Water Purifier: Make Your Own Flavored Water

Is your drinking water really safe?

Finding the best drinking water is a task in a country like Australia. Tap water quality is far away from the expected standards and purification plants are still distant and few in number.

Various impurities reside in your tap water. While we can argue about their quantities, all these cannot be spotted by the naked eye. Also, chances of eliminating these contaminants with old fashioned water filters like using a cloth or just by boiling is simply not possible.

Awesome water filters have received astonishingly popular feedback from various clients. It’s so surprising simply because awesome water filters have already begun to revolutionize the way your water looks. Establish a proven solution to an ongoing issue or no access to safe drinking water. A water purifier.

Effective benefits of a water purifier

Finding the best water purifier for your home becomes imperative for a healthy life. You can also see a clear reduction in water-borne diseases once you get used to water purification with our advanced purifiers.

Our water purifiers are well equipped to tackle the impurities in your water, which keeps the diseases away from your family and give various amounts of benefits to our overall health and lifestyle:

Weight Loss

Getting enough water during the day helps you to lose weight in two ways. The first is that is prevents your body from retaining water weight, thus slimming you down. Drinking more water also helps to keep your kidneys functioning optimally. When your kidneys are filtering at full capacity, stress Is taken off of the liver, which can then more easily perform its function of metabolizing fat that has been stored. For these reasons, getting enough to drink is critical when trying to lose weight.

Prevent Cancer

Water Purifiers greatly reduce the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts from drinking water.

Water purifier acts like our immune system

It offers the last line of defense between the body and the over 2100 known toxins that may be present in drinking water.

Makes your cooking much safe

A water purifier provides clean, healthy water for cooking, as well as drinking, at the convenience of tap water.

Awesome water filters even look rudimentary, and are, in contemporary technological terms, strikingly easy to use. All that is requires to operate a water purifier is the ability to drink.


Our water purifier contains a combination of seven-stage KDF filters.  It blocks parasites while purifying agents remove and/or kill a wide variety of bacteria and other dangerous micro-organisms.

While Awesome water filter cannot provide protection from every risk of contaminated drinking water, they do stop what are by far the most common danger all around the world, rendering potentially fatal supplies into safe drinking water. Planning to purchase water purifiers online? Call us at 1800 729 728 or email us at sales@awesomewaterfilters.com.au and we’re very glad to help you out to select the suitable water purifier for you.


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