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  • Can Prill Beads Be Used In Tap Water?

    September 08, 2021 4 min read

    Can Prill Beads Be Used In Tap Water

    Prill beads are one-time purchases that will last a lifetime. Those of us who buy two or three liters of spring water or any bottled water daily can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But we’re only interested in healthy options if it’s convenient. Maybe that’s why we’ve received a common question, can prill beads be used in tap water? Let’s find out!

    You can reap the health-cleansing and cell-rejuvenation advantages of prill water. You can’t possibly lose. Take control of your health instead of taking our word for it by using prill beads in your water.

    Can Prill Beads Be Used in Tap Water?

    So, the answer is YES! The main purpose of prill beads as a water filter is to filter that comes out of your tap. Whatever way you want to add the beads, you can do it. The ideas are endless.

    How do Prill Beads Work?

    “Thin water” is produced by Prill Beads. Prill Water is soft dew-like water derived from Magnesium Oxide. It’s believed to be “filled with life force” and “structured or invigorated,” It allows it to hydrate bodily cells more easily or declutter water molecules to single molecules, resulting in greater absorption. So simple, low-cost, and simple!

    The molecules in PRILL BEADS are reduced to thin, dewy water that allows living cells to absorb and replenish the body. Don’t confuse it with ‘hard tap water.’

    When we’re young, our bodies’ water content is soft and thin, allowing all metabolic processes to run smoothly as nature intended. Our fluids fluctuate throughout time, accumulating pollution from the environment and thickening. As a result, it’s difficult to take into cells and providing only minimal hydration.

    Returning the body’s liquid stasis to the softened “thin” form and enhancing hydration to cells must be the first steps in an attempt to reverse the harmful aging process.

    Are Prill Beads Safe

    How To Use Magnesium Prill Beads to Purify Water?

    To remove any loose particles, rinse the Magnesium Oxide Prill Beads (leave in the bag) under running water before using. Fill a glass or porcelain container up to 5L with drinking water and insert the bag inside.

    Allow 24 hours before using for the first time. After that, you can drink one-third (1/3) to half (1/2) of the water and then replenish with drinking water to repeat the action.

    Prill Water

    Prill Beads change the way water behaves in a variety of ways:

    • When digested by the body, it produces alkaline.
    • Approximately a 50% reduction in surface tension
    • Increasing the Bovis Scale’s life force energy index from 400,000 to 4,000,000 and beyond.
    • Increasing the number of negative ions
    • Vital & Cosmic Water helps your body detox.
    • Store it in any container, including a cheap plastic bottle like distilled water.
    • It can energize any other liquid.


    Alkaline Water

    These beads quickly change acidic drinking water to alkaline water, as evidenced by a pH meter or a pH reagent. (Note that paper pH strips are intended for use with saliva or urine and will not detect pH changes in water.)

    Micro-Clustered Water

    Water with prill beads is lighter, smoother, and finer-textured, which are desirable qualities that make water more drinkable.

    Energized Water

    Kinesiology studies demonstrate a great energy boost when the body is exposed to ‘prilled’ water; the life energy flowing from the body may double.

    Reduce Water Contaminants

    The original purpose of prill beads was to remove harmful, radioactive waste from nuclear reactor cooling water. It may also remove heavy metals from water using prill beads.

    Warm Water

    Prill water does not support bacterial growth even at room temperature. On the other hand, Prill water promotes algae growth, particularly when exposed to heat and sunlight.

    Long-Term Benefits

    Prill Beads are unbreakable and convey their beneficial properties to water. They don’t dissolve, and you can use them over and over again. Their ability to raise the pH of water steadily reduces when utilized with acidic water (over months of use).

    How To Use Prill Beads

    Other Brief Benefits

    • Improve the hydration of all of your body’s cells.
    • Helps improve issues of acidity, Surface Tension, Oxidation Potential, and Cluster Size.
    • Improves alkalinity, nutrient transport power, and anti-oxidant capacity.
    • Reduce chlorine and fluoride levels in over 1,000 gallons of water.

    Other Uses of Prill Beads

    • Adding it to your bath for a quick energy boost.
    • You can spray irt on your hands and body.
    • You can also use it to clean your baby’s bottom.
    • Use it to clean and soak fruits and vegetables. Do this process before consuming it.
    • COOKING: Spray the bottom of the frying pan and the top of the meal to provide moisture.
    • CLEANING: Use it to clean and wipe your kitchen counters and sinks. It can also help in cleaning of septic systems, add to the toilet tank. Note that it may corrode plastic or metal over long periods.
    • Add it to your humidifier for a fresher air. Water vapor from Prill Beads is beneficial to persons who have sinus or lung problems.
    • Use it to lengthen the life of freshly-cut flowers.
    • It helps to reduce odors and repels black mold, resulting in a better interior environment.

    Taste Test

    Rehydrate frozen juice with both ordinary and Prill water. It’s eye-catching! You should soak dried fruit like raisins, apricots, cranberries in reverse osmosis water or tap water. Then soak other fruits in prill water. After a few hours, compare the flavor and texture. The change is palpable.


    Can prill beads be used in tap water? YES! You can use prill beads for drinking, cooking, taking a bath, and more. Reap the benefits of alkaline water with this natural water filter. Drinking water is treated using Magnesium Oxide Prill Beads. They’ll provide the water with a softer, more pleasant flavor and boost the pH to around 7.4.

    Grab bags of prill beads from Awesome Water Filters in Australia.