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  • Boost Water Quality with New Replacement Tap for Water Dispenser

    December 23, 2023 5 min read

    You pour a glass of water from your dispenser, take a sip, and immediately notice a difference. It doesn't taste as fresh as it used to. Something seems off. You've changed the water filter, cleaned the dispenser, and even tested the water source, yet the issue persists. Have you considered that the problem might be the tap itself?

    The Unsung Hero: Your Water Dispenser's Tap

    boost water quality with new replacement tap for water dispenser

    Often overlooked, the tap of your water dispenser plays a critical role in delivering clean, refreshing water. Not only does it control the flow of water, but it also protects your water from contaminants and impurities. Over time, wear and tear can compromise the tap’s efficiency and influence the water's taste and quality.

    This is where a replacement tap for your water dispenser becomes essential. Replacing your tap is an affordable, straightforward solution that can significantly enhance your hydration experience and ensure that every drop of water you drink is of the highest quality.

    Understanding the Role of a Water Dispenser Tap

    The tap may seem like a simple component, but it can drastically affect your water's quality. As the tap ages, it may start to leak, which can lead to water wastage and create a breeding ground for bacteria. A worn-out tap can also impact the flow of water, making it hard to dispense water efficiently.

    Additionally, the material of your tap is critical. Lower quality plastic taps may release harmful substances into the water over time, affecting its taste and safety. Hence, choosing a high-quality replacement tap can drastically improve the taste, quality, and safety of your water.

    Now that we've understood the importance of a high-quality replacement tap, let's explore some excellent options available in the market.

    Product Recommendations

    1. Water Filter Magnetic Filter Tap

    water filter magnetic filter tap

    If you're looking for a top-of-the-line replacement tap, the Water Filter Magnetic Filter Tap from Awesome Water Filters is an excellent choice.

    What makes this tap unique is its magnetic filter system. This system works to energise your water by realigning its magnetic field, potentially improving its health benefits. Made from durable materials, this tap is designed to resist leaks and keep your water clean and fresh.

    As a bonus, this replacement tap is also incredibly easy to install. So, you can quickly improve your water quality without the need for professional help.

    2. Awesome Water Coolers Collection

    awesome coolers freestanding water cooler

    Apart from the tap, your water dispenser's overall quality is equally important. If you're considering a complete upgrade, the Water Coolers Collection from Awesome Water Filters has got you covered.

    Their range of high-quality water coolers not only deliver clean, refreshing water but also come equipped with modern features like temperature controls and energy-efficient design. Furthermore, their coolers feature premium taps that ensure the optimum flow and taste of your water.

    Replacement is a Refreshment

    In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of a quality replacement tap for your water dispenser. It’s an investment in the quality of your hydration, your health, and your overall quality of life. With the right product, you'll notice an instant upgrade in your water's taste, safety, and potential health benefits.

    Choosing the Right Replacement Tap: A Checklist

    choosing the right replacement tap a checklist

    When selecting a replacement tap for your water dispenser, consider the following factors:

    1. Material: The tap's material can influence water quality. Opt for taps made from food-grade, BPA-free plastics or high-quality stainless steel. These materials do not impart any flavor to the water and are also durable and long-lasting.

    2. Design: The design of the tap can influence how effectively it dispenses water. Choose a tap that offers a steady flow and is leak-resistant to ensure optimal functionality and minimal water wastage.

    3. Installation: A tap that is easy to install can save you time and potential installation costs. Look for a tap with a straightforward design and clear installation instructions.

    4. Compatibility: Not all taps are compatible with all dispensers. Ensure that the replacement tap you choose is a good fit for your dispenser.

    5. Customer Reviews: Check out customer reviews to gauge the product’s reliability and performance.

    6. Cost: While it’s important to invest in a high-quality tap, make sure it falls within your budget. Keep in mind that a higher price does not always equate to better quality.

    7. Brand Reputation: A reliable brand is more likely to provide quality products and excellent after-sales service. Choose a brand that has a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

    With these factors in mind, you'll be able to make a more informed decision and choose a replacement tap that meets your specific needs and improves the quality of your water.

    Maintenance of Your Water Dispenser Tap

    After you've found the perfect replacement tap, maintaining it correctly can further enhance its lifespan and functionality. Here are a few tips for maintaining your water dispenser tap:

    1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the tap with mild, food-safe disinfectants to remove any potential bacterial buildup.

    2. Check for Leaks: Regularly check for any leaks from the tap. Small leaks can quickly turn into bigger problems, leading to water wastage and potential bacterial growth.

    3. Periodic Replacement: Even with the best maintenance, your tap will wear out over time. Make it a habit to inspect your tap for wear and tear regularly and replace it when necessary.


    Q1: How often should I replace the tap on my water dispenser?

    A: The replacement timeline can depend on the tap's material, quality, and usage. However, a general rule of thumb is to inspect your tap for wear and tear every six months and consider replacement if it shows signs of leakage, damage, or if the water's taste and flow are affected.

    Q2: Are all replacement taps compatible with my water dispenser?

    A: No, not all replacement taps are compatible with all water dispensers. It's essential to check the tap's specifications and ensure it's a good fit for your dispenser model before purchasing.

    Q3: Can I install a replacement tap on my own?

    A: Yes, most replacement taps are designed for easy installation. However, it's important to follow the provided instructions to ensure proper installation. If you're unsure, consider seeking professional help.

    Q4: Is there a significant difference in taste with a new tap?

    A: While the tap itself may not directly alter the taste of water, a worn-out or low-quality tap can lead to bacterial growth or leach harmful substances, affecting water quality. Hence, replacing your tap with a high-quality one can ensure your water remains clean and fresh, improving its overall taste.

    Q5: What are the signs that my water dispenser tap needs replacing?

    A: Signs that your water dispenser tap needs replacing include a noticeable change in the taste or smell of your water, difficulty dispensing water, leakage, or visible damage on the tap.

    Q6: Can a replacement tap improve the health benefits of my water?

    A: While the primary function of a tap is to control the flow of water, certain taps like the Water Filter Magnetic Filter Tap are designed to enhance your water’s potential health benefits by realigning its magnetic field. However, it's also essential to maintain other aspects of your water dispenser, like regular filter changes, to ensure optimal health benefits.

    Final Thoughts

    By focusing on the often-overlooked aspect of your water dispenser – the tap – you can drastically enhance your drinking water's quality and safety. A high-quality replacement tap for your water dispenser is not just an accessory but an investment in your health and wellbeing.

    Take the time to consider your options, check out our recommended products, and make the switch today. Your taste buds, body, and the environment will thank you!

    So, the next time you fill your glass with water from your dispenser, you’ll not only enjoy the refreshing taste of clean water, you’ll also have the peace of mind that you’re taking care of your health with a simple, yet effective, switch to a high-quality replacement tap.

    Remember, every drop counts, and so does every sip! Drink wisely, stay healthy, and embrace the power of pure, clean water today.