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  • Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

    April 10, 2022 5 min read

    What Makes the Bottleless Water Cooler a Practical Choice?


    Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler Systems

    What Makes the Bottleless Water Cooler a Practical Choice?

    Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler, getting access to clean and fresh water is a must for everyday life. Whether it’s at home or in the office, being able to drink cool filtered water can boost productivity and make you feel heaps better. Great tasting water keeps the body healthy, improves immunity and other bodily functions. It also helps wash away harmful toxins.

    Bottleless water coolers and bottled water coolers are two common options for providing chilled water in homes and offices. It's connected directly to the water supply, using a filtration system to remove impurities and provide clean and fresh-tasting water. Bottled water coolers, on the other hand, use large bottles of water that need to be replaced periodically. Both types of coolers can be available in standing or floor-standing versions.

    In this day and age, drinking clean water is easier with the use of water coolers. Water coolers or water dispensers are devices which cool water to a certain temperature range and dispense them through a faucet. There are different designs and types. There are water coolers for home, as well as office water cooler systems.

    Two types of designs: bottleless POU or bottled water coolers.

    There are several key features differentiating bottleless from bottled water coolers. At a glance, bottleless water coolers has a direct connection to a water supply. It also comes with a water filtration system. Bottled water coolers come in discrete bottled units which require delivery or pick-up from vendors.

    Because of their differences in features, these hot & cold water dispenser systems vary in convenience, water dispenser price, and in benefits. However, if you’re looking for the more practical and even better option, then you should opt for the cost-effective bottleless water cooler for office or home.

    Bottled Water Coolers For Home and Office Features

    At A Glance:

    • Regular installation of 19L water bottles, which can be inconvenient or difficult.
    • Storage and transport means water might not be fresh.
    • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure safety.
    • Expensive compared to our POU point of use bottleless water dispenser.

    The bottled water cooler is one of the earliest designs for the modern water cooler. There are two main types of water dispenser designs: the basic freestanding design and the bottom-load water dispenser.

    The freestanding bottled water cooler is the system that’s most commonly thought of when thinking of a bottled water cooler. Huge bottles of water, normally with a volume of 18.9L for the regularly-sized versions, are placed spout-down into the dispensing machine.

    Installation and Usage

    Using a bottled water cooler system requires regular maintenance and cleaning. If you choose this option, be prepared for regular delivery or pick-ups from water vendors and frequent maintenance of the dispenser unit. This type of system if very expensive as well.

    There’s usually a delivery to your household or office on a regular basis. You will exchange empty bottles for full ones for cleaning and recycling. This scheme means that you have the option to choose the vendor that will supply your costly drinking water. Different vendors offer water purified by different filtration systems.

    After delivery of the bottles, you’ll have to install the bottled water onto the water dispenser. The bottle should be tipped upside down and then set onto the mouth of the dispenser. With this movement, the cap of the bottle pierces and the water will naturally flow into your water cooler’s internal dispenser.

    Because it works through gravity, freestanding water dispensers come with an internal device to dispense the water in a controlled manner. Once the bottled water is empty, then you will replace the water purifier bottled water with a new one.

    Bottleless Water Cooler vs Bottled Water Cooler

    The Downsides to a Bottled Water Cooler

    While individual units of the bottled water may seem affordable, having to order several of them in one month in order to adequately supply your household can result to a pretty big total cost.

    Aside from this financial concern, a bottled water cooler system is also a struggle to operate (especially the installation part). There’s also the inconvenience of having to exchange bottles regularly.

    But the biggest downside to a bottled water cooler would be the storage and transport processes. The bottled water used for your unit goes to a filtering process. Then it will go in vans to distribute to different storage locations, where it remains until there is an order.

    Throughout this delivery process, the water bottles will have exposure to light in storage. It may lead to the formation of bacteria. It’s also harder to guarantee assurance of quality in general.

    And even within the act of installation, the open mouth of the dispenser makes the water system vulnerable to bacteria. The neck of the bottle is always at risk to different elements as well.

    Lastly, the manufacture and use of plastic makes bottled water less environment-friendly.


    The Features of a Bottleless Water Cooler

    So what’s the more practical option? Choosing a bottleless water cooler system addresses many of the problems in the bottled water cooler design.

    At a Glance:

    • Water flows directly from piping, requiring no additional installation.
    • Built-in purification systems guarantee freshness and safety.
    • System is eco-friendly and convenient.

    Bottleless water cooling systems, unlike bottled water coolers, rely on a continuous connection to a building or home’s water supply. The water goe through different purification processes in order to be fit for drinking. It means that there’s no need to repeatedly order and install discrete bottle units. And the purification steps ensure freshness.

    Bottleless water coolers come in many dispenser types, specifically the wall-mounted type and the direct-piping water dispensers.

    The wall-mounted type connects to the building water’s supply. They come with water tanks for purification. These are what you’d usually call a water fountain or drinking fountain.

    Direct-piping water dispensers are those found at home. Choosing this option means that your drinking water will continuously dispense as the faucet is directly connects to the in-house water source.

    Tap water transforms into fresh water due to a purification system. Water purification can involve a filtration process, distillation, the removal of chlorine, lead and other chemicals. It also includes pressure through a multi-layer membrane, and oxygenation.

    Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser

    In contrast to a bottled water cooler, a bottleless water cooler is the more practical choice due to its convenience, assured quality, and freshness.

    Because the water comes from the in-house water system and isn’t transported from the outside, bottleless water coolers operate on a sealed system. It means the water is far from bacteria and outside exposure.

    The direct connection to tap water means that the water is always fresh (unlike bottles of water which may already have gone through weeks of transport), and the immediate water purification scheme guarantees safety.

    In terms of water dispenser price, this option is obviously more practical in the long run. There’s no need for constantly ordering bottles from a vendor. Plus, because of the eco-friendly design of bottleless water coolers, you won’t have to worry about stacks of empty water bottles after.

    Getting the Benefits of Cool, Fresh Drinking Water from Water Coolers

    Whether it’s for the home or the office, you should have the benefits of cool and fresh drinking water that’s guaranteed to be purified and safe. If you’re looking for drinking water solutions, contact Awesome Water Filters on 1800 789 781.

    From your choice of water dispenser to the best water filtration system, Awesome Water Filters can offer what you need.