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Do You Need A Water Purifier?

April 10, 2022 3 min read

Why do you need a water purifier?

Do you need a water purifier?

The problem of safe drinking water availability has dramatically increased in the past few decades and so has the technology innovations with this issue. But do you really need a water purifier?

You can’t be too sure of the water you drink as it may contain:

  • harmful chemicals
  • Dangerous Bacteria and Viruses
  • Foreign Contaminants


The water you drink comes from ponds, lakes, groundwater, reservoir,river water, rain water etc. Some water sources are very safe and free from biological and chemical contamination but it still may contain bacteria’s that can’t be filtered in municipalities that purifies water before distribution to the general public.

Both water filters and water purifiers work on the same mechanical principle. They first acquire raw water which could be contaminated, filter out impurities ranging from sediments to micro-organisms and then dispense clean fresh filtered water.


8 stage filtration explanation

whole house water filter system

Water filter

However there is one big difference between the two – a water purifier can remove viruses and bacteria that water filters cannot remove. Some water purifiers use chemicals and others use an electro-static charge to kill or capture viruses in the drinking water.

It’s no more than just a glass of water right? The reason why it’s extremely important that your home has a water purifier is so all the occupants of the house have fresh clean filtered drinking water at home.  In fact, it is a must have at your household and at your workspace, clean filtered water that is.  Also, buying a water purifier or water filter for home or the office is a great idea.  Buying one of the best water purifiers will make the difference. And here’s how you choose the right water purifier or water filter:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers:  This is for homes where the water contains high TDS levels.  Water purifiers with RO technology work, as they remove all the viruses, bacteria and other toxic substances that your glass of water doesn’t require.  RO water purifiers are the preferred choice because they don’t just purify the water but also retain the natural minerals water is blessed with.

Ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers: The idea behind UV water purifiers is clean and clear – to kill all viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms present in the filtered drinking water. Thus making your filtered water healthy, pure and tasty.

Ultrafiltration (UF) Water Purifiers: UF water purifiers are as good as the RO ones.  What differentiates them from RO is the fact that you won’t require electricity to run it.  UF water purifiers are preferred simply because they use a fine membrane to kill the bacteria and other microbes present in the drinking water.

RO+UV Water Purifier: When you bring home an RO+UV Water Purifier, it does wonders as purification of any kind of water is possible.  What’s more , the drinking water in your glass in not just pure water, but healthy water and tasty too!


Do you need a water purifier?

With so many benefits owning a water purifier and an equal number of risks associated with not owning one, how does a water purifier even become a luxury?  It certainly is a necessity.  If you don’t own one, it’s time you do. 

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