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    If you're in search of an effective fluoride filter to purify your drinking water, the Awesome Ceramic Dome Fluoride Filter stands out as a top choice that removes up to 97% of fluoride in your tap water.

    With its ceramic dome design, this filter is easy to install and use, and can provide you with clean, safe, and great-tasting water in no time.

    The Awesome Ceramic Dome Filter is an innovative and effective solution for removing fluoride from drinking water. While fluoride is often added to tap water to help prevent tooth decay, some people prefer fluoride-free water due to health concerns or personal preferences. The Awesome Ceramic Dome Filter is compatible with various filtration systems, including gravity filters, and can replace carbon filters in reverse osmosis systems. This filter uses ceramic technology to attract and trap fluoride molecules, effectively removing them from the water. By using fluoride removal water filters such as the Awesome Ceramic Dome Filter, individuals can enjoy clean, fluoride-free drinking water that is safe and healthy for consumption.

    Key Features of the Ceramic Dome Filter:

    1. First Stage of Filtration:

    The process of achieving pristine water begins right here. Our Ceramic Dome Filter takes on the crucial role of being the first line of defense in our advanced 8-stage filtration system. This is where the journey to cleaner water truly begins.

    2. 5 Micron Sediment Filtration:

    These ceramic filters are designed to excel at capturing particles in your water. They effectively trap particles that are 5 microns or larger, including rust, sediment, and other impurities that can affect the taste and quality of your water.

    3. Compatibility with 8 Stage Awesome Water Filters:

    Our Ceramic Dome Filter is meticulously engineered to work seamlessly with our 8-stage Awesome Water Filters. This compatibility ensures that you experience optimal filtration performance throughout the entire filtration process.

    4. Primary Filter - Stage 1:

    In the intricate 8-stage filtration journey, these ceramic filters serve as the primary filter in Stage 1. Their primary role is to set the stage for the subsequent filtration steps, ensuring that your water is as clean and pure as possible.

      How Does a Ceramic Water Filter work?

      The Awesome Water Ceramic Dome Filter used by Awesome water filters consists of ceramic material with a hollow core.

      Ceramic Water Filter and Fluoride Removal

      Before explaining how a ceramic dome fluoride filter may remove fluoride, let's first discuss why it's best to avoid consuming fluoridated water.

      Studies have indicated that adding certain amounts of fluoride to municipal water sources can reduce the incidence of tooth decay in areas with low water fluoride levels.

      Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent health problems that children experience. Many individuals around the world are unable to afford routine dental exams. Fluoride can therefore offer savings and advantages to individuals who need them.

      However, issues with bone, dental, and brain development and fluoride's effects on health have been brought up.

      By using fluoride water filters like a ceramic water filter systems, you can lower the fluoride content of your water. Additionally, employing gravity-based water filters helps reduce fluoride. These facilitate gravity-based water drainage through a ceramic dome water filter.
      Despite the fact that they don't remove other contaminants as well, they are also less pricey than RO systems. Due to their slowness, it is also suited for tiny homes with little water usage. They might be a good alternative if you can survive on 5 to 9 liters of water each day. 

      Awesome Ceramic Dome Water Filter - The Process

      Gravity filters allow water to flow through the millions of tiny pores on the casing of the ceramic cartridge. These pores, a half micron in size, trap impurities as the water passes through them. The inside of the filter is a convoluted maze of sharp angles designed to catch further any particles that have penetrated the exterior surface. Owing to the minute size of the pores and the complexity of the filter, the tap water percolation through a ceramic filter is very fine particulate filtration, eliminating a host of contaminants like bacteria and sediment.

      Our Awesome Ceramic Dome Filter has very small pores. Because particles greater than 0.5 microns will not pass through the ceramic material, all bacteria, parasites, spores of fungi, and other micro-organisms are filtered out of your water, improving the water quality. 

      Please Note: The ceramic water purifier has a slower filtration process than our BPA Free Plastic Dome, as it removes more impurities than BPA Free Plastic Dome and can take up to 24 hours for the water to pass from the top bowl to the bottom bowl.  If you require faster water filtration, please use our BPA Free Plastic Dome with the black and white felt pads which only take approximately one hour to pass from top to bottom.  We always recommend that any of our customers using rainwater, tank water, or bore water use the Ceramic Dome Filter.

      ceramic dome filter

      Preparation before using this fluoride filter:

      1. Soak it in clean water for at least 10 minutes.
      2. Rinse with running water, especially inside.
      3. Fix the rubber ring and assemble it with the upper tank.
      4. Fix the nut and put the upper tank back together, and you can enjoy your filtered pure, alkaline drinking water!

      What is the best way to Clean?

      Cleaning instructions:

      The ideal way to clean is by rubbing with a soft sponge or non-abrasive pad with no detergent.  By doing this it will prolong the water filter life and is not uncommon to last 12 months.

      *It's recommended to replace it every 6 months to maximise the effectiveness.

      This product is suitable for all our replacement Water Cooler Water Bottle or our Benchtop Mineral Water Purifiers.

      You can always call us on 1800 789 781 to discuss how good these ceramic domes work on all water coolers or benchtop water purifiers.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Tamara Harris
      As described

      Well packaged to avoid damage, exactly as described. Have been using the filters for many years and the ease of purchase was great. Talking my friends who buy bottled water into using these.

      Catherine Rau
      Reasonable for its Price, quality Made product

      Receive as describe with reasonable price.

      Davion Macejkovic

      Affordable and it works very well perfectly

      Roderick Kirlin
      Very Happy and Satisfied

      Very happy with it I’ve been using it for years

      Reuben Serenze
      Clean and Safe Water

      Great product. Water tastes so clean!