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Tips In Getting A Water Coolers in Melbourne

April 24, 2019 3 min read

Is it essential to get a Water Coolers in Melbourne?

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Yes, water in Melbourne is drinkable. But how can you be sure that your pipes are actually clean? Do you know that millions of bacteria may actually be living in your tap water? Yes, millions of them. You need not fret though, cause we have water dispensers here in Australia that zeroes in on solving this dilemma.

But aside from having clean water, what other advantages does it give you when you get a home water coolers in Melbourne?

  1. Health Safety

The first benefit that we would like to reiterate is the health safety that a water dispenser brings to the consumer. Some dispensers, like our 8 stage water filter, works on reducing viruses and bacteria that goes into your tap water. This ensures that everybody who is drinking your water at home is always in the pink of health.

Ease of Use

Water dispensers are created for your convenience. You don’t have to fill in your water pitcher anymore or make ice cubes to have an ice cold water. Just a simple lift, push, or press enables you to get instant water.

Encourages You to Drink More Water

Because water dispensers are so convenient for users, it actually helps on maintaining a good diet. Remember those times when you just feel like going to the refrigerator is so much of a hassle? With a water cooler, it’s so easy to fill your glass and stick to your 8-glasses-of-water-a-day diet. Some even say that regularly meeting their liquid quota helped them ditch colored drinks for good.

Refrigerator Space Saver

Getting a water cooler saves you a significant amount of space in your fridge. You don’t have to constantly fill your water jugs anymore or keep a multiple of them in. Water dispensers, like our benchtop water cooler, holds enough amount of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Instant Hot Water

Imagine if you don’t have to boil your water in the morning to get a cup of coffee anymore. Think about how hassle-free it can be when you don’t have to wait for the kettle to do that squeaking sound before your can serve your visitors with tea anymore.

Time Saving

Like what was mentioned earlier, having a water cooler can save you from the effort of doing minimal tasks like cooling or boiling your water. Your time is essential — you can use these saved time for the more important tasks that you need to work on.

Regular Maintenance

Some water dispenser suppliers in Singapore, like us here in Purikool, offer all-year-round maintenance support with quarterly visits and filter replacement for our clients. From checking to cleaning, overall convenience is covered. You can totally rest your worries about your device’s wellness!


One of the most important benefit that doesn’t gain much credit that it deserves is water dispenser’s contribution to the wellness of the environment. Instead of using a gas to boil a kettle, why not purchase a water dispenser that uses an energy-efficient electric coil to heat you water? Not only are you looking after your health, you are doing so for the environment tool.

Having a water coolers in Melbourne gives you a lot of benefits more than one. It is safe to say that having one in your home will easily give you another favorite feature that everybody in your family will surely love. If this post actually convinced you, feel free to check out the best home water purifiers in Australia only here at Awesome water filters. Alternatively, you can also check out our collection of office water coolers in Melbourne. We offer 1 year of FREE maintenance for every purchase of one! Check out our ongoing promotions today at