesome water tastes amazing.  Not only can you drink it either hot or cold, you can also use it to water your plants on that hot summers day.  Using this awesome water on your plants will give them a noticeable lift as the water is full of minerals and is also alkaline.



Water for home


We have a great range of water coolers for home.  Awesome Water Filters can recommend the best water cooler to suit your situation.  Our friendly local dealers will be able to install your water cooler for home and service it every 6 months.  The most economical filtered water for home saving you money, money, money.  Class leading technology allowing you to set the temperature to what you want.  Great warranty with affordable spare parts should your water cooler need fixing.

This model is bulletproof.  Classic water cooler styling with easy to operate water taps.  Easy to operate LCD digital control panel.  No need for any more heavy costly water bottles delivered by truck.  Awesome Water Filters have the perfect hot and cold water dispenser for home.

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