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  • How To Replace Water Filter Cartridge

    August 22, 2021 6 min read

    How To Replace Water Filter Cartridge

    Whole House Water Filter cartridges need replacement every 12 months, and replacing them is pretty straightforward, despite how tough it may appear. In this article, we’ll talk about the basic way on how to replace water filter cartridge.

    Water filter cartridges are the core of water filter systems. Each plays a crucial function in the filtration process, from removing chemicals and impurities to generating fresh smelling water.

    How To Replace Water Filter Cartridge?


    Because there are so many different types of filters on the market, it’s vital to remember that not all filter replacement schedules are the same.

    1. Depressurize the device by turning off the water flow and turning off the compressor. This step is critical for removing the housings.
    2. As indicated in the video, loosen each cartridge with your cartridge removal tool.
    3. After loosening the first housing, unscrew and remove it by hand. Be cautious because it will most likely be heavy and full of water.
    4. Remove the old cartridge from your first housing while resting the housing on the ground.
    5. Drain the water from the housing.
    6. If you check inside the housing, you’ll discover a little spigot at the bottom and a plastic rim around the entrance. Both used to maintain the cartridge centered and positioned appropriately.
    7. Insert the replacement cartridge into the housing and make sure the spigot at the bottom is aligned correctly.
    8. After you’ve inserted the cartridge, replace the housing on your water line filter and tighten it using the cartridge tool.
    9. Rep this procedure for the remaining cartridges that require replacement.
    10. Before pouring water through your filter, use the red air expulsion buttons on the top to remove the air from all housings.

    How To Replace Water Filter Cartridge in Big Blue Housing?

    whole house water filter big blue

    Cartridge filters are simple, modular water filters that fit into a Big Blue housing and remove particles, pollutants, germs, and chemicals from your water. You can get purified water after each filter removes a certain type of chemical.

    3 Stages of Big Blue Water Filters

    • 5-Micron Sediment filter (First Stage)

    It removes mud, dirt, rust, floating particulates, and other big particles by the 5-micron sediment filter.

    • Carbon Block Filter (Second Stage)

    It reduces chlorine taste, fine sediment, and heavy metal concentrations such as lead and copper by using a carbon block filter.

    • 1-Micron Sediment filter (Third Stage)

    The 1-micron sediment filter eliminates even more pollutants, oils, and germs (up to 60%).


    #1 Turn off the water supply lines to the filter at the valve-in-head or the main water feed. To release any built-up pressure, press the red button. However, be aware that a torrent of water will fly out when pressing the release button.

    #2 Remove the huge O-ring from the housing unit by unscrewing it. The O-ring is in the housing and resembles a thick black rubber band with a wide diameter. Wipe it down using a soft cloth. Set it aside until it’s time to replace it in the housing. Check to see if it’s still in good condition, and if it isn’t, get a new one.

    #3 You’ll need to clean the housing by rinsing off the majority of the dirt first. Then, using a low-abrasive sponge or cloth, wash the housing with dish soap and warm water before thoroughly rinsing it. Fill the housing 1/3 full with water. Add about a tablespoon of bleach and clean the inner surface gently to sterilize it. Rinse multiple times and thoroughly. Remove the filthy old filter and dispose of it.


    #4 Lubricate the O-ring completely with clean silicone oil. Make sure to cover both the interior and exterior surfaces. Replace the O-ring in its groove. If the o-ring is not properly seated, the housing seal will leak, water pressure will deteriorate, and your water supply lines will become vulnerable to bacteria.

    #5 Replace the filter now. When you look into the housing, you’ll notice a standpipe in the middle bottom.

    #6 By hand screwing the filter cartridge to the cap, replace the housing. Make sure to center the filter over the standpipe of the lid.

    #7 To reactivate the water supply lines, slowly rotate the inlet handle. Use caution because the water can rush in too quickly, causing the housing to blow off and destroy the unit. So, slowly turn the inlet valve and feel as the pressure builds up so you can keep it under control while it fills the housing. Press the red release button to relieve pressure. Water will rooster-tail out of the device, so be prepared to be sprayed. Before leaving the unit, double-check that you properly sealed the housing and cap.

    Why Do I Need to Replace It?

    We should replace water filters regularly or as needed to ensure that your filtered water system effectively removes pollutants from drinking water. You might be wondering why filters need replacement at this point. It’s simply that simple. Contaminants will block your water filter if you don’t change it, leaving any room for added chemicals or particles to be captured. It will then flow out with the water.

    It could also suggest that your filter has turned into a petri dish after its expiration, operating as a breeding ground for microorganisms. Consider pairing it with your post-workout meal.

    How To Change Filter On Water Purifier

    How Often Does It Need Replacement?

    In general, the frequency with which you should replace water filters bases on the usage. If you live alone, you are most likely using the cartridges’ maximum life duration, which is one year. If you have a large family, you may find that your household uses more water than the norm.

    The frequency with which you change water filter cartridges determines the quality of the water and how often you use it. It uses different filtering technologies for showers, tap water, and even houses. It ensures that you and your family have access to clean and safe drinking water.


    A whole-house system has several distinct types of filters, including a pre-filter, primary filter, and post-filter, as well as possible add-ons that require maintenance.

    • 10″ Pre-Filter: The basic pre-filter for a whole house system is a 10″ pre-filter. It would help if you replaced it every two months.
    • 20″ Pre-Filter: The basic pre-filter is a 20″ pre-filter. It needs replacement every two months.
    • Post-Filters need replacement every six to twelve months, depending on sediment levels.
    • Keep in mind that any add-ons to your whole house system, such as a UV light or a water conditioner, require care as well.
    • We recommend replacing your tank every six years or 600,000 gallons if you’re using our salt-free whole house water conditioner.

    When Is It Time to Change Filters?

    The frequency with which you should replace cartridges is usually specified in the instructions that come with most water filtration systems. Cartridge replacement frequency varies depending on the type of cartridge, but in general, you must replace cartridges every 3 to 6 months. What if you forgot to update your cartridges or don’t remember when you did? Fortunately, there are a few indicators that your water filter cartridges need immediate replacement.

    Decreased Flow Rate

    If your water filter system’s flow rate begins to diminish, it’s time to replace the cartridges. The reduced flow rate is that pollutants become caught in the filter media, blocking the filter and making it difficult for water to pass through. As a result, the flow rate decreases, signaling the need for replacement.

    Strange Smell

    Water that smells unpleasant is another clue that your cartridges need replacement. A variety of issues could cause this, but if the odor goes away after replacing your filter cartridges, it was most likely caused by impurities accumulated in your filter.

    Strange Taste

    When your filter cartridges are full and can no longer adsorb pollutants, you’ll notice a difference in the flavor of your tap water. While various difficulties can cause unexpected changes in the taste of water, it’s more likely that your cartridges are no longer operating at full capacity. If the problem persists, replace your filter cartridges and test your water.

    whole house water filter cartridge

    How To Replace Water Filter Cartridge: FINAL THOUGHTS

    When filters and water filtration systems are serviced and maintained, they are more successful at eliminating toxins from drinking water. It gives you and your family great-tasting, clean water. Knowing how to replace water filter cartridge will help you maintain the system better.

    Awesome Water Filters Australia is ready to assist you in your replacement cartridges and other water filtration needs. Let’s talk!