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    April 10, 2022 3 min read

    Don't settle for unclean office water. Get the Best Water for Office with Water Dispensers In The Office!

    A classic, complete picture of an office nowadays often includes desk, chairs, drawers, computers, and hot and cold water dispensers. A lot of quality companies install hot and cold water dispensers in their workplace for clients and employees for many reasons. In this article “Why Water Dispensers Should Be Installed In The Office”, we list down some of the reasons why filtered water dispensers and purifiers have become so indispensable, most especially in working environments. Whether you're planning to have a countertop or floor standing water cooler, it


    Water Coolers For The Office Benefits

    Increased productivity, lowered downtime
    The brain can function optimally when well-hydrated. Clean, sparkling water increases our ability to think, prevents irritability and maintains cognitive alertness. This simple act of installing hot and cold office water dispensers can immediately lead to improved work performance.

    Having high quality and eco-friendly 8 stage filtered water nearby also increases productivity by saving time and energy. Workers do not need to go out of the office to get a drink. They can enjoy a caffeine boost, warm cup of drink or a refreshing drink anytime between their working hours.

    Promotion of healthier living
    Aside from the duty of keeping workers healthy while in your office, healthy workers also means better work outcomes. Other than supporting optimal brain performance, drinking regular amounts of filtered water supply has many health benefits including:

    • Avoid fatigue as it improves circulation and replenishes energy
    • Aid in digestion and can help in weight loss
    • Keep organs healthy, such as kidneys and the skin
    • Prevent bad breath

    Creation of a positive working environment
    Office workers will surely appreciate the presence of office water coolers for the office perceive the benefits of it. A short coffee break around the sink area or any common area with co-workers promotes harmony and positive relationships in the workplace. A relaxing vibe can also soothe a meeting or conference when shared with a cup of coffee and a chat. It also promotes better care for our environment because you won't need to waste even more plastic bottles.

    Water dispensers in the office can be a great way to provide access to clean, refreshing water for employees and visitors alike. Rather than relying on plastic bottles, which can contribute to plastic waste and environmental damage, a water cooler can provide a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution. With a water dispenser, you can ensure that everyone in the office has access to clean drinking water, which can help improve hydration and overall wellbeing.

    Water For Office Dispensers


    hold and cold water dispensers

    Practicality – 8 stage KDF water filters are a good investment for your health!

    • 8 Stage KDF Water Filters do not only ensure that your filtered drinking water in the office is safe and healthy to avoid illness. They are also a good investment in the long run because it makes you spend less on bottled water or sweet sugary beverages which you would have to buy individually especially on certain occasions.
    • A well-designed filtered water machine can also enhance the aesthetics in your workplace.
    • 8 Stage KDF Water Filters are also practical to buy because they have various sizes and features which you can choose from in order to fit the needs and space of your office. There are free-standing hot and cold filtered water dispensers, while there are also counter-top filtered water dispensers or bench-top filtered water dispensers which are ideal if you are saving space and also a bottle-less point of use water dispenser for those high volume area’s. Bottleless water dispensers directly connect from your water supply to provide your office water cooler the highest quality of filtered and sparkling water.
    • Hot and cold water dispensers are also energy-efficient since it eliminates the need for large water heaters or freezers.

    The road to safer, cleaner, filtered water starts with filtered water dispensers and filtered water purifiers.

    With a wide variety of hot and cold filtered water dispensers to choose from, make sure that you invest on the most cost effective one which provides all your needs. This simple awesome water machine is more than just a tool in your office; it enhances the quality of life of your workers and takes care of their health. So, make sure you choose the best possible option such as the Awesome Coolers range of Hot and Cold Filtered Water Dispensers. Please note installations and servicing for bottleless water coolers need an expert. Find the best office water specialists in your area so you can start drinking great tasting water.

    For any enquiry, can we please request you to contact us for your need of install and service? To find out more please call us toll free 1800 789 781 or email us to find out more on this premium quality filtered water solution.