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  • Experience Luxury with High-Performance Filter Showers

    January 18, 2024 5 min read

    The luxury of a warm shower after a long, tiring day is unparalleled. But, have you ever paused to consider the quality of water you use? A high-performance filter shower may just be the upgrade your bathing routine needs. Besides, who doesn't want a shower that not only cleanses but also purifies and enhances the quality of your water?

    Water filters are not just for your kitchen anymore. The new wave of bathroom luxury comes in the form of filter showers. These ingenious devices not only clean you but also filter out impurities from your shower water. But the benefits don't stop there.

    Understanding the Need for Filter Showers

    experience luxury with high performance filter showers

    When water is treated at municipal plants, certain chemicals, like chlorine, are often added to kill bacteria and other harmful substances. While this process makes the water safe for consumption, regular exposure to chlorine and other heavy metals in your shower water can potentially damage your skin and hair, causing them to dry out. This is where filter showers come into the picture.

    Filter showers effectively reduce these unwanted elements, promoting softer skin and healthier hair. Plus, they're pretty simple to install, meaning you can easily upgrade your bathroom to a luxurious, spa-like experience in no time!

    Diving into the World of Awesome Water Filters

    At Awesome Water Filters, we bring you a curated range of top-of-the-line filter showers. Not only do our products guarantee a significant reduction in water impurities, but they also come in a variety of stylish designs to elevate your bathroom aesthetics.

    Our highly-rated Sprite Slimline Shower Filter Cartridge is compact, lightweight, and designed to ensure optimal water flow. It easily fits your existing shower arm, effortlessly blending function and form.

    For those seeking flexibility and mobility, the Sprite Universal Shower Hose Filter is a fantastic choice. It ensures that your handheld showers are just as pure and invigorating as a full-scale shower.

    We also offer the Sprite Handheld Filter Cartridge, which features an easy-to-change filter cartridge for handheld showers. This product ensures you get the cleanest possible water, directly in your hand.

    Moving on, we have the Sprite HOC High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge, which is an excellent choice for maintaining the high performance of your existing Sprite High Output filter shower.

    Of course, we can't forget the Sprite High Output Chrome Shower Filter. This sleek, white and chrome shower filter not only looks good but is a powerhouse of performance, delivering an unparalleled shower experience.

    Finally, for those who crave a complete package, we recommend our Hand-Held Shower Pure 7-Setting Shower Filter in Brushed Nickel. This filter shower comes with seven spray settings to suit your every mood, ensuring you get the perfect shower, every time.

    Why Choose Awesome Water Filters?

    sprite slimline shower filter cartridge

    When you choose Awesome Water Filters, you're investing in top-tier technology combined with aesthetically pleasing designs. Our products deliver efficient filtration to reduce the effects of chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants, promoting healthier hair and skin.

    Our team understands that each customer's needs are unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of products, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences. Whether you're a handheld shower lover, a fan of the traditional wall-mounted shower, or you're looking for a high-output solution, we've got you covered.

    Opting for a Healthier, Luxurious Shower Experience

    sprite universal shower hose filter

    Experiencing luxury does not have to mean visiting a spa. With Awesome Water Filters, you can bring the spa to your home. Our filter showers work to neutralize chlorine and remove impurities, helping to rejuvenate your skin and hair for a healthier, more luxurious bathing experience.

    Installing a filter shower might seem like a minor change, but it's one that will dramatically improve your daily routine. Just imagine, no more hard water causing havoc to your hair and skin. Instead, each shower you take becomes an opportunity for rejuvenation and relaxation.

    Moreover, with the options of handheld or wall-mounted showers, you can customize your bathroom setup to fit your personal style and needs. So, whether you prefer a fast, powerful jet to wake you up in the morning, or a gentle rainfall shower to help you unwind at night, our filters ensure that every drop of water reaching you is pure and beneficial.


    1. How do filter showers work?

    Filter showers work by passing your shower water through a specially designed filter before it reaches you. These filters typically contain activated carbon and other materials that are effective at reducing chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities. This leaves you with cleaner, healthier water for your shower.

    2. Do I need professional help to install a filter shower?

    Most filter showers are designed for easy installation and can be attached to your existing shower setup. However, if you are uncomfortable with DIY tasks or if the installation process is complex, you might want to consider professional help.

    3. How often should I change the filter in my filter shower?

    The frequency of changing your filter largely depends on the product and the quality of your water. However, a general rule of thumb is every six months. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the most accurate guidance.

    4. Do filter showers reduce water pressure?

    High-quality filter showers like the ones from AwesomeWaterFilters are designed to maintain optimal water flow, so you shouldn't notice a significant reduction in water pressure. Some users even report a more consistent water flow after installation.

    5. Will a filter shower improve my skin and hair?

    Yes, by reducing the levels of chlorine and other chemicals in your shower water, a filter shower can help improve the health of your skin and hair. This can result in softer skin and less dry, more manageable hair.

    6. Can filter showers remove bacteria and viruses?

    While filter showers can significantly reduce the level of many unwanted substances in your water, they are not designed to remove all bacteria and viruses. Always ensure your water source is safe and treated.

    The Bottom Line

    Investing in a filter shower isn't just an upgrade for your bathroom—it's an upgrade for your overall wellness. By improving the quality of your shower water, you're taking a significant step towards healthier skin and hair.

    To further ensure the longevity of your filter shower, make sure to replace the cartridges as per the manufacturer's instructions. Regular maintenance not only optimizes the performance of your shower filter but also ensures that you consistently get the best out of your daily showers.

    Transform your daily shower from a routine task into a luxury experience with our range of high-performance filter showers. Check out our Awesome Water Filters collection and take the first step towards healthier, more luxurious showers.

    Remember, it's not just a shower—it's an experience, a moment of rejuvenation. With AwesomeWaterFilters, every shower becomes a spa-like retreat, right in the comfort of your home.