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    May 25, 2022 9 min read

    Distilled water rivals tap water on the shop shelf alongside filtered and spring water. But what distinguishes distilled water Coffs Harbour? 

    Distilled water is water that has been cleansed by the distillation process, which separates pure H2O from impurities. It's made by vaporising water and then condensing the vapor into a liquid in a separate container.

    Distilled water has been heated to boiling point to extract impurities from the water, turning into vapour or steam. After that, the vapour condenses into a liquid form condition. Impurities remain in the form of residue and are eliminated. Bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds, viruses, heavy metals, volatile vapours, cysts, and other biological impurities are removed using distillation systems. Distilled water contains nearly no particles, minerals, or trace elements. It's healthy, natural, and pure. All the other waters are compared to steam pure water as a standard.


    Three Main Types of Water Quality Parameters Explained - Sensorex

    All rural and regional Water Supply Authorities, including Coffs Harbour Water, participate in the NSW Department of Health's Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program. The State Government can use this programme to monitor the quality of drinking water delivered to NSW residents by regional or rural Water Supply Authorities and their compliance with the ADWG.

    Click here to see the latest 2022 water quality test in Coffs Harbour.


    In both medical settings and at home, distilled water is utilised for various purposes. It's the purest type of water available, consisting solely of hydrogen and oxygen and free of 99.9% of all other minerals, compounds, and contaminants.

    Distilled water is necessary for persons with sleep apnea who use CPAP machines or other humidifiers. It's also ideal if you don't want your water to have additional minerals. Distilled water, for example, will not damage automotive engine parts or cause limescale development in aquariums.

    All cosmetics are made with distilled water. You can also use distilled water to protect your hair when showering if you live in a city with "hard" water or water containing many chemicals. However, distilled water tastes bland and isn't recommended for everyday drinking because it lacks minerals like calcium and magnesium.

    Here are other uses of distilled water

    • Drinking Water
    • Cleaning
    • CPAP Machines
    • Health Care Use
    • Cooking & Baking
    • Baby Formula
    • Humidors
    • Crystal Clear Ice
    • Water for Gardening
    • Pets' Drinking Water
    • Washing Hair
    • Neti Pots
    • Car Batteries and Car Radiators


    100+ Glass Of Water Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

    Distilled water is safe to drink, but it does remove all of the beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium that are present naturally in tap water. As a result, using distilled water as regular drinking water is not suggested, and you may notice that it lacks flavour.

    It would help if you also select your distilled water storage container wisely. The lack of nutrients in distilled water can leak substances from the container it's kept in. Most containers will suffice if you plan to utilise the water right away, but glass or high-quality stainless steel is recommended for long-term storage.


    Because several people drink bottled water, the quantity of waste generated is enormous. The expense of transporting bottles worldwide is huge. Every day, 60 million wasted water bottles are projected to enter landfills! Consider the environmental consequences of all this discarded plastic. With a water distiller at home, you can drink fresh, clean water each day without using plastic. Some few high-quality stainless steel water bottles can be used to carry your water. Moreover, businesses can acquire water distillers to supply high-quality, pure water to their staff and visitors. Awesome Water Filter sells stainless steel water distillers made in Australia of the highest quality.

    4L Medical Pure Water Distiller Purifier Filter Distilled Purify wjar_9 with distiller


    A water distiller is a water purification device that converts water to steam, catches it, and condenses it to remove impurities and deliver clean fresh water.

    A distilled water system is a metal or plasticdevice similar in size and shape to a coffee pot. The lower three-quarters of the body are normally solid, but the top half, or lid, is where the condensation occurs and can usually be unscrewed.

    A little nozzle or spout is usually projecting from the top section of a water distiller. It drips water into a separate water holding tank, usually constructed of plastic or glass. It's translucent, allowing you to see the water accumulating inside.

    You may access the primary water boiling chamber by unscrewing the top of a water distiller, where you can add water for distillation. You'll have to manually fill the chamber because water distillers aren't connected to a kitchen faucet.

    Because the conventional countertop water distiller requires electricity to operate, keep yours close to a power outlet. Your water distiller will be ready to use once you've connected it and turned it on.


    Distilled water Coffs Harbour is fully free of pollutants and impurities that might affect its flavour, smell, or purity. It has numerous applications around your home, which are all worthwhile if you own a water distiller.

    Cheaper Compared to Bottled Water

    Of course, you'll have to pay for a water distiller up front, but after that, you'll have unlimited access to free distilled water anytime you want it. It implies you'll save money on bottled water that you would have spent otherwise.

    Compare the price of a water distiller to how much you now wasted on bottled water over a year. You've probably already saved money - and keep in mind that water distillers are built to endure a long time.

    Cheaper Compared to Other Water Filters

    Even though they successfully remove the same toxins from water, reverse osmosis water filters can cost a fortune. A distilling water system costs roughly $70 to $100 on average, making it significantly cheaper than typical water filters. A water distiller is a good investment if you want a long-term alternative for clean water.

    Convenient to Use

    Water distillers are about the same size as a kettle and take up very little room on the side. There are many different patterns, colours, and styles to select from, so you should have no trouble finding something that fits your kitchen. You can keep your water distiller wherever you want it.

    No More Bacteria and Viruses

    Although the water treatment procedure should eliminate bacteria and virus microorganisms from the water before it enters your home, these contaminants may re-enter the water as it travels through your plumbing. Distilling water is the only way to verify that it is fully free of viruses and bacteria. These germs are left behind when water evaporates into steam.

    Get the PUREST Form of Water

    All forms of filtering, including distillation, are thought to provide the purest water. Distilled water is suitable for use in various laboratory, food processing, and industrial applications because it has few pollutants, minerals, and impurities.


    Drinking distilled water might assist your body in cleansing itself through the detoxification process.

    Toxins, minerals, and other hazardous compounds can accumulate in your body over time. Distilled water can help flush them out without contributing to the problem. While undergoing a distilled water cleanse, you'll need to increase your calcium and magnesium intake.

    Environment-Friendly Alternative

    Plastic bottle trash is out of control like it's never been before. If you now purchase distilled water from a supermarket, switching to home distillation will assist you in doing your part to protect the environment. You'll be able to make water to pour directly into a reusable bottle or glass while home distilling water, reducing your contribution to plastic waste. The less we contribute, the better.

    Fresh Water Supply

    When you purchase bottled distilled water, you have no idea how long it has been sitting until you consume it. On the other hand, home distilled water may be made and drank right away, and you can pour it directly into your glass. It stops pollutants from entering your pure water from plastic or metal storage bottles.

    White Distiller


    The water distillation process is essentially rather simple. Water distillation is probably something you learned in school, but we'll go over all you need to know below if you need a refresher.

    Like many in-depth pure water filter procedures, distillation is a time-consuming process. Depending on the type of unit you purchase, one may have to wait from 4 to 6 hours for a home water distiller to filter one gallon of water. A distiller's water tank will fill with distilled water after many hours. Droplet by droplet, distilled water machines generate filtered water.

    Bigger water distillers are meant to be more efficient and produce distilled water more quickly. These machines have the potential to create 3 gallons of water each hour. Just keep in mind that they typically take up more kitchen space and aren't appropriate for everyone. For a common kitchen space, countertop water distillers are prefered.



    Consider the following points before purchasing a home water distiller.


    Water distillers heat water to the boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). More pollutants may seep into your water if you use plastic or aluminum. As a result, make sure the distiller you choose includes a steam chamber composed of food-grade stainless steel.

    Above all, water should never contact any plastic pieces on its path to the collector, even if the plastic is labeled food-grade and BPA-free, to avoid recontamination and compromise water purity.

    Another benefit of stainless steel is that it is long-lasting, does not rust, and is much easier to sterilise and clean.

    For the same reasons, the water collector must be made of glass.

    Bottom line: While good quality is more expensive, it is well worth the expenditure. Paying more now is preferable to paying for your health later.


    The boiling chamber of your home distiller is where you start the distillation process by adding water. A boiling chamber may be bigger or smaller than the average, determined by the size of the distillation unit.

    Evaluate your water distillation requirements and select a suitable chamber size. The smaller the boiling chamber, the more water will need to be added for distillation. However, units with bigger boiling chambers are bigger in and of themselves, requiring additional side space.

    NSF Certifications

    NSF Standards 42, 53, and 401 pertain to basic water filtration systems. When it comes to distillation, look for NSF/ANSI Standard 62. The standard was created primarily to ensure the safety and performance of home water distillers and to preserve drinking water.

    Additional certifications for the carbon post-filter stage that many water distillers contain are also available. It's nice to have, but we don't believe it's necessary.

    Water Filtration

    Why is it important to use a charcoal post-filter when employing a water distillation system? Because volatile contaminants in your water, such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are likely to wind up in the distillation given the low boiling point.

    An activated charcoal filter manufactured from organic coconut shells is suitable to catch these contaminants.

    Contrary to popular belief, it has little to do with improvements in water taste.

    activated carbon water filter sachet

    Water Distillation Speed and Capacity

    The problem is that distillation is a slow process. The average water maker provides you with a gallon of fresh water (around 6 gallons of water within 24 hours) every four to five hours. Larger machines could produce 6 gallons of distilled water in a similar time - not fast.

    As a result, regardless of which product you choose, you must be patient. Your family's size plays a significant impact in this. Will two to three litres of distilled water per day suit your needs?

    Operate your water distiller right before bed to have 1 gallon of pure water waiting for you in the morning. It's where the automatic shut-off option included in most models comes in handy.

    Installation and Maintenance

    The majority of water distillers don't require much initial setup or installation. When you get a home water distillation machine, it usually comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is plug it in and switch it on.

    Always refer to your water distiller's user handbook for detailed instructions. If your distillation machine has an activated carbon filter, you may have to clean it under running water to remove any carbon sediment before using it. Before using your distillation unit for the first time, your user handbook may suggest you wash or wipe it down.


    descaler steam cleaner for drinking water distiller



    No one wants to buy a water distiller to expect it to break or become faulty in a few months, but knowing that you have a warranty should give you peace of mind that you won't be wasting their money.

    Always purchase a water distillation device that comes with a warranty. Seek for a water distiller with a 6-month warranty at the very least. Many manufacturers provide guarantees of up to two years. If you're unhappy with your distiller, you can return it, and if anything breaks during the first several months or years of use, you can get free replacement parts.


    Awesome Water Filters offers the best quality water distillers for you to enjoy distilled water at home. You'll love to have your water distiller on your counter and enjoy the purest form of water anytime you need one—no need to buy bottled water now and then.